Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd March 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mr MW Gibson (Chair), Mrs J Johnston, Mr JR Wood, Mr JK Steven, Cllr H Forster, Mrs S Burrows, Mr BT Hall:

Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

Also in attendance Ms K Forte Home Housing (The new youth leader was unable to be present)

Apologies for Absence: C Earnshaw MTCT, Cllr A Kerr

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th January 2004 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:  A questionnaire from Tynedale Council has been completed noting the incident of dog faeces on the footpaths in and around the parish.

The quote from K9 Cleanup was 15% more expensive than TDC for emptying the dog bins. (A follow-up quote said they would match TDC)

All councillors have received Parish Plan letters.

Hexham Courant “Tynedale Visitor 2004” – same report as last year.

Gary McGuire (Home Housing) is moving to a new job.


The Local Channel                                                  K9 Clean Up

SLCC Membership                                                 NCC Flag research

NALC – Royal Garden Party                                     Letter re Parish Plan from Clerk

Northumbria in Bloom                                             PC Members Expenses

NALC Training                                                     TDC re Parish Precept Confirmation

PCC Re Stanegate Magazine                                      TDC Dog fouling questionnaire

NALC’s response to structural review.                         Great North Air Ambulance Service

Quality Councils Conference 16th March at Pontefract

TDC Local Boundary Review at Hexham Mart 29th January

National Parks Management Group Meeting 25th February

NCC Tynedale Area Committee Papers 15th January

TDC Best Value Performance Plan 2003/4

TDC Annual Report and Accounts 2003/4

One North East Greatest Roman Frontier

Morag Baird Editor of Stanegate Magazine


Roads – Letter received from H Brookes re missing signpost at the Butt Bank Junction.

The ongoing dilemma concerning the skip near Newbrough Bridge.  Clerk to contact P Hindmarsh TDC.  Sand/salt/grit boxes (at Park Cottages and Sidgate Garages) are washed out and need replacing. Clerk to contact NCC also to request a new self-help box at East Fourstones.

Grass verges between Newbrough Bridge and St Peter’s Church have not been reinstated to the Council’s satisfaction -Clerk to contact NCC.

Potholes down Sidgate Lane are dangerous – Clerk to contact Highways.

Footpaths – Grave concern over the opening up of BOATS

Planning20040216 –  29 Sidgate single storey rear extension – NPC approved

20040218 – Allerwash Farm 5 New dwelling units – NPC approved

Parish Plan – Two representatives JR Wood and MW Gibson would join PH Straker and M Kendrew (Warden PC) as Parish Representatives.  Special meeting planned May 14th.

Town Hall – Town Hall Committee have registered an interest with Tynedale Council regarding the provision of public toilets. Meeting arranged with Ian Douglas on 5th March.  THMC had received a visit by the Millennium Committee.  Haltwhistle cinema project using Queen’s Hall licence showing films in Hall with a wide screen.  Hopefully a regular event.  A Junior Disco has been held and an Easter Parade planned for 3rd April.

MTCT – Fourteen Walks, four covering the Newbrough Area should be ready by April

Newbrough First School – Meeting to be held on

Village Society – Talk by astronomer Malcolm Roe 17th March

Tynedale Council – Adam Keen Temp Refuse Client assist, promised to review the dog-emptying problem.  Due to be emptied on Wednesday but extra procedure on Thursdays.  He has informed the recovery office.  Tynedale are proposing to increase their part of the council tax by 4.6%

Sportsfield Association – Bingo fund raising event on 5th March.

NCC – No report

Financial Matters:

The following cheques were approved and agreed:

Clerk’s Part Salary £228, Expenses  £37.96, Town Hall Rent £15, SLCC  £32

Tynedale Council Dog Bins £520.10 (to be queried)

Date of Next Meeting: Annual Parish Meeting followed by Annual Council meeting Wednesday 5th May 2004 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:      

2004   May 5th, July 7th, September 8th, and November 3rd.