Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th November 2003 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mr MW Gibson (Chair), Mrs J Johnston, Mr JR Wood, Mr BT Hall,   Cllr H Forster, Mrs S Burrows, Mr JK Steven: Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

Also in attendance Ms K Forte

Apologies for Absence: C Earnshaw MTCT, Mrs A Lambert, Cllr A Kerr

Minutes Silence

The Meeting started with a minute’s silence as a token of respect for Lukas William Hume aged 14 years who died in a road traffic accident on 27th September.

Presentation by Chris Brinton- Principal Housing Officer Tynedale Council

Housing Strategy booklet  (on the web).   Housing strategy linked to local plans and needs identified in Tynedale include lack of affordable homes.  With regard to social housing there are 88 on the active waiting list.  There is a high demand for property and the points system favours local people.  A Village Appraisal or a Parish Plan would raise issues and the relative priority of affordable homes.  Comments were invited on the Tynedale Strategy and they would welcome sites for development.  A Parish needs survey could be commissioned and funded by the Countryside Agency and the CCN.

Youth Development Worker

Kathryn Forte (Community Worker for Home Housing) Update on Youth Leader

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd September 2003 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:  For services as Internal Auditor Mr I Dodd was presented with £25 worth of Robbs vouchers as a token of the Council’s appreciation.

Clerk reported back from SLCC Meeting on 11th September

Letter received from Steve Davies outlining grass-cutting areas.

Council agreed changes in the Audit.


NCC Area Committee Local Transport Plan Sept 03

Economy Overview Scrutiny Committee Sept 03

National Park Authority Meeting Sep 03

Review of Public Conveniences

NALC Annual Report 2002-2003 Meeting 18th Oct

Guide to taking part in planning appeals

NCC Public Transport Team – info for Parish Magazine

Dog Waste Bin Collection £221.32 plus VAT  (Identify bins & waste)

CCN AGM  26th Nov 2003   Quality Councils Conference 21st November

CCN Newsletter                Prudhoe Council letter re Channel 5 and digital

Rural Bus Challenge 2003     The Local Channel

Pick **it up leaflets            Vital Villages Newsletter

Roads:        Reply from Tynedale Council – road from St Peter’s to Newbrough Bridge; signing of narrow bridge programmed Dec-January 2004

Footpaths:  Nothing to report

Planning:    Morningside Appeal Hearing on 11th November


Town Hall – The Council was hopeful that the Town Hall Committee register an interest with Tynedale Council regarding the provision of public toilets.

MTCT – Vital Village Roadshow with Countryside Agency 6th November

Newbrough First School – Given a grant of £750 to enhance/enlarge the Millennium Garden. Current consultation process on school size.

Village Society – Panel Quiz on 21st November

Tynedale Council – At present preparing the budget. The high cost of the new licensing provision.  The Council is experiencing an appraisal period (Audit Commission)

Sportsfield Association – No report

Financial Matters:

Tynedale Council (weed control) £267.50, Clerk’s Salary £140, Expenses £43.18,

Town Hall Rent £30, Audit £141 (31st March 2002), Audit £141 (31st March 2003),

S Davies £56, SLCC Conference £12.50, Tynedale Sports Council £50,

NTC Junior Theatre £50, Age Concern £50, CAB£50, Cancer Bridge £100.

PCC Newbrough/Warden £350, Town Hall £1000

Council agreed that the Clerk be paid according to the SLCC recommended scale.

Contracted for 16 hours per month on scale SCP 16 starting in March 2004


Any Other Business:

Clerk reported on the fire service regionalisation.  The Beacon is looking a little rusty and it is to be turned on to see the New Year in.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 7th January 2004 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:      

2004   Jan 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, September 8th, and November 3rd.