Meeting of the Council 5th September 2007

Present: MW Gibson (Chair), Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks, EL Dixon, PJ Johnston, RS Robson and Mr JR Wood

Also present Clerk: R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr A Kerr


Apologies: None

Declaration of Interest : Cllr Johnston declared a personal interest in Site Allocation SA164


Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 4th July 2007 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: Restoration and repair work will be carried out by Holden Conservation Ltd. and Warden PC have agreed to share costs with Newbrough PC

Village Signs:  It was resolved that the signs should be similar to those at Wall.  Permission should be sought from Warden PC and highway authority.  NTA have agreed to carry out the work.

HSBC Bank Mandate:  PJ Johnston and JS Robson are now signatories.


Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 Modification – This will be circulated to all councillors

BT Public Telephone Boxes – The call box will now not take cash.  It will however take cash cards and have 0800 and emergency functions

TDC Overview and Scrutiny – Clerk to suggest the following topics: Parking on Sidgate, Affordable Housing, Later bus service from Hexham and Ex Public Convenience on Sidgate Lane

Parish Transport Representative – H Brooks to fill this role.

TDC Polling Stations– Clerk to inform TDC that the Town Hall is far preferable to the School

Risk Management – Clerk to follow up insurance queries.

NSP Infonet Survey – Chairman to complete the questionnaire.

Code of Conduct – TDC will advertise that we have accepted the Code of Conduct including adopting section 12(2).


Other communications, newsletters, minutes and reports.

NCC Local Gov Reform, TDC Council Forum Feedback Sheet, Licensing Act Review

Businesses in Warden MTCT, Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd (2nd Oct), Audit Issues, NE War Memorials Project, Your Council NCC, TDC Minutes, NCC Tynedale Area Committee, CAN Newsletter

Network Rail Mast – STORM29 (South Tynedale Objection to 29m Railway Masts). This campaign has been extremely successful.  Network Rail has agreed to modify the design of the proposed mast and will site it farther away from residents near to Farmer’s Crossing.


The district has been subjected to considerable roads works.  Lately new white lining has been dug up.  Clerk to ask D Phillips NCC for forewarning of impending works.


A beech tree has fallen in Crow Wood. Across the burn.  Footpath No 7 Crossgates to Allerwash there is a fallen tree blocking the footpath. Clerk to contact T Fish.




TDC Tynedale Local Development Framework Site Allocations

Cllr Robson will draft a letter reflecting the feelings of the Council, taking into account the views expressed at the public meeting.  Clerk will forward this to all Councillors.

Property registration – Stable Cottage

20070086 Construction of MUGA 20x43m & installing 3m high fencing, play equipment to foundation area & extension of playground to 20x25m Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ After reconsultation TDC granted permission 22nd June

20070700 Construction of Conservatory 7 Home Farm Newbrough NE47 5HF  TDC granted permission 6th August 2007


Town Hall: The Clerk to write to the management committee to complain about the new gate which blocks the entrance to the War memorial courtyard.  The clock is away being repaired along with some kitchen improvements.

Village Society:  No contact has been made but this will be rectified before our next meeting.

Sportsfield Association: No report

MTCT: Cllr Kerr requested information about businesses in the Newbrough area.

The Trust is contemplating joining the Speed Camera Partnership (£5000) Interactive signs would become available to members of the partnership.  Newbrough would certainly support this.


Newbrough CofE First School: The MUGA is expected to be ready in three weeks a little ahead of time.  The planting of shrubs and trees is a little behind schedule.

NCC: Full Council has discussed post-16 school transport and a possible reduction in charges.  Child and Youth services have had a good review.  NCC has been praised for PLF.  There is concern in the West of the County at what appears to be a cut in youth services.  Other sources of funding have been identified so there is a potential for an increase in funding.

The transitional arrangements for the coming Unitary elections will result in an Executive, 3 Area Committees and 36 “belonging boundaries” or community forums.  It is expected that parish councils will play a bigger role in local government.

Tynedale Council:  The monthly road sweeping schedule has been disrupted because of the weather. TDC will work towards the introduction of the new Unitary Authority.  Tynedale has a retention fund for Senior Officers for the interim period.

Public First Focus

No members of the public were present but at the Public meeting held in the Town Hall on 4th September the hall was filled to capacity and this was complemented by a full Council turn out.



The Clerk to complain to the Auditors for the way they have conducted the audit and because of the additional charges.

Payments agreed:

Clerk’s Part Salary £417, Clerk’s Expenses £44.82, Meeting Room Rental £30 (Sept),

S DaviesGrass Cutting £90 (first cut), D Dodd Internal Audit £35, BDO Stoy Hayward Audit £164.50 (£140 plus £24.50 vat), One&One Web site £35.18 (£29.94 plus £5.24 vat), Hexham Courant Public Meeting £56.87 (£48.40 plus £847 vat)


Clerk to write to the management committee of the town hall to complain about increasing the rent without any prior warning.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on November 7th 2007




Area Risk Level Control (and agreed improvements)


Protection of physical assets


Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial– Council decision made not to insure them for damage or loss.
  Security of buildings, equipment etc


No buildings.  Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial owned by the Parish Council.
  Maintenance of buildings, equipment etc M No buildings.  Parish notice board, seats and War Memorial owned by the Parish Council.




Less than £25,000 held at any one time to date. Interest earned from deposit account no bank charges.
Risk of consequential loss of income


No income apart from precept and bank interest
Loss of cash through theft or dishonesty


Normally no cash handled.  Fidelity guarantee cover up to £10,000.  
Financial controls and records


Financial Regulations in place. Quarterly bank reconciliation and budgetary control reports prepared by Clerk and reported to Council.  All Councillors to be signatories on cheques.  Three signatures are required, two Councillors plus Clerk.  Internal and external audit.

Comply with Customs and Excise Regulations


VAT payments and claims calculated by Clerk. Open to inspection by members and the public.  Internal and external auditor to provide double check.
Sound budgeting to underlie annual precept


Council receives detailed budgets in December. Precept derived directly from this. Income & Expenditure against budget reported to Council every quarter.
Complying with borrowing restrictions


No new borrowing likely at present.


Risk to third party, property or individuals


Public Liability insurance in place. Existing cover of up to £5m 
Legal liability as consequence of asset ownership


Assets owned – are the parish notice board, seats and War Memorial.   
Libel and Slander M  Members and clerk – standard cover up to£250,000
Officials Indemnity M  Cover for members and clerk   for any negligent act, accidental error or omission committed – standard cover up to£250,000.

Employer Liability

Comply with Employment Law


Advice sought from National Association of Local Councils when required. Existing insurance cover up to £10m.
  Comply with Inland Revenue requirements


Clerk declares income to Inland Revenue. Internal and external auditors carry out annual checks.
Safety of Staff and visitors


Very few visitors to Parish Council office at Clerk’s home.



Ensuring activities are within legal powers


Clerk clarifies legal position on any new proposal. Legal advice to be sought when necessary.
Proper and timely reporting via the Minutes


Council meets quarterly and receives and approves Minutes of meetings held in interim.  Minutes made available to public.
Proper document control


Leases and legal documents (none at present) in Clerk’s home.  Key documents to be stored at bank or at solicitors. Compliance with the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act.    


Registers of Interests and gifts and hospitality in place


Register of interest completed. Members to declare any gifts or hospitality (over £25 in value) as and when received.   Compliance with Code of Conduct 2007.

This risk management paper will be considered by the Council on 5 September 2007 and will be reviewed again annually in part or in whole.

Robert Macfarlane

Clerk to the Council

5th September 2007