Meeting of the Council 3rd September 2008

Present: Cllrs JR Wood (Chair), RS Robson, H Forster, MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks and PJ Johnston.

Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and one member of the public


Apologies: Cllr EL Dixon and NCC Cllr E Heslop

Declaration of Interest: There were no declarations given at the start of the meeting nor any given during the meeting.

Egger Presentation

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners gave a presentation as part of the Consultation on Proposals for Development on land adjacent to Egger UK Ltd at Anick.  It was pointed out that there would be an Exhibition at the Queen’s Hall on 8th September 9-7.30

Several Egger UK Ltd Staff were also present. Bernd Steilechner (Director), Simon Dotlinger (Director, Factory Manager) and Andrew Billings (Construction Manager).  The Chairman thanked them for the very interesting and illuminating presentation.

Conservation Area Presentation

Elaine Gray Conservation Officer for Tynedale Council briefed the Council on the on- going Appraisal of the nineteen Conservation Areas in Tynedale.  Newbrough’s appraisal has just been completed and a draft copy was available at the meeting.  Clerk would obtain copies for all Councillors in preparation for the consultation exercise.  Elaine hoped that the Draft Appraisal would be accepted by the Tynedale cabinet that would meet on 9th October and this would be followed by a six week consultation period.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 2nd July 2008 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

In the report on the Sportsfield Association: The statement “An Annual Return for the Association as required by the Charity Commission has been completed for year ending 31st March 2007” was pointed out to be premature, it still requires a signature.  The Sportsfield Association Committee needs to have a formal meeting because the Council, as Trustee, should see accounts and a yearly report.

The Clerk pointed out that if written copies of Reports are given to the Clerk at meetings then there will be less opportunity for any misunderstanding or inaccuracies.  Cllr Johnston was not happy with the way the Internal Auditor was appointed. Cllr Forster explained that the present Internal Auditor has held that role for several years and is highly thought of and he proposed she be re-appointed.  Cllr Gibson seconded the proposal.

Matters Arising continued

Council RESOLVED that MD Dodd be re-appointed as Internal Auditor.  The statutory basis for this item is The Accounts & Audit Regulations 2003, Section 6 (as amended by The Accounts & Audit (Amendment) (England) Regulation 2006.

Cllr Johnston indicated that he would like to see more detail contained in the Agenda for Meetings.  Cllr Forster stated that procedures would have to be more formal in the light of increasing legislation and scrutiny of parish councils.

Newbrough and Warden War Memorial: The issues between Holden Conservation and the War Memorial Trust is now resolved and the Council has received payment (£950) from the War Memorial Trust.

Footpath outside St Peter’s Church:  This has now been repaired.


Public First Focus

No issues


  • CAN Newsletter and Training Dates
  • War Memorial Trust has offered advice in Listing Buildings.
  • NCC Area Committee Papers
  • TDC Minutes
  • Proposed Area Partnerships. Cllr Forster has been invited to next NSP meeting.
  • Hexham and Northern Rural. The transactions relating to the sale of the field adjacent to the Town Hall have not been completed yet.
  • The consultation exercise re PO Closures has been described as a “sham”.
  • War Memorial Trust has offered advice on Listed Buildings.
  • TDC SHLAA Request for sites. A Government exercise to ascertain suitable sites for affordable housing.  Council asked Clerk to follow up results of the joint meeting with Warden Parish Council held with Tynedale Council and Milecastle Housing.  Warden and Newbrough Councils had discussed sites at Broadway and the very contentious site at Sidgate.  Clerk pointed out that Northumberland National Parks Authority  are also undergoing a consultation exercise for affordable housing.



Village Signs in partnership with NNPA and NCC. 

Two large stones are presently at Thornton Towers.  Gilbert Ward has suggested that they would look good just engraved with the name Newbrough.  Cllrs Gibson, Brooks and Wood have seen the stones and it was suggested that the National Park signs be placed on the Allerwash road near Red Houses and the other on the other side of the road to the stone sign on the Stanegate.  Clerk to discuss this with NCC Highways and NNPA Funding Officer.

Roads continued

There was substantial flooding (before recent rains) (Stanegate and U8138) possibly caused by a blocked or inadequate culvert.  Clerk to contact NCC Highways.



Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 – definitive Map Modification (No 4) 2008.

BOATS No11, 38, 39 and restricted 40.

Footpath No7.  The view from the stone bench near the level crossing is obscured by a couple of trees.  Cllr Gibson to pursue this issue.



20080577 Installation of three dormer windows and 3 solar water heaters to roof Woodlands Fourstones NE47 5DL. TDC Granted permission conditionally on 7th August


Town Hall: THMC are considering paving the gravelled entrance area to the courtyard in order to have access for the disabled and an escape route in the event of emergency evacuation.  MTCT have been asked for a grant towards the cost of £1100.

Village Society:  Programme of Events is published in the Stanegate.

Sportsfield Association: The Clerk was asked to prompt a meeting of the Committee

Newbrough CofE First School:  The leaving function for Headteacher John Moore is on 13th September in the Town Hall.

MTCT: The Trust has paid £1000 towards the “village Signs” project and the Town Hall has applied for a grant towards paving the area allocated for access for the disabled.  There was a meeting on 30th August where it was decided to keep the Trust active.  The 30 mph portable warning signs have been situated at Wall and Wark and are now with Humshaugh and will move on a rota basis.

Northumberland County Council/Tynedale Council:

The new Unitary Authority has appointed a Chief Executive – Steve Stewart.  Richard Robson is one of four directors and he will spend one day a week at Tynedale Council until April.  Today the County Council are debating whether to have three or five area committees.  A greater PC presence will be required especially if councils are to secure resources.

A review of the number of Councillors on the new Unitary Authority will be decided by the Boundary Commission, and the level of allowances will be considered by the Independent Remuneration Panel.  Rural divisions are very large and included a number of Parish Council areas with differing needs and localism should relieve some of the strain from Unitary Councillors.  Following the May Elections, the Joint Transition Forum had decided to abandon the Natural Communities idea, however, the Government agenda requires that it be replaced by ‘localism’. The next meeting of the Forum will consider this issue and then it will be opened up to wider debate and consultation.

Northumberland County Council/Tynedale Council continued

Cllr Forster in his capacity as Leader of Tynedale Council was involved at the opening of the new £10m Swimming Pool.  It is very impressive and has many features and adaptations for users whom are disabled.  The running track is due for maintenance and improvement.

Tynedale Council are to give parish councils a sum of money for parish projects.  Councillors are requested to think about suitable projects.  Some ideas were put forward including opening out the War Memorial Area for disabled access and furnishing it with picnic tables and chairs.

Financial Matters

Bank Accounts   3rd September Treasurer’s Account £2637.75, BMM £12422.45

Audit 2008   “There were no matters which came to our attention which require issuing separate additional issues arising report.”

The annual return was presented to the Council and noted that the BDO opinion has been given.


Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £33.22 ( inc vat £1.79), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Sept), S Davies Grass cutting Inv No3 2nd cut £66, Mrs MD Dodd £40, BDO Stoy Hayward £141 (£120 plus vat £21),

Next meetings 7.00 pm,  2008 : November 5th , 2009 January 7th , March 4th