Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd November 2005

Present:         MW Gibson (Chairman), Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs CM Dickinson, K Forte Home Housing, Cllr A Kerr.

Clerk: R Macfarlane

Apologies:     S Burrows, C Earnshaw MTCT, Gary McGuire Home Housing

Minutes:        The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC held on 7th September 2005 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising: The chairman informed the Council of the death of Jack Charlton.  He was a former parish councillor for Newbrough and also served on Tynedale Council.  The Clerk to send a letter of condolence to his family.

The stone circular wall base at the foot of the trees (Whitebeam, Chess-apple) opposite the Red Lion has been repaired by NTA.

Clerk to purchase bedding plants and daffodil bulbs to finish off the project.

Clerk instructed to write to R Robson re the closure of the toilets down Sidgate Lane.



Peter Atkinson MP re Motion 641                   TDC Weekly Planning Information

One and One Website                                      TDC Tynedale Today

ADAPT Newsletter                                       N&W Pioneers Thank you letter

BT Phone Box Closure                                  Local Works

War Memorial Heritage                                  Environmental Champions

MTCT Summer Newsletter                            NALC AGM

CE Electric UK                                             TDC Overview and Scrutiny

Town/Parish Standard 4 & 5                          Northumberland Life Directory

CCN AGM 9th November                              Campaign to Protect Rural England

National Parks                                               Invest 2006 Campaign

Adaptability Newsletter                                    Haydon Bridge By-Pass Highways

Planning Application Weekly List                    Improving Ambulance Service

NCC TDC Area Committee                            TDC Minutes 5th July

Nat Parks Local Development                        CCN Newsletter

NTA Estimate for Repair                                Bernie Gillis

Simon Aldred PCC

TLD Framework Supplementary Planning Document

TLD Framework Community Involvement

Roads: The lay-by outside of the cottages down Butt Bank is worn and rutted– Clerk to contact NCC Highways department and/or Milecastle Housing.

Footpaths: The Chairman will arrange the planting of daffodil bulbs (single King Alfred) from St Peter’s Churchyard to Newbrough Bridge.  A need has also been identified to re-instate the original footpath.



Installation of Oil tank (54000 litre) 1-4 Khartoum NE47 5AW  TDC granted permission conditionally under delegated powers October 2005.

20051101 replacement of Dormer window with new roof construction

East View Newbrough NE47 5AR  TDC Conditional approval October 2005.

20050933 Listed Building Installation of Satellite Dish

Town Hall Newbrough NE47 5AR  TDC Conditionally approved November 2005

20050854/6 Listed Building and Planning Consent Newbrough Hall Hexham NE47 5AJ

Level lawn and construct stone faced ha ha wall was withdrawn 7th October 2005



Town Hall: A Harvest Supper was well supported and a Table Top sale raised £501 for the Town Hall funds.

Village Society: Hexham Ramble event and a talk on “Farming” was to be held on 18th November in the Town Hall.

MTCT: The Project officer Funding (Partnership) has been transferred from the Countryside Agency to One North East.  The Council to support Colin Earnshaw’s application to Defra – “Looking Beyond Hadrian’s Wall”.

Newbrough C of E School: A committee from the Parish Plan has been formed and will have their second meeting on 1st December.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: The National Council tax is expected to rise by 10%.  Tynedale promise an increase of 2.5%.  The PLF initiative will start in Cramlington where it is at the consultation stage.

Tynedale Council:  Development Control has published their conditions enabling the public to speak at meetings (five minutes).  At present involved with a cost-cutting exercise though the council tax is expected to rise.

Kathryn Forte: Milecastle Housing has one vacancy – it will be held for a local family.


Bank Accounts:  Treasurer’s Account £574.61, BMM £6762.50

Clerk’s Part Salary £353, Clerk’s Expenses £55.27, OneandOne £10.45,

Meeting Room Rental £25 (Nov),MTCT £100, L Davidson £25, Age Concern £50, Tynedale Sports Council £50, Newbrough, Fourstones and Warden Youth Project £300

Section 137 – Cancer Bridge £100, CAB £50, GNAAS £50


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on January 4th 2006

Dates of Meetings:  2006  – January 4th, March 1st, APM May 3rd.

The meeting was closed at 9.35 pm.