Minutes of the Council Meeting held 2nd March 2005

Present: Chair – MW Gibson, Mrs J Johnston, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks  Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also in attendance: Councillor A Kerr and from Warden PC, JB Mitchell, J Cowen, and M Kendrew,

Apologies: Mrs S Burrows, Kathryn Forte Home Housing, and C Earnshaw MTCT

Presentation: Sgt Keith Leach and PC Danny Foreshaw from the Northumbria Constabulary discussed the letters the Constabulary had sent to many households in Newbrough.  There seem to be several youngsters who are making a nuisance of themselves and causing problems within the village.  The officers explained the nature, function and the various stages of ASBOs.    The police are appealing to the community for information and/or witnesses.


Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 5th January 2005 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declaration of Interest:  None.

Matters Arising:

The light warning to the approach to the school were now in working order.

The wall along Sidgate Lane had been repaired by Milecastle Housing.

The Chairman has signed Clerk’s Contract and Conditions of Service


State of the Area Debate (re Floods)

MTCT Requesting Dates of Meetings                 FOI Freedom of Information Act

VIEW Shaping the NE Consultation Events          NCC Area Committee Papers

Northumbria in Bloom                                    Milecastle Housing – Sidgate Lane

NCC News Mid February                               Meet the Funders

NCC Tynedale Area Committee Papers               Budget Consultation

TDC  Bi-annual Joint Council Forum                  TDC North Country Leisure

TDC Public Conveniences 1st April                     NCC Putting the Learner First

Great North Air Ambulance Service                    WRVS

Proposed Upgrading of Egger                            National Park

NEDL re Storms                                           Local Volunteer Development Agency

Defra Clean Neighbourhoods                             FOI Freedom of Info Act

Citizen Engagement                                       NE Assembly The Voice for the Region

Northumberland Mineral Waste                         Countryside Agency Consultation

Tynedale Community Partnership Meet 14th Jan & 14 February

Julie Holmes re rent of Town Hall for Youth Project

Letter from Kathryn Forte re assisting the Youth Project

Defra Clean Neighbourhoods/Environment Bill

Northumberland National Parks Authority Meeting 26th January

Roads: There are still potholes out side of Price’s garage – Clerk to contact NCC.  There is also one near the entrance to Sidgate.

Footpaths:  No issues.


20050093 – 2 The Terrace Settlingstones, Construction of Conservatory the Council had no objections to this application.

20050129 – Felling of 12 Trees at Newbrough Park.  Given the historical evidence for some replanting in the past the Council feel the consultant’s first recommendation deserves serious consideration provided provision is made for replanting with appropriate (traditional English) species. The Council is less happy about the second recommendation, that all the trees should be removed as part of a wholesale replanting scheme. This would change the character of the village centre, unless this was done over a very long time-scale, and that timescale would be decades.

20041170 31 Sidgate Ground Floor extension TDC Granted conditional permission.

20041493 Reiver House Listed Building Consent TDC Refused permission

20041432 Church Lane Barn – Withdrawn

2041170 31 Sidgate single storey ground floor rear extension TDC Granted conditionally



Town Hall: NTHMC have concerns over liability issues and may soon wish to liaise with both parish councils.

MTCT: Information of an application for Grant (Warden PC) for £1700 to construct a new bus shelter at Broadway.

Newbrough School: The Council was given a report of the Extended School Conference attended by John Moore and Susie Steven.

Village Society: Enriqué will give a talk on 23rd March.

Tynedale Council: Tynedale Council has published their budget – 4.8% increase on Band D.  Councillors are undergoing training re- Licensing.

NCC: Report of the continuing debate two versus three-tier education.  The NCC elections will be held on 5th May.

War Memorial:  (To be included on the Agenda next meeting)

Parish Plan

All Councillors present were given a copy of initial statistical analysis of the Parish Questionnaire returns.

Financial Matters:

Bank Statements HSBC        BMM Account                 £6813.26

                                    Treasurer’s Account            £611.63


Tynedale Council have agreed to the Precept for Newbrough Parish of  £6500


The following payments were approved:

Clerk’s Part Salary £346, Clerk’s Expenses £37.31, Town Hall Rent extra £10 for March, Web site £42.92

Parish Plan:

Questionnaire analysis £495, Administration £146, Expenses £86.46, Web Site £10.56

The Meeting finished at 10.05 pm.

Next Meeting: 7.00pm on May 4th 2005.

Dates of Meetings: May 4th, July 6th, September 7th, Nov 2nd