Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th September 2005

Present: MW Gibson (Chairman), S Burrows, Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs CM Dickinson, Clerk: R Macfarlane

Apologies: C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing and Cllr A Kerr.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC which was held on 6th July 2005 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising: The stone circular wall base at the foot of the trees (Whitebeam, Chess-apple) opposite the Red Lion is being repaired by NTA.  NB the labour is free, it will take time and the work will be carried out by trainees.  The Highways Agency has replied to our letter of support for the Draft Orders for the Haydon Bridge By-Pass.  Clerk to write to MP asking him to support early Day motion 641.



Local Transport Plan                                  Audit Report 2004/5

BT Consultation                                       NTA trees opposite Lion

Bytes and Briefs TDC                                Northumberland Nat Parks

Warden/Newbrough Pioneers Thanks               Local Works

NALC AGM 15th October                            NCC Tynedale Area Committee Papers

NE Ambulance Service NHS                         TDC Minutes

TDC Crime & Disorder                              Funding Times

Haydon Bridge By-Pass Draft Orders               TDC Parish Involvement in Planning

TDC Access to Services Inspection                 NALC Clerks & Councils

Roads: The 30 mph sign down Sidgate Lane near to Lowfield is damaged and needs replacing – Clerk to contact NCC Highways department.  The Council agreed the LTP for the Integrated Transport Programme 2006/7.

Footpaths: The Chairman will arrange the planting of daffodil bulbs (single King Alfred) from St Peter’s Churchyard to Newbrough Bridge.  A need has also been identified to re-instate the original footpath.



20050699 Allerwash Buildings Fourstones Hexham NE47 5AB

Alteration and extension to farmhouse and to lower and upper flats.

Tynedale Planning have given conditional approval, 5years to start, plans & specifications of LPA, external materials TDLP H33 & GD2 Summary – proposed extension and alterations would respect the character of existing dwellings and the surrounding area in terms of size, design and use of materials and siting.  Would not adversely impact on the Area of High Landscape Value, would not adversely affect the amenities of neighbouring properties. Accord with Local Plan Policies H33, GD2, NE7, NE14, NE16 and Joint Structure Plan Policies S6 and L8  TDC granted Conditionally

TDC Granted Certificate of Lawfulness – Settlingstones Farm Cottage



Town Hall: A meeting of the Management Committee is to be held next week.

Village Society: A programme of event has been formulated and published in the Stanegate.

MTCT: A report was given for AGM held 25th July in Humshaugh Village Hall

Newbrough C of E School: The children have missed one day of schooling because of refurbishment.  The new toilets and showers have been installed.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: No report

Tynedale Council:  Problems with timetabling Parish and District Meetings and various clashes.  Introduction of public being allowed to speak at meetings.  Tynedale have many eco-friendly initiatives especially at Newbrough and Warden and TDC hope to have bio-vehicles soon.  Ongoing debate over wind turbine energy.


Newbrough and Warden Pioneers:  JK Steven reported back on the Summer Project: a three-day event located in St Peter’s Field.  Forty volunteers worked to improve the local environment and restore St Mary’s Well.  The project is very nearly finished all that remains is some dredging.


Bank Accounts:  Treasurer’s Account £806.18, BMM £7726.49

Clerk’s Part Salary £353, Clerk’s Expenses £42.47, Grass Cutting services Steve Davies £66, S Davies £60, Audit £141 (£120 plus £21 vat) £500 for Pioneers’ Camp, Meeting Room Rental for September £25,

Parish Plan –     Summary Costs £139.99 (£119.14 plus £20.85 vat), Meetings (July & Sept) £75


The Audit:

The Audit pack sent HLB AV Audit 17th June and this is their reply.

“Local Council Audits Issues Arising Audit for the year ended 31 March 2005

Newbrough Parish Council

The following issues have been raised to assist the Council in improving their internal controls or working practices. The Council is recommended to consider these but is under no statutory obligation to act upon them.

Internal Audit Checks

The Internal Auditor has put n/a or no to the following tests on Section 4 which we consider relevant to your Council.

Asset and investment registers were complete and accurate and properly maintained.

We would recommend that the above tests are carried out in future years and the Councils Internal Auditor provides a full report to the Council to ensure all its activities are properly carried out and recorded.

No other matters came to our attention”.


Risk assessment:  Record of the Parish’s assets.  When this is accomplished the Council will decide whether to insure individual seats and other fixtures (replacement value if damaged).


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on November 2nd 2005

Dates of Meetings:  2005/06  – November 2nd, January 4th March 1st, APM 3rd May

The meeting was closed at 10.25 pm.

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