Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 19th September 2013

04-09-1 Present Cllrs MW Gibson (Chairman), MD Newson, J Annan, D Walker and P J Johnston                                                                Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane

04-09-2 Apologies  Cllr RM Gibson

04-09-3 Resignation

The Clerk informed the Council that the Chairman GL Myers had resigned.  Cllr Gibson occupied the position of Chairman.

04-09-4 Council Vacancy

The Clerk informed the Council that NCC had been notified about Cllr Myers’ resignation and the appropriate publication of the vacancy had been carried out in accordance with of the Local Government Act 1972 Section 87(2).  At present the Council has three vacancies.


Mrs Dawn Walker was co-opted as a member of Newbrough Parish Council and she signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office under Section 83(3) of the Local Government Act 1972; this was made before the Proper Officer of the Council (the Clerk), and duly countersigned by the Clerk.

04-09-5 Declaration of Interest  Cllr MD Newson –  the Tyne Rivers Trust and Newbrough CofE First School.

04-09-6 Minutes 

The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on 3rd July 2013 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

04-09-7 Matters Arising

Scheduled Council Meeting on 4th September

As there was not a quorum this meeting did not take place.

Remembrance Sunday

The Clerk has ordered a wreath to be placed on the War Memorial on 10th November.

Newbrough CofE First School – Governor

Further information is needed to clarify the nature of school governor representation.  If the Council is asked to provide a representative is was RESOLVED that Cllr Walker would take on that responsibility.


The VAT Act 1994 Section 33 enables Newbrough Parish Council to recover VAT on costs relating to non-business activity.  However the VAT Act 1994 Section 42 compels local authorities to register for VAT when they make taxable supplies.  But also the Council has a duty to ratepayers and residents to recover VAT.

04-09-8 Public First Focus    There were no members of the public present; however some issues were relayed by Councillors. There are some concerns with the condition of Mountain Ash trees down Sidgate Lane and Easter Egg Hill and the condition of the verges down the lane.  Some of the trees are leaning over, blocking light and there are low hanging branches. The Clerk was asked to contact Isos.  The Clerk was asked to see if the contractor would add the cutting of the grass around the west village stone sign and water feature to his regular routine.

04-09-9  Request for a Dispensation

Newbrough Parish Council requests the grant of a dispensation under section 33 of the Localism Act 2011 to enable participation in the discussion and voting on setting precepts for 2013/2014 to 2016/2017.  This request is made because members are (or are closely connected with persons who are) council tax payers who will be affected by the precept set by Newbrough Parish Council.  The Council considers that, without this dispensation, the number of members prohibited from participating in the business of setting a precept would be so great as to impede the transaction of business.

04-09-10  Communications

The following correspondence was related to all councillors:

CAN Newsletter, NCC Free Parking for All, NCDN, MP, Onshore Wind, letter of thanks from Sick Children’s Trust, BDO LLB Audit Conclusion, Changes in Planning System, HSBC banking changes, Workplace Pension Changes.

  • Felling of Trees  The Clerk reported that safety work had been carried out on the tree above the parish council seat at St Peters.
  • County Council/Parish/Town Council  The next round of joint County Council/Parish/Town Council meetings will be due to take place on 14 October

04-09-11 Roads        

Local Transport Plan Programme 2014-2015

The Clerk submitted these priorities.

  • Local Safety Schemes

4829 7/2009 Newbrough Parish Council request Repeater signs and roundels on C227/B6319 Newbrough & Fourstones which runs past Newbrough First School

  • Traffic Calming Measures

25/09/13 Residents of Sidgate Lane request road humps on Sidgate Lane near Lowfield.  Also warning signs about children playing.

04-09-12 Information Boards

Wear at Newbrough Burn – Cllr Newson explained proposal by the Tyne Rivers Trust to install an information board near the wear on Newbrough Burn.  The Council gave this initiative its full support.

Town Hall – It was commented on that the information board outside the Town Hall is in a bad state.  Cllr Johnston suggested that it be moved and a new one sited at the War Memorial.

04-09-13  Footpaths   

The Planning Inspectorate Public Rights of Way, Restricted Byways 1&29&36&11 (Parishes of Newbrough and Simonburn) NCC is carrying out a provisional survey of the use/abuse of BOATS and Byways.

04-09-14  Planning      

NCC PlanningConsultation decisions.

13/01995/CON Demolition of redundant timber field shelter/stables located west of Newbrough Hall, Stables at Thornton Tower Cottages  NCC granted permission 13th August 2013

13/01590/FUL Settlingstones Terrace and Farm Provision of Sewerage Treatment Plant. NCC granted permission on 6th August 2013

04-09-15 Reports

Town Hall:  A new caretaker has moved into the Town Hall flat.

Newbrough and Warden Sportsfield Association: No report

Sidgate Committee: A committee has been formed and several meetings have taken place with some ideas for fund raising.

Newbrough CofE First School:  A written report was provided and issued to all councillors, who found it very informative and useful.

Northumberland County Council  Cllr Gibson is actively involved with the ongoing issues with drainage problems on the Stanegate especially near Price’s Garage. He intends to keep everyone in his Ward updated by e-mail and requested councillor’s addresses.

04-09-16 Finances

Bank Accounts  1st September  2013 BMM £17193.97   Community £734.82

Payments Approved Clerk’s Part Salary £480.45, Clerk’s Expenses £41.69, Meeting Room Rental £10 (4th Sept), Meeting Room Rental £30 (19th Sept), OneandOne £31.43 (£26.19 plus £5.24 vat), Clerk’s Back Pay £33.33 and S Davies £66 Inv21 for grass cutting services, Oneand One Domain name £11.99 (£9.99 plus £2 vat).

Bank Standing Orders

It was RESOLVED that payments to the Town Hall for meetings rent and Clerk’s salary would be paid by standing order.

04-09-17  Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 6th November  2013

The Meeting was closed at 8.55pm.