Meeting of the Council 7th July 2004

Present: Chair – MW Gibson, Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mr BT Hall:  Clerk R Macfarlane

Also in attendance: Kathryn Forte Home Housing

Apologies:     Councillor A Kerr, Coun H Forster  C Earnshaw MTCT, Fiona James (Shared Beginnings)

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 5th May 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declaration of Interest:  None

Matters Arising: The rubbish bin attached to a lamppost at Sidgate is still overflowing and needs emptying.  Clerk to find out who is responsible for this.

Time Together Initiative

Fiona James was unavoidably detained but fortunately Kathryn Forte filled the breach.  Kathryn had worked with Fiona and was able to give a short resume of the project – Shared Beginnings Newcastle Literacy Trust & Reading – fundamental for Parents/Carers Babies & Toddlers.  It has just recently been allowed and funded for rural areas and Newbrough has been earmarked.  Fiona and Kathryn will work closely with the existing toddler group. (Michelle Bridges).  Fiona is invited to attend our next meeting.

Skip: Paula Hall’s note in the Hexham Courant received no response.  The bottle bank skip is to be removed the first week in July.

Postal Delivery: The Clerk was asked to complain to the Post Office of poor and slow service.

Ellen Shaft: The Council agreed to contribute to half the cost of a brass plaque to go on the side of the wheel (full cost £181.35).  Some confusion over the proposed dates for this plaque and it may be best to omit precise dates and include them on the information board that MTCT are putting up adjacent to the wheel.


National Parks AGM 7th July                           NCC Food Hazard Warnings

MTCT AGM 24th June                                  ADAPT Newsletter

TDC Joint Discussion Forum 14th July                Boundary Commission

Warden & Newbrough PC Grant Aid                   NCC Committee Papers

TDC Safety of Memorials in Cemeteries              Funding Times Community Foundation

Road Link Annual Report 2003-04                     Democracy Commission

TDC Glass Recycling Facility                           CCN Newsletter

Internal Audit                                              Royal Mail delivery complaint

CCN Western Tynedale GOLD                         Clerk Training Bursary Scheme

Tynedale Sports Council AGM 9th June

Roads: The signage at Newbrough Bridge (Work Job R233) on the road C227 is now in situ.  There is a pot-hole in the road near the garage of Nigel price – Clerk to report to council.

Footpaths:  Clerk has spoken to Tim Fish and John McIllane re footpath from Brocolitia to U1837 at Home Farm Footpath No 2.  Walkers travelling south are ending up at Greyside – suggested extra signage.  Annual vegetation list is in July but they only do one cut so if there are any overgrown areas or other problems it is possible to work on a specific task.  Various problems with overhanging hedges and trees that obstruct footpaths.


20040218 Tynedale Council has refused planning permission for five new dwellings at Allerwash Farm

20040216 –  29 Sidgate single storey rear extension – Granted conditional permission by Tynedale Council

20040431 Listed Building Reiver House Home Farm New doorway between outbuilding and garden refused permission by Tynedale Council

20040407 Newbrough Cottage two storey rear extension  – Refused permission by Tynedale Council.



Town Hall: Recent AGM – Youth club is up and active.  There are a lack of computer classes and NTHMC recognised the fact that the rent from WI house is a major source of income.

Village Society: Have some funds and are willing to sponsor an event.

MTCT: Walks Leaflet are now free – however may need financial assistance for a second publication/printing.  Cycle Routes should be out early next year.  AGM exceptionally well attended and a talk about Local Heritage Initiatives was given by Lorraine Weeks.

Parish Plan:  The Special Meeting was held on Friday 14th May and Steering Committee set up and has met twice.

Steering Committee – Chairman: Michael W Gibson, Vice Chairman: Ed Dixon, Bernie Burrows, Susan S Steven, George B Shaw, John R Wood, Mike Kendrew, June Kendrew, Philip H Straker, Ian D Knights, John Moore, Robert P Waugh, Jackie Wood, Colin Earnshaw (MTCT)

Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Macfarlane


Cannon Milner Journals:  D Spence has concerns over the safety of the Journals and has asked the NTHC to protect them possibly in a safe.  MTCT not confident about finding funding.  The possibility of fire protection was also discussed.


Warden and Newbrough PC:  Letter requesting grant assistance for work to be done at St Aidan’s Fourstones and St Michael’s Warden.  Will be discussed at the November Grant Aid meeting.


Adoption of Annual Accounts: the clerk had previously circulated these to all members.  They were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

The Audit: The Clerk is awaiting the HLB AV Audit.  The Internal Audit was signed off and risk assessment in place.   Clerk to liaise with Allianz and Cornhill to check the insurance policies.


The following were approved:

Clerk -part salary £228, Clerk’s Expenses £57.77 (£56.28 + £1.49), 1&1 Internet £5.87 (£3.49 + £0.61), Town Hall Rent July & September £30, Steve Davis £71, NALC £71.96, NALC £0.42.

Parish Plan – Town Hall rent £75, Special Evening refreshments WI £100, Hexham Courant Advert £22.33, OneandOne £86.20, Admin £332.44, Secretarial Expenses £11.65

Resignation:  Mr BT Hall expressed his wish to resign at this meeting.  The Chairman thanked him for his services and for the valuable contribution he has made as a parish councillor and the council representative on the THMC.  The Clerk will advertise the vacancy from July 17th.  The vacancy notice will be displayed for fourteen days and if there is no wish by the residents of the parish to have an election, then the Parish Council will be in a position to co-opt.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on September 1st 2004.

Dates of Meetings:  2004/05 Sept 1st, Nov 3rd, Jan 5th March 2nd