Meeting of the Council  held on 6th September 2006

Present: MW Gibson (Chair), S Burrows, Mrs CM Dickinson, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Cllr H Forster, Mr JK Steven

Also present Cllr A Kerr.  Clerk: R Macfarlane


Apologies: Katherine Forte, Home Housing

Minutes: The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough Parish Council held on 5th July 2006 in Newbrough Town Hall were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:

Butt Bank Signage: TDC Officer will liaise with Cllr H Brooks when the Fastflow road works have been completed

War Memorial:  Holden Conservation Services have inspected the memorial and will forward a report in due course.  Regarding the listing of the memorial it is possibly included in the curtilage of the Town Hall which is listed.  Clerk to arrange regular cleaning of the area around the war memorial.

TDC Planning Training: Five councillors, including two from Newbrough (JRW & HB) attended a very interesting and informative course on 7th August.

Street Light:  Lamp post near phone box is not working.  Clerk to report fault.

Declaration of Interest: None 


National Parks (11th Sept)                  Consumer Council for Water

Environment Agency (Q)                    New Phone Number 101

National Parks Grants                        National Spring Clean (Litter Pick)

TDC Joint Discussion Forum               Newbrough Town Hall Secretary

Liza Hamer – Settlingstones Skip           Newbrough Town Hall Treasurer

TDC Gambling ACT 2005                  NE War Memorial Project

TDC Minutes                                  Rock Reports (Northern Rock)

NCC Tynedale Area Committee           CCN Newsletter (Questionnaire)

Boundaries of Belonging Communities     Litter and the Law (ENCAMS)

Volunteering Tynedale Newsletter         CPRE Overview Summer 2006

Ancient Frontiers

Ø   National Spring Clean – Cllr Forster to liaise with Settlingstones

Ø   Environment Agency –  JK Steven to complete the Questionnaire re flooding

Ø   National Parks Authority –Colin Earnshaw is now employed by the Authority and he has indicated that he is available for advice re grants.

Roads:  There have been a number of complaints regarding the dust resulting from cutting of the road with heavy machinery.   Also the Fastflow road signs indicate “road ahead closed”.  As this sign on the B6319 road east of Butt Bank it gives the impression that Newbrough is closed.  Clerk to contact Fastflow.

Fastflow (and NCC) have not notified NPC of these impending road works and the Council feel liaison is imperative especially in cases of major road works.  The original proposed diversion advertised in the Hexham Courant (County Council Order) inappropriate route.  Clerk to contact NCC.

Footpaths: The footpath down Sidgate Lane is overgrown with nettles and bushes. Clerk to organise clean up.

Other footpaths are being encroached by hedges – situation to be monitored.




20060720 Construction of single storey extension Capons Cleugh House Allerwash NE47 5AB NPC no objections TDC conditional permission July 2006

20060848 Construction of first floor side & garage extension Fellview Cottage

Woodbine Cottage Newbrough NE47 5BG  TDC Granted permission August 2006

20060681 Construction of conservatory to south elevation 8 The Terrace Settlingstones Newbrough NE47 5BB NPC No objections though concerns over the size of the conservatory and materials to be used (ie PVC) TDC Permission with conditions of GD2 and H33 “The external materials used in the construction of the building hereby approved shall match those of the existing building as closely as possible.” July 2006

20060721 Construction of conservatory to rear Allerwash Cottage East NE47 5AB TDC Granted conditional permission July 2006



Town Hall: The caretaker has resigned.  There are temporary measures for a trial period of six months.  After this period of time the NTHMC will review the situation.  The Chairman read out a letter from the NTHMC Treasurer.   NPC situation is unaltered re Grant Aid (must be accompanied by Appropriate Application and Audited Accounts). The Council awarded a grant of £500 with conditions applying and is still awaiting a reply addressing the issues contained in the letter sent on 4th January.  Clerk to forward another letter.

Village Society: July meeting re-elected officers and set a programme for this coming season.  To include 40’s night, Trip to Brewery, Treasure Hunt and “Gardener’s Question Time”.

MTCT: The MTCT resources have been moved to Wark but is seeking a more permanent office. Next meeting will include discussion of the sourcing of land (anywhere) for affordable housing.

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: An extended consultation at the East of the county, West likely to be last in the reorganisation.  Discussions about Federation of Schools.  Ashington has been given permission to work towards Trust Status.

TDC: Topical issues Food Safety Service Plan, Gambling Act Consultation LDF Development Control.  Housing needs and priority to locals.

Newbrough C of E First School: It is hoped that the Headteacher John Moore will be back to work after ill health.


Bank Accounts:  1st September – Treasurer’s Account £174.75, BMM £7778.12

Payments agreed:

Clerk’s Part Salary £380, Clerk’s Expenses £26.01, Meeting Room Rental £25 (Aug)

Grass Cutting S Davies £66 (second cut), S Davies £66 (third cut), BDO Stoy Hayward £141 (£120 + vat £21) for the Audit.

Audit: Newbrough Parish Council – Audit for the Year Ended 31 March 2006

Quote, “We have now completed the above audit.

There were no matters which came to our attention which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising letter.

The enclosed Annual Return should be presented to council now that our audit opinion has been given, and a minute should be made to show that the Annual Return has been approved and accepted by Council.        BDO Stoy Hayward LLP”.

Newbrough Parish Council approve and accept the Annual Return.


Public First Focus: No members of the public were present.

Dates of Meetings:

2006: November 1st.

2007: January 3rd , March 7th

Next meeting 7.00 pm 1st November 2006 in Newbrough Town Hall

The meeting was closed at 8.55 pm.