Minutes of the Council Meeting held 5th January 2005

Present: Chair – MW Gibson, Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks, Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also in attendance: Councillor A Kerr, C Earnshaw MTCT, Suzie Stevens, Mary Bonnin, and Mike Bonnin

Apologies: Kathryn Forte Home Housing

Presentation: Dick Phillips from Streetworks Dept of NCC

Dick Phillips explained to the Council his role with NCC and the relatively new Traffic Management Act and its gradual introduction 1991/93/99.  Local authorities now have powers to prevent or delay road works and to fine organisations that are guilty of shoddy workmanship or of using faulty materials.  With all major road works consultation will take place with local groups.  Some of the members of the public asked questions concerning road safety and expressed concern over speeding through the two parishes.  The Clerk was asked to contact Dave Gardiner from NCC Traffic Section with a view to analysing the traffic flow.


Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 3rd November 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declaration of Interest:  Mrs Burrows declared an interest in the Grant Application for the Sportsfield Association.  Mr JK Stevens declared an interest in planning application 20041493 and Mr MW Gibson in application 20040890.  Both councillors took no part in the discussions or decisions and neither were present when resolutions were formulated.

Matters Arising:

Mrs D Charlton had cleaned up the area around the Memorial and had made a very good job of it prior to Armistice Day.


Letters of thanks (for grant aid) were received from:

608030, Age Concern, Tynedale CAB, Tynedale Sports Council, Cancer Bridge and from Newbrough and Warden PCC .

Northumbria Police Rural Beat Visits                                     NTHMC Countryside Code

ROWIP Rights of Way                                                     CCN Newsletter

SLCC Membership                                                          National Parks meeting 15th December

ADAPT Newsletter                                                         NCC Planning Mineral Waste meeting

Tyne Lines Rail partnership                                               Tynedale Local Strategic Partnership

TDC Minutes 7th Sept                                                      NCC Area Committee 13th Jan Allendale

NCC Road Care Winter Services                                          Hexham Tynedale Courant Visitor

Tynedale Open Space, Sport Strategy –  thank you for your comment

Tynedale Community Safety Partnership 2004 Report

Tynedale Council Joint Forum Wednesday 19th January @ Mart 7pm

Tynedale Council Small Projects Funding

Tynedale Council Invoice for Dog Bin emptying.  There is a problem with dog faeces in the area between Butt Bank and the river and this situation will be monitored.  The emptying service cost £266 per bin but it would appear a joint responsibility with Newbrough Parish.

Roads: Some concerns were raised over the narrow sections of Allerwash Bridge and Newbrough Bridge.  Clerk to contact NCC re school warning lights that are not working.

Footpaths:  Tim Fish has contacted the Clerk regarding the footpath from Brocolitia due south to U1838 Lover’s Lane.  He has added some more markers but is reluctant to place a signpost in the middle of open land.  The wall running along Sidgate Lane is in a bad/dangerous state of repair. Clerk to contact Milecastle Housing (again).  The wall running from the Red Lion to the Sportsfield has been systematically vandalised and the trees are causing some problems with the footpath surface and the wall.


20041022 Allerwash Buildings Change of use farm buildings to 4 dwelling units

Granted permission, conditionally, by Tynedale Council.

20041170  31 Sidgate, Single story ground floor rear extension

Newbrough Parish Council have no objections.



Town Hall: NTHMC have concerns over liability issues and may soon wish to liaise with both parish councils.

MTCT: At present producing a “Village Guide” booklet and promoting the “Bottle in the Fridge” initiative with the Community Health Council.

Newbrough School: There is a healthy number of pupils attending the school and the nursery is full.  There is a “partnership federation” with Haydon Bridge High School and this will be socially beneficial and also help generate grants.  An architect will soon undertake a feasibility study and report recommendations re- new build and extended school.  The school‘s pupils sang at Christmas in Safeways and produced a splendid nativity play.

Village Society: The Society will hold a “Variety Night” on 14th January.

Tynedale Council: Tynedale Council is proposing to raise their portion of the Council Tax by 3.5%

NCC: Northumberland are proposing a budget of between 3.6 and 5%.  Because of the 3.9% cut in business rate funding to NCC savings will have to be made in administration.

War Memorial:  (To be included on the Agenda next meeting)

Parish Plan

The next Steering Group meeting is on Thursday 10th February at 7.30  – all Councillors are welcome to attend.  By then the initial statistical analysis will have been completed.

Financial Matters:

Bank Statements HSBC        5th January BMM Account            £8813.26

                                    5th January Treasurer’s Account       £414.23


Forecast for 2004 – 2005

Total Income  (Precept £6000, Bank £4600, other)           £11205

Payments                                                            £8767

Parish Plan

Grants received by NPC                £4796

Spending to date                         £1942                    Leaving £2853

Total funds of £7054 less Pplan £2853                 Bank Balance of £4200

This sum is £400 less than last years balance and there will be extra spending on the War Memorial Area and the Parish Plan (Estimated at £500)

The Council decided to request a Precept of  £6500


The following payments were approved:

Clerk’s Part Salary £328.51, Clerk’s Expenses £38.48,  (TDC Dog Waste £458.14 plus VAT £80.17), Town Hall Rent £15 for March,  S Davies £66, DH Charlton £42, MTCT £100, Safe £243.46

SLCC Membership £69 part paid £35  Sportsfield Association £500

Clerk’s Contract and Conditions of Service

It was agreed that the Chairman would appraise the draft document.

The Meeting finished at 10.05 pm.

Next Meeting: 7.00pm on March 2nd 2005.

Dates of Meetings:  2005 March 2nd, May 4th, July 6th, September 7th, Nov 2nd