Meeting of the Council 5th July 2006

Present: Mr JK Steven (Chair), Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Cllr H Forster.    Clerk: R Macfarlane


Apologies: MW Gibson, S Burrows, Mrs CM Dickinson, Cllr A Kerr.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 3rd May 2006 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:

Butt Bank Signage: TDC will carryout a site visit for the requested road sign at Butt Bank.  The Officer will liaise with Cllr H Brooks.

Audit: The Internal Audit is complete and it is now with BDO Stoy Hayward.

Parish Plan:  The final document has been delivered to every household in Warden and Newbrough.  Copies have been sent to NCC, TDC and National Parks Authority.

Rubbish Bins: The Council has received some complaints about full litter bins and the situation will be monitored.

Lorry Parking: Little evidence of any problems of intrusive or invasive parking at Sidgate.

Declaration of Interest: None 

Presentation: Jo-Anne Garrick, Policy and Performance Team of National Park Authority outlined the purpose, objectives and priorities of the National Park.  She detailed the impact of the Local Development Framework and the preparation, consultation and development of Authority’s Planning Strategy up to 2021.

The Chairman thanked Mrs Garrick for the very interesting and informative presentation.



N & W Pioneers                                        Roadlink Annual Report

Consumer Council for Water                         TCP re TDC Community Plan

Local Transport Plan (LTP)                          NCC Kevin Brown

Northumberland Playing Fields Association        Northumberland National Pk LDF

Fire and Rescue Service                               CCN Newsletter

Public Speaking in Planning                           MP re Early Day Motion 641

NALC Annual Subscription                           CE Electric UK

TDC Community Involvement (LDF)               Defra Building Communities

NCC Statement of Accounts 2004/5                 NCC Annual Report 2004/5

Charter 88                                               Local Authority Byelaws

BDO Local Briefing                                    TDC Minutes

NCC Tynedale Area Committee                     ADAPTability Newsletter

Communications continued:

Fourstones with Warden Methodist Church:  Members were disappointed that their Church did not receive mention in the Parish Plan.  Clerk instructed to write and apologise for the omission.

TDC Training in Planning:  Clerk to arrange a training date for Councillors.

Roads:  County Council have made an Order to prohibit the use by vehicular traffic on that section of the B6319 road starting at the junction with the C227 road at Butt Bank in a south-westerly direction for a distance of 3500 metres through Allerwash to the junction with the U8315 road at Brokenheugh.  The Order is to be effective from Monday July 10th 2006 until Wednesday 25thOctober 2006.  The closure has been requested by Fastflow.

Footpaths: There are some black patches left by skips on the green at Sidgate.  Clerk to contact Milecastle Housing.



Applications for Planning Permission to TDC

20060848 Construction of first floor side & garage extension

Woodbine Cottage Newbrough NE47 5BG NPC have no objections.

20060720 Construction of single storey extension Capons Cleugh House Allerwash NE47 5AB NPC have no objections.

20060681 Construction of conservatory to south elevation 8 The Terrace Settlingstones Newbrough NE47 5BB. NPC have no objections though concerns over the size of the conservatory and materials to be used (ie PVC).  TDC conditional approval July 2006.



Town Hall: The Council is still awaiting a reply to the (NTHMC) letter concerning Grant Application sent on 4th January.

Village Society: No report.

MTCT: The MTCT resources have been moved to Wark and it is deemed important that the Trust has a physical presence in the area.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: No report.

TDC: Cllr Forster report matters discussed at meeting held on 4th July.  Issues covered the long-term impact of Post Office closures on rural areas. Refurbishment of WCs (Hexham and Haltwhistle).

The former WC Public Toilet down Sidgate Lane is looking scruffy.  Clerk to arrange some tidying up.  The Council agreed to fund the siting of skip at Settlingstones.

Newbrough C of E First School: Numbers are very strong and it is hoped that the Head John Moore will be back after ill health.  The school will soon be appointing a new deputy head teacher.


Bank Accounts: At 5th July 2006 – Treasurer’s Account £323.39, BMM £8236.70


The following were approved:

Clerk’s Part Salary £380, Clerk’s Expenses £51.10, Meeting Room Rental £25 (July), Land Registry £4, NALC £73.54 (Subscription), Mrs D M Dodd £35 Internal Audit, S Davies £80 Grass Cutting.


Public First Focus: No members of the public were present.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on September 6th 2006

Dates of Meetings:

2006: September 6th, November 1st

2007: January 3rd , March 7th

The meeting was closed at 9.35 pm.

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