Meeting of the Council 7th May 2008

Present: Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), Cllrs JR Wood, Cllr H Forster, EL Dixon, Mrs H Brooks and PJ Johnston.

Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr E Heslop.  From Warden Parish Council M Kendrew and GB Shaw


Apologies: Mr RS Robson

Declaration of Interest: Cllr Gibson – Affordable Housing and Newbrough first School, Cllr Heslop ISOS, Cllr Johnston ISOS.

Election of Chairman:  Mr MW Gibson proposed Mr JR Wood seconded by Mrs H Brooks and all agreed

At this point in the Meeting JR Wood took the Chair.

Election of Vice-Chairman:  Mr JR Wood proposed EL Dixon, seconded by Mrs H Brooks and all agreed.

Election of Representatives

Sportsfield Association                                  EL Dixon

Village Society                                               RS Robson

Town Hall Management Committee          PJ Johnston

Churchyard Maintenance Committee          MW Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust                                                vacant

Mid Tyne Community Forum                        JR Wood

Newbrough C of E First School                     MW Gibson

NB As the new arrangements for Governors come into place there will not be a representative from the Parish Council for the local First School however Cllr Gibson is a co-opted governor and will still liaise with the Council.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 5th March 2008 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: The issues between Holden Conservation and the War Memorial Trust are still not resolved.


Matters Arising (continued):

TDC Bottle Bank:  This is sited a bank near the cricket field car park but will need to be carefully monitored and TDC will have to be notified when it is full.

Tynedale Haydon Hunt: Clerk has received a very apologetic letter for the indiscriminate parking at the last hunt meeting.

Notice Board at Sidgate: Chairman will negotiate with R Hunter.


Public First Focus

The Town Hall Management Committee are concerned about duplication of facilities at Newbrough First School and Newbrough Town Hall.  A letter describing these fears was sent to the Clerk and three members of the NTHMC Committee addressed the Council.  At present Newbrough and Warden PCs have pledged grant aid to the Youth Club to pay for usage of the Town Hall.  It was resolved that organisations within the community should work closer together.  This resolution will be put to the governing body of the school at their next meeting.


  1. a) Allianz Insurance: This is due on 1st June
  2. b) CAN Newsletter and Training Dates: All Councillors given a copy
  3. c) Hanging baskets: TDC have offered the parish some hanging baskets. Jim Cowen will co-ordinate delivery.
  4. d) BDO Audit Pack: The Clerk is in receipt of this year’s audit pack. BDO have been re-appointed as external auditors.
  5. e) Area Travel Information: NCC has provided details of contacts for Co-ordinators.
  6. f) Wheelie Bins: TDC Environmental Services – have provided information of what should be put into the waste bins.

Other correspondence:

NCC Area Committee Papers, TDC Minutes and Adapt NE News.


Village Signs in partnership with NNPA and NCC.  Shotton Transport will move and clean the gifted stones, then arrange them on a concrete base.  Gilbert Ward will be contacted for advice on securing the stone to the concrete base.  NNPA have offered grant aid and MTCT has pledged £1,000.


Clerk to liaise with PCC and in order to repair the footpath outside of St Peter’s Church.



20080118 Siting of Mobile Classroom, Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ

20080352 Construction of bus lay-by and footpath and realignment of existing 1.3m high wall Newbrough CofE Aided first School NE47 5AQ  WPC has no objections.


Town Hall: WI House has a new tenant.

Village Society:  No report

Sportsfield Association: Cllr Johnson has completed an annual return for the Association as required by the Charity Commission.

Newbrough CofE First School:  The official opening of the MUGA and Play Area was performed on 21st April by Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

MTCT: Cllr A Kerr is acting as Chairman of the Trust which at present has funds of £9,000.  Ongoing initiatives: Festival of Sporting Activities, Food & Drink Festival and  FIREworks Fire & Rescue Academy.  Leaflets and information will be available soon.

Northumberland County Council: Cllr Heslop informed the Council that those Post Offices which have been selected for closure have already been notified.  The first meeting of the new Unitary Council will take place next Wednesday.

Tynedale Council:  The District Council has 11 more months to serve and will terminate on 1st April 2009.


Bank Accounts   6th May Treasurer’s Account £0.79, BMM £14242.30

Annual Statement of Accounts

The annual financial return was accepted and signed by the Chairman


Statement of Assurance was Approved.

The Audit timetable is as follows:

Display the Audit Notice in Parish Notice Board from 28th April to 11th May

Make records available to general public 12th May to 9th June

Send completed Audit to HLB AV Audit by 13th June 2008

HLB AV to complete Audit by 31st October 2008


This was reviewed and considered appropriate.  All of the assets in the Parish are covered by public liability insurance but not damage or replacement.


NNPA have agreed to sponsor the Village Sign project

MTCT have also agreed to contribute £1000

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £32.47 (£30.68 plus vat £1.79), Meeting Room Rental £30 (May), CiLCA £35, Allianz Insurance plc £315, Annual Subscription NALC £79.93

Next meeting 7.00 pm July 2nd 2008

The meeting closed at 9.35


Annual Statement of Accounts