Newbrough Parish Council & Warden Parish Council

Joint Parish Plan

A Special meeting will be held on Friday 14th May 2004 starting at 7.00pm.

All residents of Warden, Fourstones Newbrough and Settlingstones are welcome to attend.

What is involved in a Parish Plan?

(1)           Talking to as many people as possible in both parishes to find out what their issues and concerns are and identifying the improvements they would like to make.

(2)           Prioritising improvements and turning these into actions that can be addressed over a period of time. Action Plan

(3)           Checking back with everyone who gave their views to confirm that the Action Plan reflects their suggestions and proposals.

(4)           Presenting the Action Plan to the councils for adoption by them.

(5)           Circulate a copy of the draft summary of the Parish Plan to all residents.
The Parish Plan can address any social, economic or environmental issues, such as:

  • housing
  • transport
  • access to services ie. doctor’s surgery
  • local parks and green spaces
  • play groups, childcare, afterschool clubs, etc.
  • village halls or other meeting places
  • support for local businesses
  • building projects – ensuring designs and uses are compatible with existing buildings and their residents (village design statements).