Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2007

Present: MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, Mr JR Wood, EL Dixon & RS Robson

Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also Present: PJ Johnston

Election of Chairman: MW Gibson took the Chair for the meeting


Apologies for Absence: Cllr H Forster &  Cllr A Kerr

Minutes of the last meeting (3rd May 2006) and Matters Arising:

These Minutes were agreed as being correct and signed by the Chairman.

There were no matters arising.


Chairman’s Report: The Chairman paid tribute to the three councillors who decided not to stand for re-election; Jonathan Steven, Sheila Burrows and Caro Dickenson.  He praised them for their efforts and their contribution to the parish and the community and commented how each had contributed in their own way.

The Chairman reported progress on the planning application for the development of play and recreation facilities at the Newbrough CofE First School.  This project was owed a great deal of its success on the impact of the Parish Plan.  The Chairman also showed the Council a copy of the latest Ofsted Report on the school which was extremely good.

Next Meeting: Scheduled for 7th May 2008

The meeting closed at 7.30 pm.