Annual General Meeting 14th May 2003

Present: Mrs J Johnston, Mr MW Gibson, Mrs S Burrows, Coun H Forster, Mr D Bowman, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mr BT Hall: Clerk R Macfarlane

Acceptance of office/Signing of Code of Conduct

Notification of Financial and other Interests

Election of Chairman Mrs J Johnston proposed Mr MW Gibson, seconded by Councillor H Forster and agreed.

Co-option of Members Mrs J Johnston proposed Mr JK Steven, seconded by Councillor H Forster and agreed.  Councillor H Forster proposed Mr BT Hall, seconded by Mr JK Steven and agreed.

Election of Vice-Chairman Mr D Bowman proposed Mrs J Johnston, seconded by Councillor H Forster and agreed.


Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee                         Mr BT Hall

Sportsfield Association                                              Coun H Forster

Village Society                                                           Mr JK Steven

Churchyard Maintenance Committee                      Mr M W Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust                                      Mr JR Wood


Minutes of the AGM held on 8th May 2002 in Newbrough Town Hall

Matters Arising:        None

Impromptu Visit:  Colin Earnshaw gave a brief talk on the Mid-Tyne Trust

Adoption of Annual Accounts: the clerk had previously circulated these to all members.  They were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Financial Matters:                  Clerk -part salary £140

Hexham Courant £22.33

Allianz Cornhill £222.86

Dates of Meetings:    July 2nd;Sept 3rd;Nov 5th;Jan 2nd;March 6th;May 1st;