Annual Meeting of the Council 5th May 2004

Present: Mrs J Johnston, Coun H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mr BT Hall: Clerk R Macfarlane

Apologies:     MW Gibson, S Burrows, Councillor A Kerr, C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing

Election of Chairman Mrs J Johnston proposed Mr MW Gibson, seconded by Councillor H Forster and all agreed.  Mrs J Johnson took the Chair in the absence of Mr MW Gibson

Election of Vice-Chairman Mr JR Wood proposed Mrs J Johnston, seconded by Councillor H Forster and all agreed.


Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee       Mr BT Hall

Sportsfield Association                        Coun H Forster

Village Society                                  Mr JK Steven

Churchyard Maintenance Committee     Mr M W Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust                 Mr JR Wood

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 14th May 2003 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC which was held on 3rd March 2004 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Dog Bins: TDC have taken £30 of their charges for dog bin emptying, due to missing three weeks collection.

Skip: Paula Hall’s note in the Hexham Courant received no response.  The bottle bank skip is attracting too much fly-tipping and as present users have cars. They will be able to use facilities at Wentworth or the Civil Amenities Site.  The Council would urge parishioners to be alert for fly-tipping.  The Environmental Champions initiative by Tynedale Council might be useful here.

Postal Delivery: The Clerk was asked to complain to the Post Office of poor and slow service.

Ellen Shaft: The Council agreed to contribute to half the cost of a brass plaque to go on the side of the wheel (full cost £181.35).  Some confusion over the proposed dates for this plaque and it may be best to omit precise dates and include them on the information board that MTCT are putting up adjacent to the wheel.


Northumberland National Park Authority Members Bulletin

CCN Spring meeting 12th May at Rothbury Jubilee Hall

National Spring Clean 1st April – 31st August 2004

Regional Forest Strategy for the North East of England

Interim Planning Policies on Housing TDC

NCC Tynedale Area Committee Minutes 11th March 2004

National Parks Management Group Meeting 21st April, Alnwick

(Voluntary Dedication of National Park Land for public Access CRoW)

defra (dti) Rolling out Broadband to Rural Communities

Faulkner Brown Swimming Pool Survey      VAT Reimbursed £81.27

CCN Newsletter April/June                    Allianz Cornhill Insurance Policy

NCC Change to Fire & Rescue Service        Integrated Transport Plan Priorities

Northumberland Cavity Wall project          Tynedale Community Safety Partnership

Code of Conduct Standards Committee       TDC Minutes 6th January 2004

Roads: There are still problems with the road down to Sidgate – full of pot-holes.

Newbrough Bridge Work Job R233 on the road C227 a risk area especially with sewerage and waterworks opposite the bridge (crash barrier or priority going west?), and dangerous bends on C233


Tynedale has refused planning permission for the 5 new dwellings at Allerwash Farm

NPC had no objections to applications at Reiver House and Newbrough Cottage.



Town Hall: To replace decking with flags (expected in April). Communication problem between Youth Project and THMC.  Concerns about the age groups being 13 to 19 yrs.  The toilets and public provision is ongoing.  The Valentine’s disco made a profit and the Mobile Cinema was a success.

Village Society: Amateur Astronomy evening was a good meeting.

Tynedale Council: Licensing to be run by TDC – clear procedures soon.  Premises, pubs and individuals to be licensed.

MTCT: Hopes to increase awareness through parish councils.  Recent applications from Birtley, Wark and Barrasford Quarry Cottages feasibility study.  Walks Leaflet due next month at 50p each.

Parish Plan:  The Special Meeting is on Friday 14th May and every household in the Parishes of Warden and Newbrough will receive a leaflet to invite them to attend the meeting.


Cannon Milner Journals:  D Spence has concerns over the safety of the Journals and has asked the NTHC to protect them possibly in a safe.  Another suggestion is to consider the school canteen as a resources centre.  Ask MTCT for information re funding.



Adoption of Annual Accounts: the clerk had previously circulated these to all members.  They were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


The Audit: In order to exercise the Elector’s Rights

Display Notice of Audit from 3rd May to 16th May 2004

Make the Records Available from 17th May to 14th June 2004

Complete the Audit pack and send it to HLB AV Audit before 16th June 2004


Internal Auditor: Ian Dodd


Risk assessment: Our TDC representative has shown NPC insurance documents to the legal department at Tynedale.  They are all in order.

Financial Matters:

The following were approved:

Clerk -part salary £228, Clerk’s Expenses £21.18, 1&1 Internet £5.87, Town Hall Rent March and May £30, Allianz Cornhill £238.29, TDC Dog Bin emptying £490.07

Ellen Wheel Plaque £181.35 (Half to be contributed by Warden PC)

Parish Plan – Brochure £285 and £27.08


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on July 7th 2004.

Dates of Meetings:  2004/05  – July 7th, Sept 1st, Nov 3rd, Jan 5th March 2nd