Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council 5th May 2010

01-05-1 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), Mrs H Brooks, R S Robson, E L Dixon, P J Johnston and Mr MW Gibson

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane, NCC Cllr E Heslop, and two members of the public.

01-05-2 Apologies:  Cllr M Newson and PC D Kidd

01-05-3 Declaration of Interest: None

01-05-4 Election of Chairman:  Cllr H Brooks proposed Cllr H Forster seconded by MW Gibson and all agreed.  At this point in the Meeting H Forster took the Chair.

01-05-5 Declaration of Office:  Cllr Forster took the Chair and signed the declaration of acceptance of office (LGA 1972 s83).

01-05-6 Election of Vice-Chairman:  Cllr H Brooks proposed Cllr RS Robson, seconded by Cllr EL Dixon and all agreed.

01-05-7  Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee       PJ Johnston

Sportsfield Association                        EL Dixon

Newbrough and Warden Angling Club    EL Dixon

Village Society                                  RS Robson

Churchyard Maintenance Committee     MW Gibson

Mid Tyne Community Trust/Forum       H Brooks (H Forster)

Newbrough C of E First School              MW Gibson

01-05-8  Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 3rd March 2010 were approved and signed.

01-05-9  Matters Arising:

Village signs The Chairman was pleased that there is some progress with the work.

Unregistered Land  At present the War Memorial area, Town Hall, land at the front of the Red Lion and on the opposite side of the road are all unregistered.

Stanegate:  Because of  inaccurate information contained in some articles the Clerk was instructed to submit future reports to the Stanegate.


01-05-10  Public First Focus

This was addressed in the Annual Parish meeting.

01-05-11  Communications

  1. a) CAN Newsletter: Copies given to all councillors
  2. b) Allianz Insurance plc: Renewal 1st June
  3. c) UK Parliamentary Elections: Information is displayed in PC notice board
  4. d) Grant Aid request These were received from 1st Newbrough Scouts & Core Music

The remaining correspondence will be circulated to all councillors:

People and Places FDF Bulletin 2, NCC Septic tanks in Newbrough, NNPA Review of Community Involvement, NCC Environment Clean-up, Rock report, Newbrough Town Hall request for a representative, Voluntary Registration of Parish Property, Register Extract re Red Lion, Arriva Bus Update, BDO Audit information, Aon Insurance & NHS Psychological Therapies

01-05-12  Roads

Village Signs in partnership with NCC and MTCT.  P Ward has commenced work on the concrete base and work is due to be completed within a week.

NCC Highways Roadworks information Surface Dressing will take place soon on C227 Stanegate Road from Butt bank to the Red Lion.

01-05-13  Footpaths

Cllr Newson reported that the River Path between railway crossing and Allerwash Mill, has been diverted (because of river bank erosion) and some branches taken off trees.  Some of the diversion signs have disappeared through vandalism.  Tim Fish (NCC Rights of Way Officer) will soon visit the area.


01-05-14  Planning

No issues

01-05-15  Reports

Town Hall: There is evidence of damp in the flat and the new caretaker will take up residence soon.  The bar licence has been rewarding.

Village Society:  A full itinerary of events has been planned.  Unfortunately the Village Society meets on the same night as Newbrough Parish Council.

Sportsfield Association: Cricket matches have been arranged throughout the summer: one by the Hunt on 2nd June.  It was agreed that the representative from Newbrough should meet with the representative from Warden to plan the Association’s future.  The pavilion roof is in a very bad state or repair.  It was RESOLVED to grant £500 to the Association but only on receipt of appropriate paper work (Application & Accounts info)

Newbrough CofE First School:  Cllr Brooks has been invited to attend the next governor’s meeting.  Conrad Dickinson will open the new community facility.

MTCT: The Mid Tyne Community Trust is the Community Forum for the Mid Tyne group of councils.  The new Chairman is Phillip Wanless and Cllr Heslop is Vice Chairman.

Northumberland County Council: The Council policy of pothole filling can only be a temporary measure.  Whilst responding to emergency measures less major work can be carried out.  Cllr Heslop is involved with a group trying to identify a more satisfactory and economic solution.

01-05-16  Finances

Bank Accounts   31st March 2010 Treasurer’s Account £546.13, BMM £9,768.62


Annual Statement of Accounts

Cllr Dixon proposed and Cllr Gibson seconded that the annual financial return be accepted and this was signed by the Chairman.  This included the Accounting Statement, Annual Governance Statement and the Annual Internal Audit Report.

Internal Audit

The Council received a letter of resignation from M Dodd as internal auditor.  The Chairman paid tribute to the way she had served the Council over the years.


The present cover was considered appropriate (to be reviewed in November).  All of the assets in the Parish are covered by public liability insurance but not damage or replacement.

Income – vat £167.18 and Precept £4250  (first instalment)

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £43.32 (£40.64 plus vat £2.68), Meeting Room Rental £30 (May), Aon Limited £370.66, OneandOne Internet £35.18 (£29.94 plus vat  £5.24), Warden PC (Sportsfield  Pavilion repairs) £248.20,  M Dodd Internal Audit £60.  Land Registry Search £8, 1st Newbrough Scouts £130  Total £1352.06

Next meeting 7.00 pm Wednesday 7th July 2010

The meeting closed at 9.25

Signed Chairman ………………………………

Date………..…7th July 2010………….






Members of the Council 2010-11

Chair: Mr Harold Forster, Vice Chairman: Mr R Simon Robson

Mr Ed L Dixon, Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr Malcolm Newson, Mr Pat J Johnston and Mr Michael W Gibson.