Transcript of Minutes of the meeting of Newbrough Parish Council

held on 8th November 2000


3.14.9 (a) call from SF re IT bid and whether question re this on new appraisal.   Copy of appraisal sent to SR Suggested PC could scan in a great deal of useful information for the public but problem of access at present Grant application will include funding for p/t presence.   (b) Mike Bonnin – Report on Telecentre at Town Hall Circulated Agreed this was an excellent report.

The PC representative, Lorraine Weeks had reported that the Committee were in dire financial straits and would be requesting help from PC towards running costs.  The Caretakers may resign if heating not installed at cost of £3,000.   Advice had been taken from the Community Council and a new booking system introduced June Kendrew had been appointed Sec. and Ian Bell Treas and Marketing.   Clerk had advised that N and W PCs had agreed to help with revenue costs and this had been contained in the Business Plan, i.e. £1,000 each for a period of 4 years.   LW advised PC would need set of accounts and business plan for future.   Discussed at Warden and suggestion of joint meeting between Town Hall and PCs. Agreement in principle of grant of £1000 for years 1999/2000 and 2000/01  But grave concern expressed about the management and assurances for the future would be sought before any money handed over.  Clerk to confirm to Sec that accounts and business plan including cash flow would be required with application.

412.0 DATE OF NEXT MEETING— Wednesday 10th January at 7 pm.

Signed   P M Harding   10/1/01