Meeting of the Council 1st September 2004

Present: Chair – MW Gibson, Mrs J Johnston, Mrs S Burrows, Mr JK Steven,

Mr JR Wood.

Clerk: R Macfarlane

Also in attendance: Julie Hume (Youth Leader)

Apologies:     Councillor A Kerr, Coun H Forster C Earnshaw MTCT, Fiona James (Shared Beginnings) Kathryn Forte Home Housing

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 7th July 2004 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Declaration of Interest:  None

Matters Arising:

Postal Delivery: The Clerk received a reply from the Post Office regarding the letter complaining about the poor and slow service.

Ellen Shaft: The brass plaque has arrived and soon will be attached.


Fiona James was unavoidably detained and fortunately Julie Hume filled the breach.


Bi-Annual joint Tynedale/Parish Council discussion forum

Northumberland Transport Strategy Public Consultation

Tynedale Interim Planning Policies on Housing

Northumberland National Park Annual Report 2003/4

NALC Parish Council Rep on Local Strategic Partnership

Tynedale/Parish Forum – Web sites consultation

Powergen Community Power                   Review of Transport Contracts

Royal mail reply to NPC complaint           HLBAV Audit

Tynedale Council – Notice of Vacancy        Bytes and Brief Tynedale Council

NCC Tynedale Area Committee papers      AGM Tynedale Council 4th May minutes

Wheeled Bin Paper Recyling Scheme DDPM Code of Conduct consultation

Changes to bus services

Licensing Act 2003 Licensing News

Draft Consultation TDC Statement of Policy

Roads: The Council responded to the LTP Integrated Transport Programme.   Clerk to confirm existing programme with the addition of a request for a barrier at the junction of Newbrough Bridge and Lover’s Lane.

Footpaths:  There are still problems with overhanging hedges and trees that obstruct footpaths.  Clerk to ask Mrs D Charlton if she would carry out work on the White Wooden Bridge accessed by Lover’s lane.  It is slippery in wet conditions.


20040218 Tynedale Council has refused planning permission for five new dwellings

at Allerwash Farm

20040431 Listed Building Reiver House Home Farm New doorway between outbuilding and garden refused permission by Tynedale Council

20040407 Newbrough Cottage two storey rear extension  – Refused permission.

20040216 –  29 Sidgate single storey rear extension Granted

20040628 White Gate Rear porch TDC approved

20040890 Carr Edge Farm conversions TDC approved (KellyGraham)

New application

20041022 Allerwash Buildings Change of use farm buildings to 4 dwelling units

4th Aug 04


Town Hall: Recent AGM – Youth club is up and active.  There is a lack of computer classes and NTHMC recognised the fact that the rent from WI house is a major source of income.  Insurance cover has increased by 6%.  It is very costly to service the fire appliances and the lift.

MTCT: A report was given on the AGM and the minutes of the meeting were circulated.

Cannon Milner Journals:  Clerk to purchase fire proof safe to protect the Journals Newbrough will contribute to half the cost.

Newbrough School: At present is undergoing a consultation exercise and hopes that the Parish Plan will provide some informed feedback.  At present there are 66 children and 15 in the nursery.

War Memorial:  Paved area to be discussed at the next meeting.



The Audit: The Clerk is awaiting the HLB AV Audit.  The Internal Audit was signed off and risk assessment in place.   Clerk to liaise with Allianz and Cornhill to check the insurance policies.

The Audit: In order to exercise the Elector’s Rights for 2004-2005

Display Notice of Audit from 2nd May to 15th May 2005

Make the Records Available from 16th May to 13th June 2005

Complete the Audit pack and send it to HLB AV Audit before 17th June 2005

Internal Auditor: Mrs D Dodd

HLB AV Audit Final Report – “There were no matters which came to our attention which require the issuing of a separate additional arising letter.”

To improve internal controls and working practices HLBAV recommend assets to be included in the accounts of the Council at market valuation.  This may be costly so the insurance value of the assets will be acceptable if they are minuted as a reasonable approximation to the market value by the Council.

Bank Statements HSBC        3rd Sept 2004 BMM Account         £12 014.86

                                    3rd Sept 2004 Treasurer’s Account    £976.51

Financial Matters:

The following were approved:

Clerk -part salary £248, Clerk’s Expenses £43.87, Steve Davis £60,

Parish Plan –Admin £233.60

All Councillors had received a copy of the proposed “Questionnaire” a couple of amendments were suggested.  The next Steering Group meeting is on Thursday 9th September at 7.30

Vacancy:  The vacancy notice was displayed for fourteen days from 14th July and there is no wish by the residents of the parish to have an election.  The Parish Council is therefore in a position to co-opt.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on November 3rd 2004.

Dates of Meetings:  2004/05, Nov 3rd, Jan 5th, March 2nd