Parish Meetings

Newbrough Parish Council will usually hold Council Meetings on the first Wednesday of alternative months (January, March, May, July, September and November) The Annual Meeting of the Parish is held in May and follows the Annual meeting of the Parish. All meetings will be held in the Parish Room of Newbrough Town Hall and will start at 7 pm.

Members of the public are most welcome.

Next Parish Meeting

The next Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 10th July 2018 in Newbrough Town Hall starting at 7.00 pm.
Members of the public are most welcome.


The next meeting of Newbrough Parish Council will be the Annual Meeting and will take place at Newbrough Town Hall on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 at 7.15 pm (this will follow the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm).  The Agenda is given below.

1 Election of Chairman (and Declaration of Office)
2 Apologies for Absence
3 Declaration of Office for Members and Members’ Interests
4 Minutes of Last Meeting held on 7th March 2018
5 Matters Arising (not on Agenda)
6 Declaration of Interest
7 Election of Vice-Chairman and Representatives
8 Document and Policy Review
a) National NALC have revised model standing orders and are also considering a shorter version for smaller councils
b) Data Protection Bill – EU legislation (the General Data Protection Regulations)
c) Risk Assessment
9 Communications
a) CAN Newsletter and Training Dates
b) Weed control
c) NCC Consultations
10 Footpaths – Alleged Public Bridleway No 2 (Points A – B) To upgrade to public bridleway existing Parish of Newbrough Public Footpath No 2 from a point marked A on the B6318 (Military) road 215 metres south-east of South Teppermoor in a general southerly direction for a distance of 2000 metres to a point marked B on Byway Open to All Traffic No 17, 735 metres north-east of Greyside Farm.
11 Planning
12 Reports – Town Hall, Sportsfield Association, Newbrough CofE Primary School and Northumberland County Council.
13 Council Insurance – (Zurich Municipal plc)
Renewal 1st June

14 Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2017/2018
(draft copies sent to councillors and published on web-site)
14.1 To consider and agree any actions arising from the report of the internal auditor
14.2 To approve the Annual Governance Statement
14.3 To approve the draft annual accounts for 2017/2018
14.4 To approve the Accounting Statement and Explanation of Variances
14.5 Payments
15 School Closures
15.1 Consultation About Education in the West of Northumberland- NCC and Building A Better Future For Our Children – Hadrian Trust.
15.2 Newbrough CofE Primary School
16 Date of Next Meetings (4th July, 5th September 2018)


Archive of Minutes :