Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th July 2005

Present: MW Gibson (Chairman), S Burrows, Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also present: Mrs CM Dickinson, Mr G Nevin & Mr E Dixon

Apologies: C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing, Cllr A Kerr.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC which was held on 4th May 2005 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising: The Clerk has posted a Notice of Vacancy and no election was called so NPC is in a position to co-opt.  The stone circular wall base at the foot of the trees (Whitebeam, Chess-apple) opposite the Red Lion need repairing.  Clerk to contact NTA who are at present building a bus shelter at Fourstones.

Council Vacancy: JR Wood proposed and S Burrows seconded Mrs CM Dickinson for the current vacancy.  Mrs CM Dickinson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Newbrough and Warden Pioneers:  JK Steven proposes to hold a Summer Project: a three-day event located in St Peter’s Field.  Voluntary work activity to improve the local environment and restore St Mary’s Well.  The only problem at the moment is insurance.  Allianz Cornhill are not prepared to extend the Parish Council cover nor will Tynedale Council extend their insurance cover.

Fishing Dispute: Two members of Newbrough Angling Club gave a report on the current state of affairs of the historic dispute between the local club and British Rail Club. The dispute has escalated recently and several people have been subjected to threats and abuse; the police have also been involved.  Clerk to contact Corbridge Police.



Public Toilets: Ian Douglas, Director of Contract and Technical Services, Tynedale Council has sent a breakdown of cost for running the public conveniences sited on Sidgate Lane.  It would be too costly for Newbrough Parish to run these toilets: they will be closed and made safe by Tynedale.  Clerk to write and thank Mrs Jacquie Liddle for her services to these conveniences.

NTHMC: The letter about a proposed meeting on 11th July – This meeting has been postponed until October.

Dog Bins: Tynedale Council have raised the cost of emptying these bins.  Clerk to contact K9 Cleanup for a competitive quote.

Letter from NTHMC sent to all councillors   J Steven Project/Camp £200

Fourstones Traffic Speeds                              OneNE Questionnaire

NALC Good Practice                                     NALC Rock Reports

NALC Details & Subscription                        NALC Training

NCC Highways Responsibilities & Contacts defra Clean Neighbourhoods FPNs

MTCT Brochure & Letter                               Charges for copies of Audit

NCC Committee Papers 29th June                  Northumberland National Parks

TDC Minutes 1st March                                  Fire/Rescue Service Consultation

Alzheimer’s Society                                        TDC Waste Management

TDC Supplementary Plan Sport/Play             TDC Joint Discussion forum 13th July

Roads: The road running past Stanegate Cottages is in need of repair – H Brooks will contact NCC Highways.

Footpaths: Tim Fish has contacted the clerk to report that he fallen tree across the bridle path running past the scout cairn has been cleared.  It was reported that sheep out of Well Field have been getting into St Peter’s Churchyard and damaging the Kissing Gate.  The roots of some trees at Nurse Bank near the Cricket Field are protruding through the pavement and pose a danger.  Clerk to contact NCC Highways.



05/NP/35 National Parks Carrow Humshaugh Change of use barn to tourist use

New access from B6318 to new car parking area.  NPC have no objections.

20050699 Allerwash Buildings Fourstones Hexham NE47 5AB

Alteration and extension to farmhouse and to lower and upper flats. No objections.


Town Hall: A new caretaker is in situ. (Mr and Mrs Davidson).  Dorothy Sowerby is the new Secretary

Village Society: A programme of event has been formulated and will include an Antiques Road Show.

MTCT: AGM is on  28th July in Humshaugh Village Hall

Newbrough C of E School: Actively considering the new proposals for an extended curriculum.  New proposals from the government would mean that parish councils would no longer be asked to nominate school governors.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: No report

Tynedale Council:  Licensing – time is running out for applications which have to be in by 6th August.  Concern over the role of Hexham Hospital and the issues of night emergency services.   The twin-bin scheme has had a few problems.


Bank Accounts: Treasurer’s Account £491.80, BMM £14935.62

The following payments were approved: Clerk’s Part Salary £353, Clerk’s Expenses £41.34, NALC £71.82, Meeting Room Rental £25, Internet £45.63, D Dodd £40, TDC Dog Bin Collection £554.46  (£471.88 + £82.58 vat), S Davies Grass Cutting £71

J Steven £200 for Pioneers’ Camp


Parish Plan – Meetings  £100 (Feb, ,May & June), Printers £1750, C Tolan-Smith £108.75, Admin & Expenses £124.80  (£121.91 plus vat £2.89)


The Audit:

Audit pack sent HLB AV Audit 17th June

Internal Auditor: Doreen Dodd

Risk assessment:  Record of the parish’s assets.  When this is accomplished the Council will decide whether to insure individual seats and other fixtures (replacement value if damaged).


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on September 7th 2005

Dates of Meetings:  2005/06  – Sept 7th, Nov 2nd, Jan 4th March 1st, APM 3rd May

The meeting was closed at 10.05 pm.