Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th January 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mr MW Gibson (Chair), Mrs J Johnston, Mr JR Wood, Cllr H Forster, Mrs S Burrows:  Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

From Warden Parish Council: Mrs SE Guthrie, Mr J Cowan, Mr B Mitchell, Mr M Kendrew

Also in attendance Ms J Wilkes, C Earnshaw MTCT, Cllr A Kerr

Apologies for Absence: Mr JK Steven, Mr BT Hall, and Mr RA Armstrong

Presentation by Jo Wilkes Countryside Agency Officer

Jo gave an overview – Potential Joint Parish Plan (Newbrough and Warden PCs)

What is a Parish Plan?

A document that sets out the vision of a parish (or group of parishes) where they perhaps see themselves in 3 to 5 years time.  A community consultation led by the parish council and should involve the whole community.  Very important to develop an action plan that would prioritise community projects.  Should be holistic may include issues of housing, child care, education, health matters, shops, lost services or services under threat.

Why do a plan?

Help identify small local projects that can be easily accomplished with community groups – thus increasing community spirit and an awareness of functions of parish councils.  (Activities done quickly with immediate obvious benefits.)

Producing a document to be taken to other organisations to show that there is a need.

A document that will influence other organisations, strategies and policies.

A grant of up to £5 000 per parish could be available.  The parish would have to contribute 25%, of which could be 20% in kind and 5% in cash.  Half of the funding would be “up front” with 10% retention.  We can compare and build on the Village Appraisal”.  The Parish Plan gives the opportunity to be pro-active.

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th November 2003 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:  Clerk has consulted with Mr A Bawn Safety Officer for NCC


CCN Newsletter Vol 23 No6                   DEFRA Equine Issues

K9 Clean Up                                      Age Concern (thank you letter)

NTC Theatre (thank you- donation)           ADAPT Newsletter Dec 2003

Annual Report of CCN                          TDC Minutes

NCC One council One Vision: Boundary Review

NCC Fire Service Public Consultation Document

NCC Annual Executive Statement 2004/07

Archaeological Forum Newsletter Dec 2003

PALS NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service

Hexham Courant “Tynedale Visitor 2004” 200 words about the Parish

NCC National Park Joint Structure Plan Review Objection by 3rd February

Joint TDC Parish & Town Council meeting 13th January at Hexham

NCC Tynedale Area Committee Papers 15th January Beaumont Hotel 2pm

TDC Local Boundary Review at Hexham Mart 29th January

The Boundary Committee Two Tiers Areas in NE representation by 23rd February

Schools in Northumberland 15th or 22nd January meetings.

Roads:        Reply from Tynedale Council – road from St Peter’s to Newbrough Bridge; signing of narrow bridge programmed Dec-January 2004

Footpaths:  MWG pointed out that the Wayfinders Maps of the Carr Edge area were inaccurate and he hoped future maps would more precise.

Planning:    Morningside Appeal Hearing was upheld by the Inspector.


Town Hall – Town Hall Committee would register an interest with Tynedale Council regarding the provision of public toilets.

MTCT – Fourteen Walks, four covering the Newbrough Area should be ready by April

Newbrough First School – Nothing to report

Village Society – Planning a night with the High Level Ranters

Tynedale Council – At present preparing the budget.

Sportsfield Association – No report

NCC – see attached letter from County Councillor

Financial Matters:

Precept 2004-2005

It was agreed to keep the Parish Precept the same as last year at £6 000


The following cheques were approved and agreed:

Clerk’s Salary £140, Expenses £43.18, Town Hall Rent £15,

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 3rd March 2004 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:      

2004   March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, September 8th, and November 3rd.


Letter from County Councillor

Dear All,

As we enter the New Year, there is speculation surrounding the County Council’s “Building Schools for the Future” bid for Government Capital Funding, its Ofted Report and the need to address the “surplus places” issue.  These have been talked about with Head Teachers and the Chairmen of School Governing bodies — the bid for capital funding for secondary schools had to be with the DfeS  by December 19th.

By the nature of the bidding process it is an outline – no detail – of how the County would like to move forward to explore various ways in which best use of present and future buildings/resources can be achieved.

Inevitably, these raise (a) the hopes of many regarding new facilities; (b) concern about “local” schools; (c) the debate about 2/3 tier education.

The talks include discussion of various ways of addressing all these issues – “the whole school”  — where all schools within a partnership (based at present upon high schools) are managed as one school through all tiers – learning villages – where schools, village halls, local sports clubs are utilised as learning facilities, they could include caring and community safety.

Transport and associated road safety will have to be planned into any new facilities – merges/ change of use of present facilities will need to be planned.

You as individuals, organisations, elected Councillors – Parish and District – should now start to explore and design the facilities that your community will require from 2004 onwards.  The Mid-Tyne Trust recently hosted an evening at which the Countryside Agency and Tynedale Council planners outlined the value of “communities being involved in village/parish designing. They also indicated that professional and financial aid is available.  I or Colin Earnshaw, Mid-Tyne Development Officer, will be pleased to talk to any individual or group about the Vital Villages projects. Colin is based in Newbrough and can be contacted on 01434 674904.

These planning programmes should be used to influence Tynedale and County Councils in their planning for the future of your community and its services and surroundings.

You need to start now – mid 2004 could be too late!  Challenge your neighbours—your club management – your village society—your village hall committee—your school governors – your Parish, District and County Councillors – to assist/lead the discussions that will be needed— create some joined up thinking.

Alex Kerr

County & District Councillor

New Bingfield House, New Bingfield, Hallington, Northumberland. NE19 2LE

Tel 01434 672816  Mob 07702 093 940  e-mail: