Meeting of the Council 4th November 2009

04-11-01 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), RS Robson, EL Dixon, MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, M Newson and PJ Johnston.  Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and Cllr E Heslop (NCC), Cllr GB Shaw (Chairman Warden PC) and a Neighbourhood Beat Manager.


04-11-02 Apologies: None

04-11-03 Police Liaison:  A Neighbourhood Beat Manager, Sue Cockburn attended the meeting and addressed the Council.  She described reported crimes in the area covered by Warden, Fourstones, Newbrough and Allerwash.  She urged members of the public to report any suspicious behaviour.  If anyone has any issues please contact Dougie Kidd at:

The clerk will send this address to all Councillors.


04-11-04 Declaration of Interest:

Cllr Newson declared an interest in PCC and Cllr Johnston in NTHMC.  Neither councillor took part in discussions or decisions relating to their interest in respective grant applications.

04-11-05 Minutes:  The Clerk was asked to remove a section from the draft minutes contained in the Matters Arising (03-09-06).  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC that was held on 2nd September 2009 were then approved and signed.

04-11-06 Matters Arising: None


04-11-07 Public First Focus:  No issues

04-11-08 Communications

  • Remembrance Service This will be held at the War Memorial and at the Town Hall. This year the Methodists will lead and organise the service.  The Chairmen of Warden Parish Council and Newbrough Parish Council will lay wreathes on behalf of their respective parishes.
  • CAN Newsletter Councillors all have received copies by E-mail.

Other communications: Infrastructure Planning Commission, West Area Committee Meeting, Transition Tynedale, Swine Flu, NTHMC Grant request, NALC AGM, Northumberland News, NNPA Planning Applications, Christmas Trees Festival (June K), Land Registry Index Map, Tynedale Hospice at Home report, CAN Newsletter (E-mail), War Memorial Trust Meeting, CPRE Overview Autumn 09, Standards Committee Meetings, NALC Annual Report, CAN AGM, Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd, People and Places LDF Bulletin Oct 09, National Pandemic Flu service update, NSP Revising the Sustainable Community Strategy.


04-11-09 Roads

Village Signs in partnership with MTCT.  Chairman urged progress on this project.  Clerk will contact G & P Ward.

The hedge on the west side of the Thornton Tower Road (u8138) is encroaching into the highway.  The Clerk is requested to write a polite letter to the landowner.

04-11-10 Footpaths

Cllr Newson has met with Tim Fish and John Spence re-River Path between railway crossing and Allerwash Mill, with very positive outcomes.  Permission has been given to pollard a couple of trees thus providing an uninterrupted view of the river from the Leslie Newall commemorative seat. Part of this footpath has disappeared because of river erosion and the landowner has given permission for an alternate route through his property.  The Clerk was asked to write and thank Mr Spence.  A group of walkers are planning (privately) to provide a seat commemorating the late Ronnie Short.

04-11-11 Planning

NCC – Application for Consultation

20090726 Construction of Outdoor play facilities. Newbrough CofE First School NE47 5AQ  NPC will support this application.

Previous Consultations  (both supported by NPC)

20090492 Listed Building Consent Newbrough farmhouse NE47 5AR

NCC granted permission 1st October 2009

20090582 Construction of single storey side extension and front porch at Bridge House Main Road Newbrough Hexham NE47 5AR  Granted permission 16th October 2009

04-11-12 Parish Seat at St Peter’s

This seat is now in a very poor state and unsafe.  Cllr Gibson will take it away.  It was RESOLVED to purchase a new seat for £300 (painted green).  Denis Bowman has offered to pick up a new seat from Leeds (free of charge).  Clerk to order the new seat.

04-11-13 Reports

Village Society:  No report

Sportsfield Association: Cllr GB Shaw Chairman of WPC together with Cllr Kendrew and Cllr Dixon held a meeting to discuss the future of this organisation.   The landlord of the property is happy that it will be used for friendly cricket matches.  The pavilion needs repair.  It was RESOLVED to allocate half the cost (up to £400) to this project.

The Clerk is negotiating the status of the Association’s rateable liability.  At present no NDR is paid but this is being reviewed for 2010.  The Association receives mandatory relief of 80% and Tynedale offered 20% discretionary relief.  The Clerk is at present trying to remove the Sportsfield Association off the VO list and thus it would be liable for no NDR payment.  The discretionary relief is worth about £200 pa.

Town Hall: The next committee meeting is on 16th November.  The Committee is looking into applying for an annual licence, this would be financially advantageous if there are more than five functions in a year.

Newbrough CofE First School:  Cllr Brooks who volunteered to join a school/community working group has now received notification of a meeting.

MTCT: The Inaugural Meeting of the Business Forum took place on October 1st and has made a very promising start.  The next meeting is on 26th November in Wark Town Hall at 7.30pm.

Northumberland County Council: The MTCT has ordered one other interactive 30 mph sign for the cluster.  Cllr Heslop invited feedback re- the Northumberland newsletter.  All Councillors were notified and invited to attend “People and Places” event at Hexham Racecourse on Tuesday 1stDecember 1 pm to 4 pm.


04-11-14 Governance Review

Cllr Newson has looked at the Financial Regulations and Risk Management Documents and is happy with the present governance documentation and procedures.  Cllr Forster proposed, Cllr Dixon seconded that the Council approve these documents.  All agreed.


04-11-15  Urgent matters

The Chair outlined the usual procedures that the Clerk and Chairman follow when faced with “urgent matters”.  The Clerk will formalise these procedures and add any other appropriate information.

04-11-16 Precept  The Clerk provided a breakdown of current assets, expenditure, commitments and future projects.  It was recommended to keep the Precept the same as last year at £8500.  This will be confirmed at the January meeting.

04-11-17  Finances

Bank Accounts   1st November  2009 Treasurer’s Account £448.50, BMM £16620.98

Payments Approved

Payments Approved Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £39.54 (£33.19 plus vat £2.35), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Nov), S Davies Grass Cutting Fourth Cut £90 and Remembrance Wreath £18, Tynedale Timber Supplies £295.55 (£257 plus £38.55 vat)

Grant Aid   NTHMC £1,000: PCC £700: CAB £50: Christmas Tree Festival £30

LGA 1972 Section 137 GNAA £120: Age Concern £50

Next meeting 7.00 pm6th January 2010:

The meeting closed at 9.25

Signed Chairman ………………………………


Members of the Council 2009-10

Chair: Mr Harold Forster, Vice Chairman: Mr Ed L Dixon

Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr R Simon Robson,Mr Malcolm Newson, Mr Pat J Johnston and Mr Michael W Gibson.