Annual Parish Meeting 3rd May 2006

Present: MW Gibson, S Burrows, Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mrs H Brooks, Mr JR Wood, Mrs CM Dickinson.

Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also Present: Councillor A Kerr

Election of Chairman: MW Gibson took the Chair for the meeting


Apologies for Absence: C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing

Minutes of the last meeting (3rd May 2005) and Matters Arising:

These Minutes were agreed as being correct and signed by the Chairman.

There were no matters arising.


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman reported progress on the Parish Plan and praised the dedication and hard work of the Steering Committee.  In particular he expressed his thanks to Ed Dixon who had deputised as Chairman in his absence.  The Chairman mentioned the extra work carried out by the MTCT Project Officer Colin Earnshaw and echoed the feelings of the Council when he stating that Colin would be a big miss.  He thanked all of the Parish Councillors present for their work during the year and expressed the Council’s appreciation to the District and County Councillors for their attendance and valuable advice.

The Chairman reminded everyone of last year’s Meeting where Ian Douglas, Director of Contract and Technical Service Tynedale Council gave an updated report on the intended closure of the public toilets down Sidgate Lane.  The Chairman asked the Clerk to make inquiries with Tynedale Council as to the future of the building.

Next Meeting: Scheduled for 2nd May 2007

The meeting closed at 7.30 pm.