Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st March 2006

Present: MW Gibson (Chairman), Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks. Cllr H Forster, Cllr A Kerr, K Forte Home Housing, Clerk: R Macfarlane

Apologies: Mrs CM Dickinson, Mrs S Burrows, C Earnshaw MTCT

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC held on 4th January 2006 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Clerk to write to Stanegate enclosing the Parish Plan Focus Group youth proposals also inviting suggestions for improving and restoring the war memorial and its surroundings.


Declaration of Interest: Re Newbrough and Warden Pioneers application for grant aid.  JK Steven was not present when a decision was made on this matter.



MTCT Wind Turbine Meeting
National Parks Authority

TDC New Swimming Pool
Tynedale Rural Transport Partnership

Hadrian’s Wall Communication

BDO Stoy Hayward have moved
TDC Parish Council Venues

CCN Royal Garden Party
CCN Donation

CCN Tynedale Standards Committee Rep?
TDC Public Speaking at Meetings

TDC Hanging Baskets
TDC National Spring Clean

Burial Ground Survey (Home Office)
National Park Consultation

TDC Local Development framework
NCC Tynedale Area Committee Papers

War Memorial Trust Bulletin
TDC Minutes

Minerals and Waste Development Framework

The National Parks Authority: Clerk to invite someone from the Forward Planning team to attend the Council meeting in July.

Tynedale Local Framework Core Strategy:  Clerk to invite someone from Tynedale Planning to the next Council meeting in May.

Roads:  Milecastle Housing has filled the potholes with some tarmac in the lay-by outside of the Stanegate Cottages, Butt Bank.

Footpaths: Signage has been repaired and improved on U8138 footpath.


Planning: No applications.



Town Hall: There has been no reply to the letter referring to Grant Aid sent out after the last meeting of the Council.

Village Society: Haydon Bridge Community Band presents the “Sheds on Fire” was very entertaining but sadly not too well attended.  An Antiques Road Show is to be held with Matthew Festing on 22nd March.

MTCT: The Trust will lose its Projects Officer, Colin Earnshaw at the end of this month.  In the last 4-5 years the Trust has injected over £70000 of funding into the Mid Tyne area, and including matching funding, will have helped the economy by more than £1 million pound.

Newbrough C of E School: The projected numbers of pupils shows a slight downward trend.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: The Council tax is to be set at 1.8% and the County Council have engaged Consultants and received advice from auditors.  This may result in large changes in how services are provided, looking at commissioning rather than providing services.

Tynedale Council:  The Lyons report into Local Government may influence a change in Northumberland to Unitary Authorities.  The Fire Service, Police and Business Link have moved to regionalisation and there is a move to encourage a merger of Care Trusts.

Home Housing: The Home Group is undergoing a merger and the role of CDO will disappear at the end of the month.  The Council expressed their thanks to Kathryn Forte for attending meetings and providing information and financial support especially to the Youth projects in the district. The Clerk to write to Home Housing expressing the Council’s gratitude.


Bank Accounts: Bank Accounts  Treasurer’s Account £646.26, BMM £5844.80

(Parish Plan £1564.90)   NPC funds £4279.90

Grant Aid:  N&W Pioneers £500, CCN £15, MTCT £20

Payments: Clerk’s Part Salary £353, Clerk’s Expenses £30.83, OneandOne £35.18 (£29.94 plus £5.24 vat), Meeting Room Rental £25 (March)

Parish Plan: Meeting Room rental NTHMC £375, Expenses £131.40

Parish Plan: The Council had the opportunity to view the draft of the final document before it goes to press.

Next meeting: 7.00 pm 3rd May 2006

Meetings in 2006 – 3rd May, 5th July, 6th September, 1st November.

The meeting was closed at 9.35 pm.