Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd July 2003 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mr MW Gibson (Chair), Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Mr J Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mr B Hall, Cllr H Forster.  Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

Also in attendance Ms K Forte, Mr CE Earnshaw and Cllr A Kerr

Apologies for Absence:  None

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd April 2003 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:

>War Memorial paving area – Clerk checked estimate, send a letter of thanks and paid F Furlong for the work done – Clerk will also ask Warden PC for their contribution of £425.

> K Forte reported on behalf of Home Housing.  Successful in finding funding for Youth Leader and mentioned funding issues over the “boundary wall” with a possible community project with DEFRA assistance.

> PH Straker elected as Secretary of State Appointee Hadrian’s Wall Group

> Cllr H Forster volunteered to be representative to Fire & Rescue Services

> Mrs Johnston and Janet Johnstone put plant material from Tynedale to good use

> Clerk to send a copy of the Agenda and Minutes to the County Councillor


DEFRA Sec of state Appointments for National Parks

NALC National Park Communication of meetings 22nd May, 16 June

National Park Meetings & Management Plan

Mid Tyne Trust thanking NPC for visit to AGM from C Earnshaw

Copy of letter from Mid Tyne Trust to R Straker re boundary wall

Letter from June Kendrew re GB Shaw Fourstones Station seat

Newbrough Town Hall new caretaker

Food Hazard warning Methanol Contamination St Petersburg Vodka

Northumberland Playing Fields Association “The Weakest Link”

The Boundary Committee  Two-Tier Areas in the NE

Tynedale Council – Fly Tipping                         K9 Clean up

Fire and Rescue Representative                        Tynedale Voluntary Action Newsletter

Tynedale Council Events Grant                         Tynedale Council –plant material

NALC Training Dates                                       DEFRA Quality Parish

Tynedale Sports Council                                   CCN Newsletter

Alzheimer’s information letter                            Warden Village Society letter to WIs

NALC Annual subscription                               Gateway to the Community  co-ordinator

I&DeA Standards Board for England                Good Councillors Guide and Video

Victim Support Scheme                                    Tynedale CAB AGM

Roads:          Clerk has sent letter to CM Charlton NCC Highways Dept re state of Sidgate Lane.

Grass verges re National Grid, and C227 Road

Footpaths:   Mid Tyne Trust has a footpaths project in hand

Planning:     Listed Building – conditional consent 20030194 Ashley Cottage

20030717 Front Conservatory, Northside Allerwash Hall, Haydon Bridge

Council not happy with colour, size or materials suggested.


Town Hall – Upper part of WI House has been leased.  There is a new caretaker Janet Johnstone.  The council will reinstate the custom of granting a small fee to the caretaker for the cleaning of the War Memorial area.   The Hall has problems with electric bills and heating.

MTCT -Colin Earnshaw from the Mid Tyne Community Trust reported that in this last year the Trust could have generated a possible £64 000 in the local economy.  Progress was noted on the Ellen Wheel project and Warden PC would be applying for planning permission.

Tynedale Council    Cllr H Forster (as Chairman) explained the new licensing arrangements in Tynedale.

School    It is a wish to have the school on one site: also preparation for the review of surplus places.

Sportsfield Association – possible needs were identified  ie coaching and play areas.  A formal approach to Mr Beaumont from PC may be required for future developments.

Financial Matters:  Payments: to Mid Tyne Community Trust donation of £100, Clerk part salary £140, Clerk’s expenses £28.21, Town Hall rent £75, NALC £81.70, and SLCC £18


Any Other Business: The Clerk gave a demonstration of the Parish web site

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 3rd September 2003 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:    2003    Nov 5th

2004        Jan 7th;March 3rd;May 5th