Meeting of the Council held on 7th March 2007

Present: Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs S Burrows, Mr H Forster and Mr JK Steven

Also present County, Kathryn Forte (Home Housing) Barbara Mansfield (Haydon Bridge High School) and  Clerk: Robert Macfarlane


Apologies: Cllrs Mrs CM Dickinson and Cllr A Kerr

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 10th January 2007 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:

Butt Bank Signage: Now the Fastflow road works have been completed TDC Officer (TN) will liaise with Cllr H Brooks

War Memorial:  Holden Conservation Service’s report has been circulated

Town Entrance Signs:  NTA have quoted £380 for each stone construction and Top Signs £150 plus vat for each nameplate.  Clerk will make enquires in search of grant aid.

Declaration of Interest: None


K Forte Home Housing                                    Elections 3rd May

RSPP Red Squirrels                                         NNPA Electronic Consultation

NCC One Council One Future                         TDC One Northumberland Two Councils

Audit Commission External Auditor                   TDC Selefest  (£50) Grant

NSP SCS to 2010                                           NALC Survey

Communities and Local Government                 CPRE Winter overview

TDC Bytes and Briefs                                       NALC Quality Town/Parish

NSP Boundaries Belonging Communities          TDC Hanging Baskets

NALC Royal Garden Party & Info                   MTCT 31st January meeting

TDC Minutes                                                   CAN Thank you letter

Ø      War Memorial – A Conservation Condition Report has been produced by Holden Conservation Ltd.  Councillors have been given a copy and will share observations at the next meeting of the Council.

Ø      One Northumberland Two Councils etc – submissions have been received from District Council Group and NCC to run Unitary Authorities within Northumberland and these have been passed on to councillors.

Roads:  NCC have acted promptly and re-painted the yellow lines outside of the School.   They have also put in an order for the potholes down Sidgate Lane.

Footpaths:   Still the perennial problem of dogs fouling pavements.




20061296 Change of use from agricultural land to school playing field.  Newbrough C of E First School Newbrough NE47 5AQ Approved TDC November 2006

20061488 Construction of first floor extension 16 The Terrace Settlingstones NE47 5BB  TDC Granted permission 22 January 2007

* Newbrough C of E First School Newbrough NE47 5AQ application pending.



Youth Provision: Kathryn Forte (Home Housing) and Barbara Mansfield (Haydon Bridge High School) gave an update regarding the current position of the Youth Service Restructure.  Clerk has requested further information and will lobby on behalf of the Council, Community and Youth Service.  The Council has put aside a substantial sum to support the current service and an approach will be made to TDC for financial assistance.


MTCT: Next meeting will be held on 15th March..


TDC: Tynedale have decided on a Council tax increase of  about 1.9%


Town Hall:  Cllr Brooks served notice that she intends to resign from the Town Hall Committee but will be willing to induct a new member.

Village Society: The “Forties Night” was a roaring success.

NCC: Sportsfield Association:  No report.

Newbrough C of E First School: The School has been successful in an application for grant aid from Home Housing.  This substantial sum will be used to re-site the play area in front of the school.  A press release is impending.

Financial Matters

Bank Accounts:  7th March 2007  Treasurer’s Account £230.87, BMM £4549.55

Payments Agreed. Clerk’s Part Salary £380, Clerk’s Expenses £36.91, Meeting Room Rental £25 (March), Planning Meeting 15th August  £25, Daffodil Bulbs £11.94.

Clerk’s Salary: It was agreed to increase this to be more in line with SLCC recommendations (1st Increment on Band 3).  Salary in April to be £2500

Public First Focus: No members of the public were present.


Resignations:  Cllr Sheila Burrows and Cllr Jonathan K Steven informed the Council that they wished to resign from the Council and would not be standing at the forthcoming election.  The Chairman on behalf of the Council expressed his regret at the loss of two very able and conscientious councillors and he thanked them for their selfless commitment to the parish over the past six and eleven years respectively.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on May 9th 2007 in Newbrough Town Hall

Dates of Meetings: 2007:  9th May, 4th July, 5th September & 7th November

The meeting was closed at 9.30 pm.