Meeting of the Council 3rd November 2004

Present: Chair – Mr MW Gibson, Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Councillor A Kerr, Cllr H Forster

Clerk: Mr R Macfarlane

Also in attendance: June Kendrew NTHMC, Heather Brooks, Anne Lambert, Kathryn Forte Home Housing

Apologies: C Earnshaw MTCT

Presentation: Unfortunately Dick Phillips from Streetworks Dept of NCC could not attend the meeting as arranged.

June Kendrew presented the Annual Town Hall Report (with an additional report) and informed the Council that the caretaker Janet Johnstone had resigned. There will be a Public Meeting on 4th November in Town Hall starting at 7.30 pm.


Co-option of Councillor: Harold Foster proposed that Heather Brooks fill the vacancy of councillor.  Sheila Burrows seconded the proposal and the Council were all in agreement.  Heather Brooks signed the Declaration of Acceptance and took part in the rest of the meeting as a councillor.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 1st September 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declaration of Interest:  The Clerk declared an interest (as a candidate) in the election of a representative (Central Area) to the Tynedale Community Partnership.  The Clerk left the room whilst the discussion and ballot took place.

Matters Arising:

Ellen Shaft: The brass plaque has arrived and soon will be attached.

Lover’s Lane Bridge: It is much safer now after the work carried out by D Charlton


LTP E-mail Requests

NCC Local Transport Plan 2006-2011 Issues Paper

NCC Local Transport Plan 2003-2004 Annual Progress Report

Letter from Heather Brooks re Signage at Butt Bank and grass cutting

Northumberland National Park Member Bulletin

Nat Parks Encouraging Enterprise Workshop

N Nat Park Meeting Sept 15th                                    Quality Council Booklet

NCC Area Committee Papers                           Hadrian’s Wall Study Report

Tynedale Today Newsletter                             TDC Use Your Vote – Referendum

NE War Memorial Project                                Grants for War Memorials

NALC Annual Report AGM 16th October            Tynedale Sports Council

Defra – Clean Neighbourhoods                          TDC Open Space Consultation

Pay Phone Removal MTCT                             TDC Overview Scrutiny

Grant Aid Application NTHMC                        SLCC Branch Meeting

Bus Timetable Information Panels MTCT             Steve Davies Grass Cutting (£80)

TDC Projects in Funding                                 TDC Brant Application Form

Newbrough Steering Group (Youth)                    TDC Dog Bin “Duty of Care”

TDC Meeting Minutes 6 July                           Army 29th November at Tynedale Auction Mart 6.30

Hexham Swimming Pool Have your say                 Public Transport/School Review

608030 Supporting Women                              Ethical Framework Regulations

Tynedale Local Strategy Partnership (Central Area) It was decided to vote for Councillor R Macfarlane (Sandhoe PC) as NPC representative on this committee.

Roads: There is a problem with water on the road down Mossy Bank as well as the overgrown hedgerow blocking road signs from view. District Councillor will follow up.

Still problems with the level crossing and the road passing the Paper Mill, County Councillor to follow up.

Footpaths:  There are still problems with overhanging hedges and trees that obstruct footpaths.  The grass cutting in the area was applauded by the Council who though it was a big improvement.  The wall running along Sidgate Lane is in a bad/dangerous state of repair.  Clerk to contact Milecastle Housing.  The lamppost that was vandalised still needs replacing.


20041022 Allerwash Buildings Change of use farm buildings to 4 dwelling units

Granted permission, conditionally, by Tynedale Council.

20041170  31 Sidgate, Single story ground floor rear extension

The Council had no objections.



Town Hall: The Annual Report was given in person by the Secretary, June Kendrew.

MTCT: A number of applications had been received.  Copies of correspondence to BT re- closure of rural telephone boxes.  Initiative for bus timetables and information to be positioned near to bus stops.

Cannon Milner Journals:  Clerk has purchased a fire proof safe to protect the Journals Newbrough will contribute to half the cost.

Newbrough School: A Youth Forum is to be held on Monday 22nd November

War Memorial:  (To be included on the Agenda next meeting)

The Clerk to ask Mrs D Charlton to clean up the area around the Memorial ready for Armistice Day.

Village Society: The village walk on 26th September attracted nearly 40 walkers.  There will be a Music Memories night on 19th November in the Town Hall

Tynedale Council: Consultation is in progress re- new swimming pool.  Our District Councillor is Chairman of the Licensing Committee which has had its Licensing policy adopted.  Awaiting the government proposals on gambling.  Our County Council pointed out that Coun Forster and his Committee are to be applauded for their sterling efforts.

NCC: The County is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Referendum.  The Educational Options were ongoing and the Scrutiny Committee has formulated draft proposals.

Home Housing: It was reported that at present the young people involved in the youth group were having difficulty in matching with the premises and to other groups using the premises a the Town Hall.  The most challenging group, had at the onset, been selected to work with.

Sportsfield Association: The equipment container is to be painted a more congenial colour.  Unfortunately a group of people played on the square during the wet period and caused considerable damage – about £600.

Financial Matters:

Bank Statements HSBC        3rd Oct 2004 BMM Account          £12014.86

                                    3rd Oct 2004 Treasurer’s Account     £391.08

The following payments were approved:

Clerk -part salary £248, Clerk’s Expenses £33, D Dodd Internal Audit £25, Steve Davis Grass cutting £80, Bridge Repairs D Charlton £45HLB AV Audit £141, Town Hall Meetings (Nov & Jan) £30

Parish Plan

The next Steering Group meeting is on Thursday 11th November at 7.30

The Questionnaires to be delivered on 20th November and collected on 4th December 2004

Grant Aid

NTHMC £1000, PCC St Aidan’s Church £250, PCC Grass Cutting £350, Age Concern £50, CAB £50, Sports Council £50, Cancer Bridge £100

Clerk’s Salary

It was agreed that the Clerk’s should be contracted for five hours per week and paid according to the NALC rate for part-time Parish Clerks.

Salary scales and hourly pay rates for part-time clerks are calculated pro-rata reference to the standard NJC working week for all local government staff.  The scale LC1 (Population under 5000) – at present on SCP17 with a yearly increment on 1st April.

Next Meeting: 7.00pm on January 5th 2005 in Newbrough Town Hall

Dates of Meetings:  2005, Jan 5th, March 2nd, May 4th, July 6th, September 7th, Nov 2nd