Meeting of the Council 7th January 2009

Present: Cllrs EL Dixon (Chair), H Forster, MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, and PJ Johnston.  Clerk R Macfarlane


Apologies: Cllr RS Robson and E Heslop (NCC)


The Clerk reported the resignation of the Chairman John R Wood.  It was RESOLVED Cllr EL Dixon would serve as Chairman for the duration of this Council (until May) and Cllr H Forster was appointed Vice Chairman.  The Clerk has informed TDC of the vacancy and a notice has been put into the parish notice board (and that of WPC)


Declaration of Interest:

MW Gibson declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the social housing proposals at Sidgate included in the TDC Homefinder Scheme and Affordable Housing item.  MW Gibson left the room and took no part in any of the discussions and decisions that were made.  PJ Johnston declared a personal interest in the social housing proposals at Sidgate and Broadway included in the TDC Homefinder Scheme and Affordable Housing item.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 5th November 2008 were approved and signed. (The Declaration of Interests was amended as above.)

Matters Arising:

Sportsfield Association: The Cricket Club is about to fold – Cllrs Heslop and Forster will liaise with other West Tyne League clubs for support.  Charity Commission financial update is expected before 31st January 2009 and Clerk will require a set of accounts.

Newbrough and Warden War Memorial: A group of Northumbria University final year building surveying students will look at the project in February. Cllr Robson suggested that the Council wait for their report and then decide how to proceed and what the scope of works should be. It would then be appropriate to invite tender.  WPC have matched the £1,000 pledged by NPC and the Clerk will apply to TDC and MTCT for other funding.  Clerk will liaise with Warden PC and THMC.


Public First Focus    No members of the public were present.


NCC Network Change Proposals & Response to postal review.

The Council (or indeed the public) have received no information regarding the siting of the proposed Outreach Service for the Post Office.

Register of Members Interests  TDC has requested an update.


Strategic Partnership Representation.

Clerk has informed R Powell of LSP of JR Wood’s resignation and hence withdrawal from being considered for election.  R Powell is to organise a meeting for selection of a candidate for the North Division in near future.

TDC Homefinder Scheme and Affordable Housing

Morag Dodd (Milecastle Housing) looked at the feasibility of three sites in Newbrough/ Warden (two in Newbrough and one in Fourstones).   Sixteen houses will meet the housing need from both parishes. The houses/bungalows will be considered as social housing and available to rent by individuals, families and OAPs as appropriate to the property.  Building ten houses (or more) has implications for the provision of funding for play facilities.   Milecastle are in discussion with the landowner on the preferred site.

Magistrates in the Community

The Clerk was asked to suggest that MTCT should host a visit from the Magistrates.

Tynedale LDF Sites Allocation

This information is on TDC website ( under LDF Planning)  The Clerk will provide a link from NPC website

To be circulated with other relevant correspondence. Thank you letter from Simon Aldred (PCC), Charity Commission Newsletter, Statement of Community Involvement, Rural Services Community, Tynedale Community Hospice Newsletter, CAN & NALC Annual Report,  CAN Newsletter (Thank you letter for £15), TDC & NCC Minutes.



Village Signs in partnership with NNPA and NCC. 

Two large stones at Thornton Towers have had one face cut smooth and Gilbert Ward has sketched some lettering on the surface.  The Clerk showed photographs of these to the Council and MW Gibson invited councillors to view the stones.  The engraving the stones was discussed and the Clerk will contact Mr Ward.  Clerk will link with NCC Highways and apply for planning permission.



Clerk was instructed to contact Tynedale Dog Wardens because of fouling in parts of the parish.  The Sidgate play area was especially recognised as a problem area.



Listed Building Consent 20080860  Adaptations to facilitate disabled access at Newbrough Town Hall  NPC support the application.  TDC has given approval


Town Hall: The disabled access door will soon be ready and the fire officer has visited and given advice.

Village Society:  Sportsfield Association: Newbrough CofE First School:  No reports


Susie Goncu is to address the meeting of the 27th November: she and two colleagues will give a presentation to the Committee explaining the plans for Community Forums


Northumberland County Council

Cllr Heslop is at a meeting (same time as this meeting) which will provide the latest information regarding “Localism”.  He will forward appropriate information to the Clerk to give to Warden and Newbrough councillors.

Tynedale Council

There are twelve weeks left for TDC with much uncertainty about jobs.  Major exercise is the consultation around conservation areas.  Successful projects at Haltwhistle Library and Tyne Green watersports have attracted additional sources of funding.  The last TDC Council Meeting will take place at 4pm on 23rd March.

Financial Regulations Document

The Council reviewed the Financial Regulations Document and RESOLVED to accept it in its current form. (After the removal of paragraph 5.4)  Clerk will post the information on the Council website at    Further information is available on

Financial Matters

Bank Accounts   7th January 2009 Treasurer’s Account £827.78, BMM £12,266.14

Parish Precept and Council Tax 2009/10

It was RESOLVED that the precept demand would be for £8,500


Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £44.68 ( £41.45 inc vat £3.13), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Jan), Dog Bin Waste TDC £598.46 (£520.40 plus £78.06 vat) Website £35.18 (£29.94 plus vat £5.24), S Davies Grass Cutting 4th Cut £90, Joint Parish meeting £30 and MTCT (Annual subscription) £100

Next meeting 7.00 pm March 4th

Meeting closed at 9.55 pm

Signed Chairman ………………………………



Newbrough parish Council 2008-09

Chairman, Mr Ed L Dixon    Vice Chairman, Mr Harold Forster

Mr Michael W Gibson, Mr R Simon Robson, Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr R Simon Robson & Mr Pat J Johnston (one vacancy)