Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 29th May 2013

11-06-1 Present Cllrs G L Myers, J Annan, M D Newson, P  Johnson and M W Gibson

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane

11-06-2  Apologies  County Cllr RM Gibson

11-06-3  Election of Chairman  Cllr GL Myers proposed Cllr MW Gibson seconded by P Johnson and all agreed.  At this point in the Meeting MW Gibson took the Chair.

11-06-4 Election of Vice-Chairman  To be considered the next Council meeting.

11-06-5 Declaration of Interest  None

11-06-6  Minutes  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on  8th May 2013 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

11-06-7  Matters Arising

Clerk’s Grievance  There was some discussion concerning the nature and relevance of the document that Vice-Chairman Cllr EL Dixon had read out at the end of the meeting held in March.  This document had been produced by the Chairman in response to the Clerk’s complaints of bullying by a councillor. Councillors are to seek advice.

Public Scrutiny  The Clerk reminded the Council that all Council’s documents, policies and financial transactions are not only readily available to the council but to the public as well.  This transparency is also supported by publications on the council’s website.

11-06-8  Election of Representatives  To be considered at the next Council meeting.

11-06-9  Council Vacancy

NCC has been notified and the appropriate publication of the two vacancies had been carried out in accordance with of the Local Government Act 1972  s87(2).  Mrs J Annan was co-opted onto the Council & signed Declaration of Acceptance LGA 1972 s83(3).

11-06-10  Public First Focus    There were no members of the public present.

11-06-11  Communications

The following correspondence was related to all councillors:

CAN Newsletter, NNPA Nomination, Planning System on 30th May 2013, Workplace Pension Changes.

  • Felling of Trees  A resident is quite concerned about the felling of a yew and a holly tree at Newbrough Lodge.   Clerk was asked to make contact.
  • NNPA Representative   The deadline for nominations has passed.

11-05-12  Roads    Notice of road surface dressing at Settlingstones (C227

11-06-13   Footpaths     No issues.

11-06-14  Planning      Notice of proposed changes to the planning system.

11-06-15  Reports        No reports

11-06-16  Clerk’s Salary and Pension Review

The Clerk briefed the Council on the new legislation relating to employer duties and workplace pension schemes.  Some Parish Councils in Northumberland are “Resolution “ bodies – they can make a resolution as to whether they wish all or some of their employees to be allowed to join the LGPS.  The Clerk was anxious that he didn’t “miss the boat” and lose out financially.  Councillors would think about this and seek advice.

The Clerk detailed the extra work and responsibilities attached to the new PAYE-RTI scheme, including two training sessions.  The Northumberland Payroll services offer their services for £100 per annum and several parish councils use this service.  In the spirit of local procurement the Clerk requested that the Council consider compensating him to that amount.  Councillors are to seek advice and report back.

11-06-17  Finances

Bank Accounts   28th  May  2013 BMM £19690.83    Community £927.55

Income    Precept £8500   £4625.50,  2013 6510vat £132.61, NCC £751

Payments Approved Clerk’s Part Salary £463.78, Clerk’s Expenses £69.05

Meeting Room Rental £30 (May AGM),  Insurance Zurich Municipal £243.80,   OneandOne Internet  £25.16 (£4.19 vat), NALC £94.44, S Davies £96, NTHMC Meeting Room Rental (May 29th) £30, Sick Children’s Trust (Internal Auditor’s fee) £60

11-06-18  Election of Chairman  Cllr Gibson expressed his wish to vacate the Chair as he has not sufficient time to do the job justice.  For the vacant situation of Chairman, Cllr M Newson proposed Cllr GL Myers this was seconded by P Johnson; all agreed.

11-06-19 Declaration of Office  Cllr GL Myers signed the declaration of acceptance of office (LGA 1972 s83).

Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 4th July  2013

The Meeting was closed at 8.20pm.