Meeting of the Council 5th November 2008

Present: Cllrs JR Wood (Chair), RS Robson, H Forster, MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, Cllr EL Dixon and PJ Johnston.  Clerk R Macfarlane and one member of the public


Apologies: Cllr E Heslop (NCC)

Declaration of Interest: Cllr Johnston declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the agenda item requesting grant aid to the Town Hall, because he is a Trustee and Treasurer of NTHMC.  He withdrew from the room whilst this item was being discussed and he took no part in any decisions made.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 3rd September 2008 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

In the report on the Sportsfield Association: The Clerk has lodged the Annual Return for the Association as required by the Charity Commission for year ending 31st March 2007 and the next update is expected before 31st January 2009.

Newbrough and Warden War Memorial: The Clerk was instructed to ask D Charlton to clean up the War Memorial area so that it will be respectable for Armistice Day.  The Town Hall representative was asked to ensure that the access to the Memorial is not locked off.  The Council agreed to put aside £1,000 to pay for fencing and other improvements.


Public First Focus

June Kendrew informed the Council of a Trust Fund set up for deserving individuals who are facing challenges in life.  The Trust is mainly for residents who are connected to Warden and Newbrough.  Councillors were requested to pass on relevant information on worthy cases.


NCC Network Change Proposals & Response to postal review.

John Hamilton, Economic Development Officer, NCC is negotiating the possible siting of the proposed Outreach Service for the Post Office to be at Fourstones Post Office instead of a mobile van.  The Clerk was asked to write in support of this proposal.

TDC Homefinder Scheme and Affordable Housing

Vicky Law (Housing Enabling Officer) has requested a joint meeting with Newbrough and Warden Parish Councils.  Clerk will arrange this meeting as soon as possible (It was suggested that War Memorial and Town Hall issues should also be included on the Agenda).  TDC is proposing that no more than 10 houses should be built in Newbrough and 6 in Fourstones.

National Survey of Third Sector Organisations

The Clerk has completed a questionnaire concerning Sportsfield Association.

NCC Charter

This will be circulated with other relevant correspondence.

Settlingstones Skip

Liza Hamer has sent a letter of thanks on behalf of the Settlingstones community.

Other correspondence and communications


  • NCC Area Committee Papers
  • TDC Minutes.
  • CAN AGM Newsletter and Training Dates
  • TDC Minutes
  • Town and Parish Standard Issue 3



Village Signs in partnership with NNPA and NCC. 

Two large stones are at Thornton Towers and Gilbert Ward has arranged for their surface to be prepared at Haltwhistle so that they can be more easily engraved.  The National Park signs could be placed on the Allerwash road near Red Houses and the other on the other side of the road to the stone sign on the Stanegate.  Clerk to further discuss this with NCC Highways and NNPA Funding Officer.

It was agreed that one of the 30 mph portable warning signs has been inappropriately situated and Clerk to investigate implications of moving it (Safety Camera Partnership and VMS).  The excessive surface water on Mossy bank was discussed.  NCC Highways are looking into the matter.  At the junction of Church Lane and the Stanegate the signpost is damaged.  Clerk to contact NCC Highways.



Clerk was instructed to contact Tynedale Dog Wardens because of fouling in parts of the parish.



Listed Building Consent 20080860  Adaptations to facilitate disabled access at Newbrough Town Hall  NPC support the application.  (A new application was submitted because of inaccurate site outline boundaries on the first application)


Town Hall: The facilities are being well used and are fully booked for November.  The new heating format in the main hall will be inspected by the fire service.  It is planned to have a display cabinet to house various sports trophies.  The caretaker vacancy will be advertised locally.  The Northumberland Theatre Company put on a very amusing production with an agricultural theme.

Village Society:  Sportsfield Association: Newbrough CofE First School:  No report


Susie Goncu is to address the meeting of the 27th November: she and two colleagues will give a presentation to the Committee explaining the plans for Community Forums

Northumberland County Council/Tynedale Council

The new Unitary Authority Chief Executive – Steve Stewart.  Richard Robson Director of Space and three other TDC staff have been appointed.  County Council have decided to have three area committees.  The Planning Delivery Grant programme will progress some exciting projects including Tyne Green at Hexham, Roundabout at Haltwhistle and Football Facilities.

Freedom of Information Act

The Council reviewed the Publicity Scheme and RESOLVED to accept it in its current form. (Adoption of Model Scheme and agreed by Newbrough Parish Council on 13th November ‘02)  Clerk will post the information in the Noticeboard and on the Council website    Further information is available on

Financial Matters

Bank Accounts   22nd October Treasurer’s Account £299.83, BMM £14,102.07

Parish Precept and Council Tax 2009/10

It was noted that the Precept will be paid in two instalments and the demand is required much earlier than in the past.


Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £47.79 ( £44.22 inc vat £3.57), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Nov), 1&1 Website £10.56 (£8.99 plus vat £1.57) S Davies Grass cutting Inv No3 2nd cut £66 and Warden PC £475 (War Memorial grant refund)

Grant Aid

Town Hall £1,000, MENCAP £50, Samaritans £50, Butterflies Seated Exercise £50, Tiny Tots £50, Tynedale Community Hospice £50, Youth Project £600, Tynedale CAB £50, GNAA £100, Newbrough and Warden PCC £600 and CAN £15.  Section 137  Age Concern £50

Next meeting 7.00 pm 2009 January 7th (then March 4th)

Meeting closed at 9.55 pm

Signed Chairman ………………………………


Chairman Mr John Richard Wood, Vice Chair  Mr Ed L Dixon,

Mr Michael W Gibson, Mr R Simon Robson, Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr Harold Forster, Mr R Simon Robson & Mr Pat J Johnston