Draft Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th July 2016


Draft Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 11th July 2016

Present Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), J Annan, A Smith and HA Walton

Also Present:   Clerk, R Macfarlane and County Councillor RM Gibson

Apologies  Cllr IS Hunter, KE Bell and MD Newson.

Declaration of Interest  None


The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 4th May 2016 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Pavingstone Work  Phase II – DJ Forster Building Services have started the work.  The Council was advised that extra coping stones will be required.

Public Access Defibrillator.

This is now ready and will be delivered soon.

Isos Play Area at Sidgate  The Clerk was asked to contact Isos again about pic-nic seats and goal posts and to arrange a meeting with Playdale and Isos.

Public First Focus

No members of the public present


The following correspondence has been forwarded to all councillors:

CAN Newsletter, Nalc e-news & CPRE newsletter

  • NCC Consultation – Proposals for Alternative Household Waste Recovery Centre Opening Arrangements.
  • Insurance Quotes  Quotes for the parish insurance were received from Aon (Allianz) and Zurich Municipal.  The latter being cheaper and also giving better cover.
  • Declarations of Interest  NCC have pointed out that members need to include the Clerk in any notifications they make about changes to their declaration of interests and not to sign the front of the document.
  • Red Lion Cobbles  The NCC Highway has repaired, as an urgent matter, the damaged cobblestones outside the Inn with tarmac.  This is not suitable in Conservation area and the Council will investigate funding opportunities to reinstate this area appropriately.
  • Centenary Fields  “Fields in Trust” have invited organisations to protect war memorials and green spaces by completing a Deed of Dedication to protect these valuable spaces in perpetuity.


The road from Park Shield to Tower Tye (C226)

It was reported that this road is very uneven and very bumpy in the middle.

Speeding traffic

Concerns about speeding drivers and how to deal with the issue was discussed at length.  Pedestrian safety was considered most important.  Residents reported speeding cars at particular times of the day when drivers exceeded the 30mph limit. Various forms of speed enforcement were suggested and the Clerk was asked to enquire whether Community Support Officers have been trained to use hand held speed cameras.

Stanegate Road

It was RESOLVED to make improvements to the verges from Newbrough Bridge to St Peters. Clerk to liaise with land owners and present contractors.

Road Link

Road Link (A69) Limited Annual Report 2015-2016

Interactive Speed Sign

Cllrs Walton and Hunter volunteered to attend training and assist with moving the sign but there has been some delay with delivery of the fastening brackets.

For the Local Transport Plan Programme 2017-2018  Newbrough Parish Council identified their top three priorities to include in the NCC draft programme.

The Council to resubmitted the following priorities:-

  • Speed Limits  Ref 05940

A request from residents that Sidgate and Sidgate Lane should be made 20 mph zone.

  • Traffic Regulation Orders

Replace the “No Through Road” traffic sign at the Red Lion junction of C227 & U8138

  • Minor Improvements Footway Extension Ref 05944

South side of Stanegate C227, from the junction with the B6319 at Butt Bank, to Newbrough CofE Primary School


Planning Ref: 16/01458/CCM The Council has no objection in principal to the extraction of stone from Prudhamstone Quarry providing:

  • The developer can re-address the Hydrology report and give assurances that contamination, leaching and disruption to the water table can be avoided completely. Having assessed this report carefully, Newbrough Parish Council feels it has too many facts based upon assumption, not backed up with actual evidence. To ensure the preservation of the water table, potable sources etc we would urge a more extensive report before any consent can be considered.
  • An accurate number of daily movements of lorries can be provided relating specifically to periods in the year when work is being carried out and to reconsider the routing of these vehicles. The proposed route through Fourstones village, over the level crossing and towards Warden is not suitable.
  • The applicant has mitigation be in place for reptiles, breeding birds and red squirrel.
  • The planning authority requests a detailed restoration strategy for this locally designated site of nature conservation importance.


The damage done by Storm Desmond will take a while to recover and will involve legal processes to re-route some of the paths.


Northumberland County Council

Cllr RM Gibson presented a report on NCC activities.

Sportsfield Association 

Cllr Walton provided the Council with an up-date on fencing and grass cutting.


Audit Arrangements

BDO requirements and in line with Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (Regulations 12-16) and the Audit Commission Act of 1998.  Because of the national Common Inspection Period 1st to 14th July the audit conclusion is later this year.

Exercise of Electors’ Rights

The Audit Notice has been displayed in Parish Notice Board and the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights commences on 3rd June and will end on 14th July.  The Council will submit the annual return and supporting documentation to BDO LLP by 16th May.


Payments Approved  Council Expenses £40.63, Nalc £111.32, OneandOne Website £62.59 (vat £10.43), Grass Cutting S Davies Inv 56 £96.00, Weed Control £24.99 (£8.32 vat), Jewson £10, War Memorial Maintenance £50

Bus Shelter

Permissions will need to be granted to site the shelter at the Sidgate Junction.  NCC Highways have indicated a positive response to siting the shelter south of the road.  There are several funding opportunities that could match the funding (£5,000) already pledged through the County Councillor’s scheme.  It is proving difficult, however,  to find a builder to provide an estimate for the work.

War Memorial

It was RESOLVED to voluntarily register the War Memorial land with the Land Registry.  Architects Butler Haigh have been consulted on the new designs for the memorial area.

Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 7th September 2016

The Meeting was closed at 9.15pm.