Meeting of the Council 6th January 2010

06-01-01 Present: Cllrs H Forster (Chair), RS Robson, EL Dixon, and PJ Johnston.  Also present Clerk R Macfarlane and Cllr GB Shaw (Chairman Warden PC)


06-01-02 Apologies: MW Gibson, Mrs H Brooks, M Newson and Cllr E Heslop (NCC)


06-01-03 Declaration of Interest:  None

06-01-04 Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC that was held on 4th November 2009 were then approved and signed.

06-01-05 Matters Arising:

It was requested that the Red Lion should be included on the agenda for next meeting.


06-01-06 Public First Focus:  No issues

06-01-07 Communications

  • Grant Aid Letters of thanks have been received from West Northumberland CAB, GNAA, June Kendrew- Festival of Christmas Trees and NTHMC Janice Baylis,
  • PO one Year On A meeting will take place at County Hall to discuss post office services one year after the controversial closures.  The meeting will take place on 26th January at 2pm.
  • CAN Newsletter Councillors all have received copies by E-mail.


Other communications:

Infrastructure Planning Commission, Housing Developer Funds, CE Electric UK, Northumberland News, Hexham Courant Tynedale Visitor Magazine, CPRE – Trees and Hedgerows, NHS Constitution – Consultation, CPRE Overview Winter 2009, House Waste Recovery, Draft Northumberland Landscape Assessment, LDF People and Places – Consultee via E-mail, CAN Annual Report


06-01-08 Roads

Village Signs in partnership with MTCT.  The very long cold and snow spell has delayed the start of this project.  Clerk will contact P Ward when the weather improves.

Snow Clearance and Gritting

There is concern that the school and the bus route are not receiving appropriate priority for snow clearance and gritting.  More grit/salt boxes strategically placed would also be welcomed.  Clerk to contact NCC Highways.

06-01-09 Footpaths

No issues


06-01-10 Planning

NCC – Application for Consultation

20091018 Construction of garage. Newbrough Cottage NE47 5AS

It was decided to support this application.

Previous Consultation

20090726 Construction of Outdoor play facilities. Newbrough CofE First School NE47 5AQ  NPC supported this application. NCC granted permission 8th December

National e-Consultation Service

It was RESOLVED to embrace the National e-Consultation Service.  It was agreed that the Council would meet to discuss any contentious applications.

06-01-11 Parish Seat at St Peter’s

The seat is at present at Hadrian Works and TD Annan will paint it green and position it on the original site, looking east down the Stanegate.

06-01-12 Reports

Village Society:  No report (They are meeting at the same time as this meeting)

Sportsfield Association: Cllr GB Shaw Chairman of WPC to The Chairman and J Brookes have carried out maintenance and security work on the pavilion costing about £400.  An estimate for roof repair was £2,000 for patching and £3,000 for new covering.  The Council had reservations about contributing to the maintenance and improvement if the facilities are not used.  GB Shaw will attempt to inform as many people as possible through the Stanegate publication.

Town Hall: Chairman attended a presentation at Wark Sports Association about their sustainable heating system.  The Town Hall Consortium has been helpful and had advised on charities for funding purposes.  The caretaker has resigned.

MTCT: The Clerk is in receipt of an E-mail from Rachael Moore inviting everyone to a meeting of the Mid Tyne Business Forum on 20th January at Wark Sports Club 7.30pm.


Northumberland County Council: Newbrough CofE First School: No reports


06-01-13 Urgent matters

The Chair outlined the usual procedures that the Clerk and Chairman follow when faced with “urgent matters”.  The Clerk has formalised these procedures. Cllr Forster proposed, Cllr Dixon seconded that the Council approve this document.  All present agreed.

06-01-14 Precept  The Clerk provided a breakdown of current funds and assets, income, expenditure, commitments and future projects.  The Chairman thanked the Clerk for the clear and efficient manner in which he presented the Council’s financial situation.  The Chairman also reported favourable feedback from the internal auditor.  It was RESOLVED to keep the Precept the same as last year at £8,500.

06-01-15 Finances

Bank Accounts   31st December 2009 Treasurer’s Account £97.71, BMM £13,674.62

Income  Bank Interest to date £6.00

Payments  To date £5,221.61

The Free Resource – LGA 1972 Section 137 payments to date amount to £170

The Clerk reminded all Councillors that cheque books, statements, receipts and invoices are always available for inspection.

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £427.70, Clerk’s Expenses £41.18 (£37.05 plus vat £3.13), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Jan), S Davies Grass Cutting Third and extra at Church £80, Dog Waste Bins £628.36 (£546.40 plus £81.96 vat), CAN £15

To Approve at next meeting

Clerk’s Salary, Expenses, Room Rental and MTCT subscription

Next meeting 7.00 pm3rd March 2010

The meeting closed at 8.15

Signed Chairman ………………………………


Members of the Council 2009-10

Chair: Mr Harold Forster, Vice Chairman: Mr Ed L Dixon

Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr R Simon Robson,Mr Malcolm Newson, Mr Pat J Johnston and Mr Michael W Gibson.