Annual Meeting of the Council 9th May 2007

Present: MW Gibson, EL Dixon, PJ Johnston, RS Robson Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Clerk: R Macfarlane


Apologies: Cllr H Forster & Cllr A Kerr

Election of Chairman:  Mr JR Wood proposed Mr MW Gibson, seconded by Mrs H Brooks and all agreed

Election of Vice-Chairman:  Mrs H Brooks proposed Mr JR Wood, seconded by EL Dixon and all agreed.


Vacancy and Co-option:  At this point PJ Johnston left the room.  JR Wood proposed  PJ Johnston to fill the vacant position of councillor. Mrs H Brooks seconded the proposal and the vote in favour was unanimous.

Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee              PJ Johnston

Sportsfield Association                                  EL Dixon

Village Society                                               RS Robson

Churchyard Maintenance Committee          MW Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust                          JR Wood

Newbrough C of E First School                     MW Gibson

NB As the new arrangements for Governors come into place there will not be a representative from the Parish Council for the local First School.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 7th March 2007 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: The Clerk has been asked by the War Memorial Trust to acquire two more estimates for work on the memorial.  All new councillors will be given a copy of the report compiled by Holden Conservation Ltd.  Clerk to apply for grant aid from TDC and MTCT.

Notice Board: The dilapidated notice board at Sidgate has finally been taken down.  JR Wood to explore possible sites for a new board at the east end of Newbrough



K Forte Home Housing                                    Elections 3rd May

War Memorial Martin Holden                           Address Swallows Oakridge Barns

Environment Clean Up                                     NNPA Grant Panel Members

NALC Training Events                                    NALC Model Contract

Selefest Donation Thanks                                  BDO Local Council Briefing

District Council Unitary Bid                               NCC Unitary Bid

Allianz Cornhill Insurance                                  RSPP Newsletter

Dca Memorial Safety                                        defra NPA Appointees

CAN Spring Meeting 10th May                        CAN The Consortium

NE War Memorial Project                                TDC Unitary Authority

TDC Minutes                                                   NCC Tynedale Area Committee

CAN Newsletter                                              Home truths

ADAPT Newsletter                                          NCC Unitary Authority

NNPA – The Park Authority will consider funding Stone Wall Town Sign if the Council will incorporate NNPA logo or other information.  H Brooks will explore possible sites.

NNPA – Defra and NALC have asked for nominations to serve on the Park’s Committee.  NPC will support Warden’s nominee (Cllr PH Straker).

Local Authority Code of Conduct 2007 – The Council agreed to adopt the model code.

NALC Model Contract – The Council agreed to adopt the model contract additions.

Roads: Many of the roads in the district have had new white lines painted on them.  It was thought that this work was unnecessary.

Footpaths: The footpath from Crossgates to River Cottage has been severely eroded.  As the “Fishing Club” has that stretch of the river they might take charge of repairs.  E Dixon will monitor developments.


Planning: 20070086 Construction of MUGA 20x43m & installing 3m high fencing, play equipment to foundation area & extension of playground to 20x25m Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ  Reconsultation and the application will be considered by Planning Committee on 23rd May



Town Hall: No report

Village Society:  A “Gardener’s Question Time” was very successful.

MTCT: No report

Sportsfield Association: No report

Newbrough CofE First School: The school has recently had an excellent Ofsted inspection


Reports continued:

NCC: No report

Tynedale Council:  No report.

Unitary Authority – Stakeholder Consultation

NPC wish to support the submission from the District Councils for two unitary authorities in Northumberland.  Clerk to relay this information to the Unitary Structures Consultation Team



Adoption of Annual Accounts: They were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


The Audit BDO Stoy Hayward:

Statement of Assurance was Approved

  1. In order to exercise the Elector’s Rights

Display Notice of Audit from 1st May to 14th May

Make the Records Available from 15th May to 12th June

Complete the Audit pack and send it to HLB AV Audit before 18th June


Internal Auditor: It was agreed to re-appoint Mrs D Dodd


Risk assessment: It was proposed to have a photographic (digital) record of the parish’s assets.  When this is accomplished the Council will decide whether to insure individual seats and other fixtures (replacement value if damaged).


Bank Accounts  Treasurer’s Account £403.46, BMM £12464.55

Signatories: It was resolved that the new Members become signatories.

Income: Precept  £8500 and  £311.44 vat returned


The following were approved:

Clerk’s Part Salary £417, Clerk’s Expenses £56.70, Meeting Room Rental £25 (May), Allianz Cornhill Insurance £301.50, NALC £77.15, NALC Training £6


Next Meeting: 7.00 pm on July 4th 2007

Dates of Meetings: July 4th, September 5th, November 7th, January 9th March 5th

The meeting was closed at 10.05 pm.