Meeting of the Council 7th November 2007

Present: Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks, EL Dixon, PJ Johnston, and JR Wood

Also present Clerk: R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr A Kerr and two members of the public


1 Apologies: Cllr RS Robson

2 Declaration of Interest : None


3 Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 5th September 2007 were approved and signed.

4 Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: Restoration and repair work will be carried out by Holden Conservation Ltd. at their earliest convenience.

Village Signs:  Permission has been given by Warden PC to site one of the signs at the Butt Bank junction and the highway authority has been informed.  Dennis Bowman has made the offer of stone from the lime kilns.

5 Public First Focus

The Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary of the Town Hall Management Committee addressed the Council outlining various problems that had recently experienced.  The Secretary had resigned and the Committee would like to meet with the Chairmen of both Councils (Newbrough and Warden).  They requested a meeting to take place after the Newbrough Council meeting but before the next NTHMC meeting on 12th December.  Under the NTHMC constitution they are not allowed to convene an Emergency Open Meeting.  The Council wondered if an Extraordinary AGM is the answer.  Cllr Kerr volunteered to chair a public meeting.

6 Communications

v   a) TDC Bottle Bank Clerk to liaise with MH Beaumont with a view to siting a large bottle bank at the entrance to the Cricket Field.

v   b) Characteristic Communities  NCC have organised a meeting on 26th November, so has Tynedale Council, at Beaumont Hotel and the Mart respectively.

v   c) Affordable Housing  The Clerk had circulated to all councillors a copy of a letter addressed to a resident in Sidgate.  The letter was a reply to the resident’s objection to the proposed housing development on the green area in Sidgate.  The letter was from V Law Housing Officer at Tynedale Council.

v   d) CAN Annual Report & AGM

v   e) NALC Annual Report and Accounts and Handbook

v   f) TDC Planning Forum 9th November JR Wood will attend

v   g) NCC Mineral and Waste LDF No local sites have been included

v   h) Alnwick Community Development Trust This service is carried out by MTCT

v   i) NNPA Leader Approach (Grants)  Clerk will write in support.

v   j) TDC Dog Proof Fencing Grants Cllrs Brooks and Cllr Johnston to have site meeting and ascertain need.


  1. k) Other communications, newsletters, minutes and reports.

North East Assembly NEA, CAN Annual Report & AGM, defra Act on CO2, National Energy Association Fuel Poverty, HOME truths, NCC Committee Papers, TDC Minutes.

7 Roads

Work has begun on the Thornton Tower Road U8138.

8 Footpaths

Fallen trees in Crow Wood across the burn and Footpath No 7 Crossgates to Allerwash have now been removed.


9 Planning

20070086 Construction of MUGA 20x43m & installing 3m high fencing, play equipment to foundation area & extension of playground to 20x25m Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ After reconsultation TDC granted permission 22ndJune

20071037 As 20070086 Registered 12 Oct 2007  Construction of playground to south. It was resolved that NPC would support the application.

20071054 Greyside Farm Newbrough Hexham Northumberland NE47 5AY

Registered 18 Sep 2007 Construction of three agricultural buildings, storage yard and associated works.  Awaiting decision.

10 Reports

Town Hall: The clock has been repaired and is now run electronically. The present tenant of WI House is leaving.  The management committee wish to lease all of the property as one entity.

Village Society:  Sportsfield Association: No report

Home Housing: The Clerk has been informed about potential projects and influx of funding in the Warden and Newbrough catchment.  A health base centre, handyperson help and transport for the disabled and aged were proposals.

MTCT: The AGM is on 22nd November at 7.30 in Newbrough Town Hall and Jill Dixon Deputy Chief Executive NCC will address the meeting on the subject “Belonging Boundaries”.

Newbrough CofE First School: The MUGA is ready and a provisional opening will take place on Saturday 10th November.

NCC: The transitional arrangements for the coming Unitary elections will result in an Executive, 3 Area Committees and 36 “belonging boundaries” or community forums.  It is expected that parish councils will play a bigger role in local government.

Tynedale Council:  Tynedale has never been busier and are preparing for the changes brought about by the introduction of a Unitary Council.  Cllr Foster urged councillors to attend the meeting arranged by Tynedale dealing with Characteristic Communities and Belonging Boundaries on 26th November.  Other activities include the new swimming pool at Wentworth and recreational facilities in rural areas initiative.

11 War Memorial

The go ahead has been given for restoration and repair work which will be carried out by Holden Conservation Ltd.  The War Memorial Heritage Trust and Warden PC have agreed to support the project.   The Environment Officer from Tynedale Council Planning Department has been contacted and planning permission or listed building consent are not required.

12 Town Hall

This item was covered in Public First Focus and Reports.

13 Finances

Grant Applications

Haltwhistle Swim & Leisure Centre, Newbrough CofE School, N&W PCC and GNAA.

The Council agreed to award the following grants: Newbrough and Warden PCC £600, MTCT £100 and Friends of Newbrough School £50

Payments agreed:

Clerk’s Part Salary £417, Clerk’s Expenses £45.07, Meeting Room Rental £30 (Nov),

S Davies Grass Cutting £66 (Third cut), One&One Web site £10.45 (£8.89 plus £1.56 vat) and back rent owed to NTHMC £10


14 Next Meeting: 7.00pm on January 9th 2008