Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 7th July 2010

02-07-1 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), Mrs H Brooks, Cllr M Newson, E L Dixon and P J Johnston

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane and Cllr GB Shaw (Warden PC).

02-07-2 Apologies:  Cllr MW Gibson & Cllr R S Robson, NCC Cllr E Heslop.

02-07-3 Declaration of Interest: None

02-07-4   Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 5th May 2010 were approved and signed.

02-07-5   Matters Arising:

Village signs The work has been completed and Clerk will write to Stanegate magazine outlining the project’s history.

Public Toilets Sidgate Lane.  NCC and adjacent landowner are working together to remove the old toilet block and they have been asked to re-instate sympathetically.


01-07-6  Public First Focus:

No issues

01-07-7  Communications:

  1. a) CAN Newsletter: Copies e-mailed to all councillors
  2. b) NCC Newsletter: Delivered to every household. The Council are concerned about the cost of this publication and the relevance of content in the latest edition.
  3. c) Grant Aid requests These were received from Sports Association for roof repairs, Tynedale Hospice and Tynedale Sports Council.  It was RESOLVED to grant £500 to the Sportsfield Association for urgent roof repairs.  The other applications will be considered at the “grant awarding” meeting in November.  It was noted that the local MP had been promoting the “Building the Big Society” initiative and outside organisations have been encouraged to seek grant aid from parish councils.
  4. d) Oil Painting (from Red Lion) – GB Shaw getting it valued

The remaining correspondence will be circulated to all councillors:

NALC Annual Subscription, CAN, newsletter &  Being a Good Employer booklet

Northumberland Charter (Review), Tynedale Sports Council, CE Electric County Update, Business Rate Section Discretionary rate Relief, NCC Roads Surface Dressing, Road Link Annual Report, Tynedale Hospice, Arriva Bus Update, Pharmacy services – consultation.

01-07-8  Resignation 

The Chairman announced with regret the resignation of Cllr Heather Brooks (letter of resignation dated 7th July) The Chairman thanked Cllr Brooks for her service over the years, her involvement with Newbrough First School and her attendance at the Mid Tyne Community Trust meetings. He wishes her well in her retirement.

The Clerk outlined the procedure in event of a councillor resigning.  A public notice has been posted giving the date and reason for the vacancy.  In order for a by-election to be held, 10 electors from the Parish, must make such a request in writing, within 14 days of the date of the posted notice, (not including Saturdays and Sundays and Dies Non), to the Returning Officer at County Hall.  If notice in writing is not forthcoming from 10 electors, then Newbrough Parish Council may then fill the vacancy by co-option.

01-07-9   Roads

NCC Highways Roadworks Surface Dressing on C227 Stanegate Road from Butt bank to the Red Lion has been completed, very satisfactorily.

01-07-10  Footpaths

Some concern over hedgerows encroaching footpaths and causing pedestrians to walk on the road.  Those near Stanegate House were identified as being too overgrown.  Clerk to write to owners.


01-07-11  Planning

No issues

01-07-12  Reports

Town Hall: The new caretaker has taken up residence and the problems with dampness have been solved.  The bar licence has been rewarding and it is planned to move the bar into the parish room.  It is intended to create a meeting room upstairs for parish council meetings.  There is some discussion taking place about a new public lavatory facility adjacent to the Town Hall.  GB Shaw will arrange for repairs and maintenance to the PC Noticeboard outside of the Town Hall.

Village Society:  A meeting will be held next week to plan an itinerary of events.

Sportsfield Association: The Clerk has updated the Charity’s Commission website with the new trustees – GB Shaw Chairman (Warden PC) and EL Dixon (Newbrough PC). Cricket matches have been arranged throughout the summer by Rev Jeremy Thompson.

Angling Club: The issue of ownership of the disputed stretch is still ongoing though some progress has been made.

Newbrough CofE First School:  Cllr Brooks has resigned as a governor.  There is some concern over the future of the Girl’s School when the catering facilities are moved onto the main campus.

MTCT: The Mid Tyne Community Trust is the Community Forum for the Mid Tyne group of councils and the next localities meeting is due end of August beginning of September.

Northumberland County Council: Austerity measures mean the Council have to save a further £10m, then £30-£40m next year with the possible loss of 1,000 jobs.  A committee, chaired by Cllr Heslop, has been formed to look into safeguarding Wark Bridge.

01-07-13  Finances

Bank Accounts   1st July 2010 Community £819.93 BMM £13,028.97


Has been completed by BDO (External Auditors) and is at review stage.

Internal Auditor

The Clerk to put a letter into the Stanegate mentioning the vacancy.

Income – vat £167.18 and Precept £4250  (first instalment)

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £29.23 (£27.44 plus vat £1.79), Meeting Room Rental £30 (May), P Ward (Village Signs) £1170, S Davies (First cut) £90, NALC Subscription £90.72, OneandOne Website £35.18 (£29.94 plus £5.24 vat), Davies (Second cut) £66, Sportsfield Association £500

Total £2438.83

Next meeting 7.00 pm Wednesday 1st September 2010

The meeting closed at 8.15

Signed Chairman ………………………………

Date………..…1st September 2010………..




Members of the Council 2010-11

Chair: Mr Harold Forster, Vice Chairman: Mr R Simon Robson

Mr Ed L Dixon, Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr Malcolm Newson, Mr Pat J Johnston and Mr Michael W Gibson.