Annual Meeting of the Council 3rd May 2006

Present: MW Gibson, S Burrows, Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs CM Dickinson, Cllr A Kerr.  Clerk: R Macfarlane


Apologies: C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing

Election of Chairman:  Mrs S Burrows proposed Mr MW Gibson, seconded by Mr JR Wood and all agreed.

Election of Vice-Chairman:  Mr JR Wood proposed Mr JK Steven, seconded by Councillor H Forster and all agreed.


Election of Representatives

Town Hall Management Committee         Mrs H Brooks

Sportsfield Association                              Mrs S Burrows

Village Society                                          Mr JK Steven

Churchyard Maintenance Committee     Mrs CM Dickinson

Mid Tyne Community Trust                     Mr JR Wood

Newbrough C of E First School                Mr MW Gibson

NB as the new arrangements for Governors come into place there will not be a Representative from the Parish Council from the local First School.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 4th May 2005 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC which was held on 1st March 2006 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

The main road, extending from the Stanegate to the C227 towards Fourstones is very uneven and in a bad state of repair.  It has been this way since dug up by the “National Grid” workmen and hasn’t been reinstated appropriately.  Clerk to contact the NCC Highways Dept.

Newbrough and Warden Pioneers:  The final tidying up of the area around the pond is now complete.

Heritage Panels: JK Steven and JR Wood to liaise with MTCT

Parish Plan:  The final document will soon be completed by the printers and a copy will be delivered to every household in Warden and Newbrough.



Allianz Cornhill Insurance                  RoadLink Annual Report

AMEC Wind Power                        HMS Revenue & Customs

HSBC Security                                 MTCT Support for Project Officer

National Park JLAF Members         NCC re Allotments (Poultry)

Defra Clean Neighbourhoods          One NorthEast Roman Wall news

NEDL 0800668877                        NEDL Liaison 0191 3877359

Free Bus Travel                              Thank you letter from Youth Club

State of the Area Debate                A69 Haydon Bridge Bypass

NHS Urgent Care Provision            CPRE overview

Home truths Milecastle                   Great North Air Ambulance Service

ITV People’s Millions                    TDC Minutes

NCC Tynedale Area Committee      ADAPTability Newsletter

NSP Building a Stronger Northumberland

Local Development Framework National Park Consultation in June/July

Tynedale Council have a grant for Dog-Proof Fencing – Clerk to request that the Sidgate play area be considered for fencing.

NSP Boundaries of Belonging Communities – Clerk to contact NSP expressing Newbrough’s wish to be a part of the Mid Tyne “Boundary” of belonging communities.

CE Electric re Dedicated Phone Line – The Chairman and District Councillor be holders.

Clerk to write to MP asking him to support Early Day Motion 641.

Roads: The potholes down Sidgate Lane have been filled in again.  This is likely to be a regular problem.

It was suggested that village signs similar to those at Corbridge and Wall could be situated at the west approach to Newbrough near Crow Wood.  If these signs were situated preceding the 30 mph signs they would give additional warning of a build up area and assist in preventing speeding.  A possible project for N & W Pioneers or NTA.

Footpaths: The parking of lorries on footpaths at Sidgate will be monitored.


Planning: Application 20060259 Construction of single storey extension to replace existing conservatory, and construction of porch.  30 Sidgate Newbrough NE47 5AF was granted conditional approval by Tynedale Council Planning 25 April 2006



Town Hall: The Council is still awaiting a reply to the letter concerning Grant Application sent on 4th January.

Village Society: A Visit to the Heritage Centre at Bellingham was very successful.

MTCT: The Council is very sad about MTCT loosing the Project Officer. The Council is of the opinion that Colin Earnshaw’s advice and support has been invaluable.


Reports continued:

NCC: Awaiting the report from the Judicial Inquiry into Consultation re Two/Three Tier Education PLF in Northumberland.  It has been proposed that Post 16 year olds should pay for their own transport to school.  Many issues with Youth Service funding.

Tynedale Council:  Annual Meeting – Planning and aspects of delegated decisions with a proposal for Committee hearing of cases rather than Officers.  Review in six months time.  Much concern over the untidy state of the A69 verges and lay-bys.



Financial Regulations:  The Council adopted the Model 2  (January 2004) produced by NALC.

Adoption of Annual Accounts: The clerk had previously circulated these to all members.  They were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


The Audit BDO Stoy Hayward:

Statement of Assurance was Approved

  1. In order to exercise the Elector’s Rights

Display Notice of Audit from 1st May to 14th May 2006

Make the Records Available from 15th May to 12th June 2006

Complete the Audit pack and send it to HLB AV Audit before 19th June 2005


Internal Auditor: Doreen Dodd


Risk assessment: It was proposed to have a photographic (digital) record of the parish’s assets.  When this is accomplished the Council will decide whether to insure individual seats and other fixtures (replacement value if damaged).


The following were approved:

Clerk -part salary £380, Clerk’s Expenses £21.12, Hexham Courant £26.79, Town Hall Rent May £25, (NTA Whitebeam Tree containers) NCC £870.32.  Allianz Cornhill Insurance £301.50

Parish Plan: Expenses £108, Stationery £123.95 (total £231.95) Printing £2100.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on July 5th 2006

Dates of Meetings: July 5th, September 6th, November 1st, January 3rd March 7th

The meeting was closed at 10.25 pm.