Meeting of the Council 6th May 2009

01-05-1 Present: Cllrs E L Dixon (Chair), Mrs H Brooks, R S Robson, P J Johnston and H Forster

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane, NCC Cllr E Heslop, and one member of the public.

01-05-2 Apologies: Mr MW Gibson

01-05-3 Declaration of Interest: None

01-05-4 Election of Chairman:  Mrs H Brooks proposed Mr H Forster seconded by PJ Johnston and all agreed

At this point in the Meeting H Forster took the Chair.

01-05-5 Election of Vice-Chairman:  Mrs H Brooks proposed EL Dixon, seconded by PJ Johnston and all agreed.

01-05-6 Declaration of Office

M Newson who was co-opted at a meeting held on 11th March was not present.  He sent in his apologies due to a prior long-standing commitment.

01-05-7  Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee       PJ Johnston

Sportsfield Association                        EL Dixon

Village Society                                  RS Robson

Churchyard Maintenance Committee     MW Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust/Forum       H Brooks (H Forster)

Newbrough C of E First School              MW Gibson

01-05-8  Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 4th March 2009 were approved and signed.

01-05-9  Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: A group of Northumbria University final year building surveying students have looked at the Memorial and provided some ideas for remodelling.  Clerk will provide councillors each with a copy.

Joint Parish Meeting  It was agreed to hold part of the next meeting in July as a joint meeting with Warden Parish Council.  The Chairmen of the respective councils will get together to structure the meeting.


01-05-10  Public First Focus

Addressed in the Annual Parish meeting.

01-05-11  Communications

  1. a) CAN Newsletter: Copies given to all councillors
  2. b) Allianz Insurance plc: Renewal 1st June
  3. c) NCC Hexham Mobile Library: Visiting times and dates posted in PC notice board
  4. d) European Parliamentary Elections: Information is displayed in PC notice board

The remaining correspondence will be circulated to all councillors:

Equality and Human Rights Commission, The Boundary Committee – Electoral Review Stage One, Minutes of the last meeting of Tynedale Council, NCC Area Committee minutes Invite to Area Committee Meeting 12th May, Spinal Injuries Association 35th Anniversary, WRVS Getabout, HM Revenue & Customs VAT workshop and Road Link (A69) Limited Annual Report 2008-09

01-05-12  Roads

Village Signs in partnership with NCC.  P Ward has been asked for a quote to secure the stone to the concrete base.

NCC Highways Roadworks information

From late May to early August

Warden Parish Surface Dressing will take place on C234 Warden to Fourstones Road a stretch of 1,000m.  Homers Lane to be closed from 12th June.

Newbrough Parish Surface Dressing will take place on C228 Grindon Crossroads to B6318  a stretch of 2,565m.

01-05-13  Footpaths

The Planning Inspectorate Ref FPS/R2900/7/53, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 S53.

Modification Order (No5) 2007 has been submitted to the Secretary of State for confirmation.


01-05-14  Planning

No issues

01-05-15  Reports

Town Hall: The Year End Accounts have been prepared and independently examined. They show an operating deficit of £3,627 mainly due to high maintenance expenditure and professional fees. Annual Meeting is on 15th May at 7.30 pm.   The new caretaker Phil Biggs will take up residence soon. Because of safety concerns around the front entrance users will be encouraged to the use the access at the side.  External decoration work is proceeding.  The treasurer will be seeking capital grants for some of the major work (including the roof).

Village Society:  Busy developing a strategy plan

Sportsfield Association: Clerk instructed to contact existing officials to ascertain the future of that facility.

Newbrough CofE First School:  No report

MTCT: The Mid Tyne Community Trust will lead the Community Forum for the Mid Tyne group of councils.  Alex Kerr has been elected chairman and Cllr E Heslop has given the Forum his full support including his annual allowance of £15,000.   The meeting held on 26th February focussed on local businesses and on Thursday 28th May at Wark Town Hall 7.00pm there will be an open meeting entitled ‘Sport, Drama, Music, Recreation and Leisure’   On June 25th it is planned to have on the agenda Housing and Development – venue to be arranged.

Northumberland County Council: Cllr Heslop will pursue the complaints about lack of information concerning the Post Offices mobile van.  Cllr Heslop has been appointed Chair of the Licensing Committee.   The County are to review the “Localities” initiative as there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm regards the Forums.  Susi Goncu and Richard Powel have been appointed as localities officers.  The Council policy of pothole filling can only be a temporary measure.  Cllr Heslop is involved with a group trying to identify a more satisfactory and economic solution.

01-05-16  Finances

Bank Accounts   31st March Treasurer’s Account £546.13, BMM £9,768.62


Internal Audit This is now complete.  It was RESOLVED to re-appoint MD Dodd as Internal Auditor for 2009-2010.

The annual financial return was accepted and signed by the Chairman

Annual Governance Statement was approved and the Annual Statement of Accounts was approved and the Chairman completed the Audit Return

It was agreed that NPC does not act as a sole trustee and is not responsible for managing trust funds.  Clerk to check the information stored with the Charity Commission with regard to Newbrough and Warden Sportsfield Association.


It may be appropriate to increase the cover for fidelity insurance.  The Clerk will contact Allianz and liaise with the Chairman.

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £43.62 (£40.49 plus vat £3.13), Meeting Room Rental £30 (May), Allianz Insurance plc £333.00, Internal Audit £60, NALC £83.29, Hexham Courant Advert £37.66 (£32.75 plus £4.91 vat)

Next meeting 7.00 pm July 1st 2009

The meeting closed at 9.35

Signed Chairman ………………………………