Meeting of the Council 2nd September 2009

03-09-01 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), RS Robson, MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, M Newson and PJ Johnston.  Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and, two members of public and two police support officers (CSO Dougie Finlayson and CSO Christine Glew).


03-09-02 Apologies: EL Dixon and NCC Cllr E Heslop

03-09-03 Police Liaison:  The Chairman welcomed two community police officers who will attend Newbrough PC meetings on a regular basis.  They were interested in any issues of concern in the parish and informed members to be on the look out for unusual vehicles and report them as soon as possible.


03-09-04 Declaration of Interest: None

03-09-05 Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC that was held on 1st July 2009 were approved and signed.

03-09-06 Matters Arising:

Cllr Johnston public announced that the financial procedures had not been carried out properly and the internal audit had not been carried out correctly.

The Clerk replied that the Council (apart from Cllr Johnston) were satisfied with all procedures as are the Internal Auditor and External Auditor.  All accounts and documentation are always available to councillors and indeed also the public for inspection. The Clerk is very unhappy about these continuing public outbursts which he considers bullying, intimidating and disreputable conduct.  The Chairman put this matter on the Agenda for next meeting.


03-09-07 Public First Focus

No issues

03-09-08 Communications

  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Allianz have sent out a new policy with the Fidelity Guarantee of £15000.  Clerk will adjust the Council’s Risk Assessment and Management document. This is in line with S114 of the Local Government Act 1972
  • CAN Newsletter Copy given to each councillor.  Councillors all agreed to have future copies by E-mail.
  • NHS Swine Pandemic Flu Service Posters displayed in the PC Notice Board.
  • NCC Car Parking questionnaire Completed by the Chairman
  • NCC Wanting info on parish magazine/newsletter Clerk forwarded Stanegate information.
  • Boundary Commission consulting on draft recommendatios No direct affect on Newbrough
  • NCC Waste leaflets Distributed. Some in Town Hall for display
  • NALC Survey 2009 Council completed questionnaire
  • Conservation & War Memorial Officer Acknowledged receipt of preliminary consultation regarding the Re-modelling of the War Memorial.

NNPA Grant Information Looking South

Fire & Rescue Service Modernisation

NE Employers Association

NCC Standards Committee information

NCC Keep Britain Tidy

Inaugural Meeting of MTBF 1st October

NHS Newsletter

Northumbria NHS Emergency Care

Keep Britain Tidy


03-09-09 Roads

Village Signs in partnership with MTCT.  Chairman urged progress on this project.  Clerk will contact G & P Ward.

03-09-10 Footpaths

Cllr Newson will liaise with Tim Fish re-River path between railway crossing and Allerwash Mill.

03-09-11 Planning

NCC –  20090373 Construction of four dormer windows to existing bungalow and construction of garden room to east elevation Woodlands Fourstones NE47 5DL

NPC support this application & NCC gave conditional permission 23rd July 2009

Electric Sub Station  The screening of this construction with trees has been successful.  This was a requisite of planning conditions.

03-09-12 Joint Parish Council meeting with Warden Parish Council

All members have been given a copy of the minutes and Cllr Robson gave a further report on the progress of War Memorial project.  Clerk has engaged in preliminary consultation with Conservation Officer and neighbours.

03-09-13 Unification of Warden and Newbrough Parishes 

A number of issues need clarifying.  Not all of the councillors are in support of this proposal and some members of the parish who live outside of Newbrough are concerned about their status with regard to determining NPC’s future.  It was RESOLVED that the Council would take steps towards a consultation process.  Cllr Newson proposed and Cllr Robson seconded this proposal.  Clerk liaise with Warden Parish Council and acquire relevant information/documentation for consultation requirements and procedures.

03-09-14 Reports

Town Hall: No report

Village Society:  A full programme of interesting and exciting events has been organised.

Sportsfield Association: The Chairmen of WPC and NPC together with Cllr Kendrew and Cllr Dixon are to meet to discuss the future of this organisation.

Newbrough CofE First School:  At the Joint PC Meeting Cllr Brooks volunteered to join a school/community working group.

MTCT: The next meeting is on 30th September and a Business Forum will take place on October 1st.      All councillors are welcome.

Northumberland County Council: No report


03-09-15 Review of Financial Regulations Documentation & Risk Management  This will be put on the Agenda for next meeting.

02-07-16 Finances

Bank Accounts   1st September Treasurer’s Account £211.83 & BMM £12770.25

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £36.86 (£35.29 plus vat £1.57), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Sept), S Davies Grass Cutting Second Cut £66, Land Agency £8, One&One Website £44.77 (£38.93 plus £5.84 vat)

To Approve at next meetings

Clerk’s Salary, Expenses, Room Rental and Grass Cutting

Next meeting 7.00 pm4th November 2009, (Then 6th January 2010)


The meeting closed at 9.05

Members of the Council 2009-10

Chair: Mr Harold Forster, Vice Chairman: Mr Ed L Dixon

Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr R Simon Robson,Mr Malcolm Newson, Mr Pat J Johnston and Mr Michael W Gibson.