Meeting of the Council held on 10th January 2007

Present: Cllrs MW Gibson (Chair), JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs CM Dickinson.

Also present County Cllr A Kerr, Kathryn Forte (Home Housing) Barbara Mansfield (Haydon Bridge High School) and  Clerk: Robert Macfarlane


Apologies: Cllrs Mrs S Burrows, Mr H Forster and Mr JK Steven.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 1st  November 2006 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:

Butt Bank Signage: TDC Officer (TM) will liaise with Cllr H Brooks when the Fastflow road works have been completed

War Memorial:  Holden Conservation Service’s report still awaited

Town Entrance Signs:  NTA have quoted £380 for each stone construction.  Clerk will make enquires to Hexham Town Clerk re sign suppliers and costs.

Declaration of Interest:
Cllr Mrs CM Dickinson declared an interest in the PCC application for Grant Aid.

MW Gibson declared an interest in the application for Grant Aid from the Friends of Newbrough C of E First School.


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Ø    National Spring Clean –Settlingstones filled their skip and NPC have covered the costs of Brampton Skip Hire.

Ø    Shaw’s – Standard Minute Book for Parish Councils has been ordered.

Ø    One Northumberland Two Councils etc – submissions have been received from District Council Group and NCC to run Unitary Authorities within Northumberland.  NPC does not have sufficient information to support either bid.  Clerk to contact County Councillor.

Roads:  The holes outside of Nigel Price’s garage have been filled in, as have those on Butt Bank however the Council feels that this is just a temporary measure.  One of the streetlights on the Thornton Tower road is obscured by vegetation.

Footpaths: The footpath on Nurses’ Bank is uneven because of tree roots and this is even more hazardous because of no street lighting in that vicinity.



20061296 Change of use from agricultural land to school playing field.  Newbrough C of E First School Newbrough NE47 5AQ.  NPC supports this application as it is in accord with the N & W Parish Plan.  TDC gave approval November 2006.



Youth Provision: Kathryn Forte (Home Housing) and Barbara Mansfield (Haydon Bridge High School) outlined the current position regarding the Youth Service Restructure.  Clerk has requested further information and will circulate this to all councillors before the next meeting in March.


MTCT: A report was received from the AGM held in December and a new part-time clerk has been appointed.


TDC: Town Hall:  Sportsfield Association:  No report.

Village Society: The visit to the micro-brewery at Matfen was a success.  Next event is a 40’s night on 19th January.

NCC: The Local Government white paper is being debated and NCC and District Councils have to present a business case to the Government by January 25th.  The good practice document for town and parish councils and the theme of enhanced working and partnerships is topical.

Newbrough C of E First School: The Chairman offered his congratulations to the community and to Newbrough C of E First School on being successful on achieving a Big Lottery Award for £50 000 for a Foundation Stage play area.  Newbrough School received 77% of the votes cast that evening.

Four stages of development have to be considered.

1)    Relocation of existing play area

2)    Develop the conservation area.

3)    Play area for the community (Under 6’s)

4)    Grant for MUGA

This will involve an outline planning application.

Financial Matters

Bank Accounts:  January 5th 2007 Treasurer’s Account £62.01, BMM £5716.69

Payments Agreed

Clerk’s Part Salary £380, Clerk’s Expenses £34.18, Meeting Room Rental £25 (Jan)

OneandOne Website £35.18 (29.94 plus vat £5.24), Brampton Skip Hire Ltd £123.37 (£105 plus £18.37 vat), DH Charlton Memorial Clean-up £18, B Gustard Sidgate Lane tidy-up £18,  S Davies Grass Cutting £80,  PCC £300 , Shaw & Sons £122.79 (£104.50 plus £18.29), Friends of Newbrough School £50, H Brooks Bulbs £2.99, CAN £15, MTCT £100.



The Council considered possible expenditure for 2007 to 2008 and foresee grant aiding a substantial amount to the Youth Project.  The precept demand to TDC will be £8500.


Public First Focus: No members of the public were present.


Next Meeting: 7.00pm on March 7th 2007 in Newbrough Town Hall

Dates of Meetings: 2007:  7th March, Election 3rd May,

Provisional dates: 9th May, 4th July, 5th September & 7th November

The meeting was closed at 9.35 pm.