Meeting of the Council 1st July 2009

02-07-01 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), RS Robson, EL Dixon, Mrs H Brooks, M Newson and PJ Johnston.

Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr E Heslop


02-07-02 Apologies: MW Gibson

02-07-03 Welcome:  The Chairman welcomed Malcolm Newson (newly co-opted member of the Council) to the meeting.  Cllr Newson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


02-07-04 Declaration of Interest: Cllr E Heslop – all planning matters

02-07-05 Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 6th May 2009 were approved and signed.

02-07-06 Matters Arising:

Hanging Baskets:

These have arrived and are displayed around the Town Hall.  Jim Cowan who has organised these displays for many years has intonated that he will not be available to do this next year.


02-07-07 Public First Focus

No issues

02-07-08 Communications

  • Garden Waste Collection The anomalies between districts throughout the county were now being realised. Some areas having been charged for various bins and others not.  It was felt it would be very unfortunate if garden waste was now being diverted to land fill (via the green bin).  Will the NCC be monitoring this?
  • National Trust AGM
  • Northunberland Strategic Partnership R Macfarlane has been appointed PC representative to the NSP Board.
  • NHS Day Care Consultation The Council expressed their concern that local people may lose out if their local Day Care Centre was closed.  There would also be a knock-on effect with the ADAPT service.
  • NHS NE Ambulance Service
  • NNPA Annual Meeting
  • NCC Election Services Information re new names and contact details
  • Natural England ALSF Grants
  • Public Sector Equality Duties
  • Audit Completion Information posted in the PC Noticeboard
  • NCC Committees and dates Copy sent to Councillors by E-mail
  • CAN Newsletter Copy given to each councillor


02-07-09 Roads

Village Signs in partnership with MTCT.  G and P Ward progress.  The large stones have been engraved and support stones are ready.

Local Transport Priorities LTP 2010-11

The Council were concerned about the general state of roads in the area but were particularly anxious about the safety aspects along the Stanegate and B6319 roads from Newbrough through Fourstones.  The clerk was asked to write requesting repeater signs and roundalls and other such traffic safety measures that the NCC highways might advise.

02-07-10 Footpaths

A number of people have requested that some bushes and small trees along the river bank are cleared away.  One particular area blocks the view from the seat provided by the Fishing Club and Newall Estates. This lies mid-way between the railway crossing and Allerwash Mill.  Clerk to contact, Footpaths Officer the land owner and write to the River’s Trust for their support.

02-07-11 Planning

NNPA 09NP0011 & 09NP0012LBC

Proposed alterations to existing farmhouse and conversion of attached farm buildings to visitor accommodation and Listed Building Consent in respect of proposed alterations to existing farmhouse and conversion of attached farm buildings to visitor accommodation at Carrawbrough, Humshaugh, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 4DB

Granted conditional permission 26th May 2009

02-07-12 Complaints Procedure

The Council ADOPTED a new complaints procedure.  This Procedure covers complaints relating to the Council’s administration or procedures and does not apply to complaints about individual councillors or employees.

02-07-13 Joint Parish Council meeting with Warden Parish Council

It was agreed to hold a Joint Meeting with Warden PC on the 20th July and items for the agenda would include  – Neighbourhood Policing, Newbrough CofE First School, War Memorial, Sportsfield Association and Roads.

02-07-14 War Memorial

Cllr Robson will provide materials for a presentation on the proposed remodelling at the Joint meeting.

02-07-15 Reports

Town Hall: Several volunteers have helped paint some of the inside walls.

Village Society:  Cllr RS Robson reported that the Society is keen to network with other groups and societies in the district.

Sportsfield Association: This organisation will be discussed at the Joint Meeting.

Newbrough CofE First School:  It was proposed to invite the Chairman of the governors to the Joint Meeting.

MTCT: At the last meeting Susi Goncu formally contracted the Trust as the lead organisation for the mid-Tyne group of parish councils.  Next meeting is on October 1st.

Northumberland County Council: Cllr Heslop informed the Council that there is a (Community Chest) fund of £50,000 (max £5000 to one organisation) available to non statutory organisations set up by NCC.  There has been no information available about the times and venue of the mobile Post Office van.  It seems to be parked around lunch-time at Broadway.  Cllr Heslop will investigate the possibility of the van being parked nearer Newbrough with extra time or splitting the time allocated.


02-07-16 Finances

Bank Accounts   1st July  2009 Treasurer’s Account £954.05, BMM £12770.25

Audit Report   “The following issues have been raised to assist the council. The council is recommended to take action on the following issues to ensure that the council acts within its statutory and regulatory framework.

  • Fidelity Guarantee

What do we recommend you do?

The council should consider the level of insurance cover and set it to a level that will protect the council against potential loss. The council should review the level of cover at least annually as circumstances may change throughout the year.

No other matters came to our attention.”      BDO Stoy Hayward LLP  04 June 2009

Internal Auditor:

“I certify that the Annual Return for year ended 31st March 2009  to be correct in accordance with accounts and records produced together with information and explanations received”.  MD Dodd Internal Auditor.


It was RESOLVED to increase the Fidelity Guarantee Insurance to cover for loss of £15000 in line with S114 of the Local Government Act 1972

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Expenses £39.27 (£36.92 plus vat £2.35), Meeting Room Rental £30 (July), S Davies Grass Cutting First Cut £90

To Approve next meetings Clerk’s Salary, Expenses, Room Rental and Grass Cutting

Next meeting: 7.00 pm September 2nd  (then November 4th)

The meeting closed at 9.35

Signed Chairman ………………………………