Meeting of the Council 4th July 2007

Present: MW Gibson (Chair), Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks, EL Dixon, PJ Johnston, RS Robson.  Clerk: R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr A Kerr


Apologies: Mr JR Wood

Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 9th May 2007 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: The Clerk has received four estimates for work to be done on the memorial.   The War Memorial Trust has agreed to grant half of the £1900 required and for the work to be carried out by Holden Conservation Ltd.  NPC are ineligible for a grant from MTCT; capital expenditure only attracts funding

Village Signs:  It was resolved that if NNPA would fund the project then the additional information “Gateway to Northumberland National Park” could be added.  The Council decided that the best place to site the “wall signs” would be near the existing signs at the west end and on the west side top of Butt Bank.  Clerk to ascertain ownership and required permissions.

Youth Service Restructuring: Councillors were shown copies of correspondence between the Clerk and T Doughty Executive of Director of Children Services, J Wright Executive of Director of Children Services and R Casson Director of Schools and Family Support.  County Councillor A Kerr added some further information.  Clerk to contact Julie Humes to assess the latest picture of youth provision in Newbrough.

HSBC Bank Mandate:  As agreed in the May Meeting all Councillors were to be signatories and the appropriate form was completed.



NALC Brief on Code of Conduct Standards Framework:  Briefing and discussion will now take place on Monday 16th July at 7.30.  Prospect House Hexham

Vacancy on Standards Committee:  Councillors were issued with this information

Parish Councillors/Clerks Training Events: Dates were given to Councillors

TDC LDF Site Allocations:  TDC Councillor H Forster will attend the briefing meeting.


Communications continued


Advertising the New Code of Conduct:  TDC have offered to include NPC in their advert.  Councillors were given the Standards Board pamphlet and booklet


Other communications, newsletters, minutes and reports.

War Memorial Martin Holden                   Lancashire Museums Service

NE Region Spatial Strategy                     WMT War Memorial Trust Grant

Environmental Champions Newsletter        Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd

FISHNETS project                               Road Link Annual Report 2006-7

TDC Planning Training Update                NCC Local Transport Plan

MM Dodd Internal Audit                       NE Region Spatial Strategy

Report Road Link Annual Report              CCN Newsletter

Northumberland Minerals and Waste Development Framework

NNPA –Warden’s nominee (Cllr PH Straker) has been elected to serve on the Park’s Committee.

Network Rail Mast – STORM29 (South Tynedale Objection to 29m Railway Masts). These masts seem to have been planned for economic access and have not considered populated areas.  A meeting has been arranged with Network rail to be chaired by the MP


Proposed Speed Limit on U8138.  NPC would support this initiative.

Northumberland Transport Plan – Integrated Transport Priorities 2008-09

Local Safety Schemes  04004 Extend the school zig-zag  markings at Newbrough First School.

NPC also support the request from Warden PC for signage at Fourstones Papermill.  Stationary lorries waiting to enter the factory are posing a threat to traffic on U234 road


A number of trees and hedges require trimming as they are encroaching on some footpaths.  It was decided that a quiet word with the respective landowners would be the best strategy.  Footpath No 6 to Prudhamstone from the U8138 has a missing sign post.  Clerk to contact T Fish.



20070086 Construction of MUGA 20x43m & installing 3m high fencing, play equipment to foundation area & extension of playground to 20x25m Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ  TDC have given conditional planning permission

20070700 Construction of Conservatory  at 7 Home Farm Newbrough NE47 5HF

NPC have no objections to the application.


Town Hall: The paved section behind the War Memorial is looking a little grubby.  Clerk to ask D Charlton to tidy up this area.

Village Society:  No contact has been made but this will be rectified before our next meeting.

Sportsfield Association: The Council applauded the outstanding achievement of Stuart Cowen who broke an existing West Tyne League record (213 which has stood for 76 years) by scoring an unbeaten 229 runs.  Clerk was instructed to write a letter of congratulations to Stuart.

Newbrough CofE First School: The Council thanked Cllr Forster for representing the Council and the community in helping to secure appropriate planning permission for the new facilities planned at the school.

NCC: The change from three to two tier school system is still controversial even thought the new academies will attract funding.  In the future trusts and partnerships will be in a position to affect funding.  A decision on whether Northumberland will have one or two unitary authorities will be publicised on 25th July.  However Shropshire and other counties are awaiting a judicial review to ascertain the legality of this.

MTCT: Cllr Kerr explained to the “new councillors” the role and function of Mid Tyne Community Trust.  He advised that it was a partnership of 10 parish councils with a brief to regeneration and community service.

The Hadrian’s Wall Company enquired about a list of businesses in the MTCT area.  At present there is no such list.  Such a list would open up many networking possibilities.

The many “estates” in Tynedale need the community to be sustainable for mutual existence.  The suggestion of a monthly (mobile) market was mooted as well as a Mid Tyne Business Directory.

Tynedale Council:  TDC Parish Forum 9th July in Beaumont Hotel.  TDC State of the Area debate 5th July.  Health Profile 2007 is to be circulated.

BT is removing the cash element from the phone boxes at Station Bank and Thornton Tower Road. They will have debit/credit card functions, emergency calls and 0800 numbers will still be available.

Newbrough First School has been granted planning permission for a MUGA and fence and TDC have allocated £12 000 from their development fund towards this project.  TDC Audit has had a “glowing” report for Economic Regeneration in Tynedale.

Parish Council Information.

Pat Johnson and Heather Brooks will compile a précis of the minutes to be published in the Stanegate.

Public First Focus

A member of the public addressed the Council on the general state of untidiness in the village.  Included in a number of issues she highlighted were, unswept footpaths and roads, overfull litter bins and the unsightly old toilets down Sidgate Lane.  She also request consideration should be given to constructing more parking bays for residents of Sidgate.




Internal Auditor:

I certify that the Annual Return for year ended 31st March 2007 to be correct in accordance with accounts and records produced together with information and explanations received”.  MD Dodd Internal Auditor.

For the financial year 2007-2008  It was agreed to re-appoint Mrs MD Dodd

DBO Stoy Hayward received Audit by 18th June 2007.  They have raised the issue of unpresented cheques and they are not happy with the way NPC have always dealt with this.  They have requested  that the Clerk amends the present system


Bank Accounts as of 1st of July.  Treasurer’s Account £320.11, BMM £11730.65

Payments agreed:

Clerk’s Part Salary £417, Clerk’s Expenses £36.76, Meeting Room Rental £25 (July),

S Davies Grass Cutting £66 (second cut), War Memorial Report Holden Conservation Ltd £235 (£200 plus £35 vat)


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on September 5th 2007

Dates of Meetings: September 5th, November 7th, 2008 January 9th , March 5th

The meeting was closed at 10.05 pm.