Annual Parish Meeting 5th May 2004

Present: Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Coun H Forster, Mr JK Steven, Mr D Bowman, Mr BT Hall, Mr JR Wood : Clerk R Macfarlane

Election of Chairman: Jean Johnston took the Chair for the meeting


Apologies for Absence: MW Gibson, S Burrows, Councillor A Kerr, C Earnshaw MTCT, K Forte Home Housing

Minutes Silence: The Chairman asked everyone present to convey our sympathy and respect a minutes silence in memory of Betty Gibson, (mother of MW Gibson)

Minutes of the last meeting (14th May 2003) and Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising.


Freedom of Information Act – Adoption of Model Scheme agreed 13th November 2002


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman reported a “quiet” year but a good year and expressed the wish for next year to be the same.  She thanked the Councillors present for their work during the year.

Next Meeting: Scheduled for 4th May 2005

The meeting closed at         7.15 pm.