Annual Parish Meeting 14th May 2003

Present: Mrs J Johnston, Mr MW Gibson, Mrs S Burrows, Coun H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr D Bowman, Mr BT Hall, Mr JR Wood

Clerk R Macfarlane

Election of Chairman: Jean Johnston took the Chair for the meeting


Apologies for Absence: Councillor A Kerr

Report by Katherine Forte of Home Housing Association

Katherine mentioned her involvement with the Landscaping at Lowfield and the problems with Deeds.  Fences are not allowed making it difficult to define areas or gardens.  Meetings had been held to discuss the boundary stonewall and future possibilities.  She talked about the Sportsfield and possible developments with multi-purpose play areas. The Youth Group is hoping to employ a leader.

Minutes of the last meeting (8th May 2002) and Matters Arising:

Mr J Steven as a member of the public expressed his concern that some problems in the area could have been avoided had Tynedale Housing selected “country dwellers” as tenants.  The question was asked why Home Housing were being actively involved in the community.  “To network, build bridges and liaise with all interested groups.”


Freedom of Information Act – Adoption of Model Scheme agreed 13th November 2002


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman reported a “quiet” year but with the notable retirement of the Clerk Maureen Oldham.

The meeting closed at         7.30 pm.