Meeting of the Council Meeting held on 9th January 2008

Present: Cllrs JR Wood (Chair), Cllr H Forster, Mrs H Brooks, PJ Johnston, and RS Robson. Also present Clerk: R Macfarlane and NCC Cllr A Kerr


At the beginning of the meeting the Chairman informed the Council of the death of Denny Spence.  Denny had served as a parish councillor for Warden for over eighteen years and chaired the Millennium Committee.  The Clerk was asked to send a letter of condolence to Helen, his widow and the rest of the family.


08-1 Apologies: Cllrs MW Gibson and EL Dixon

08-2 Declaration of Interest : None


08-3 Minutes:  The Minutes of the meeting of NPC which was held on 7th November 2007 were approved and signed.

08-4 Matters Arising:

Newbrough War Memorial: Restoration and repair work has been carried out by Holden Conservation Ltd.

TDC Bottle Bank:  Clerk still awaiting a reply from MH Beaumont with a view to siting a bank near the cricket field car park.

08-5 Public First Focus

PC Stuart Kilby was present and he outlined his role as Beat Manager and provided interesting information about Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch.  He is based in Bellingham and gave Councillors his personal E-mail and he can be also be contacted on 01661 8782555 Ex 61458

08-6 Communications

  1. a) NHS North of the Tyne: Clerk was asked to write to Chief Executive of NCT to express the concerns of the Council relating to the funding of local GP practices.
  2. b) Characteristic Communities: The Council overall were happy with the present arrangement of the Mid Tyne Grouping of Councils but would like further information. Warden PC have invited all MTCT councillors to a meeting on 22nd January in the Town Hall at 7pm.
  3. c) Allianz Cornhill Public Liability: It was resolved to continue with the same insurance cover.
  4. a) CAN Newsletter and Training Dates: All Councillors given a copy.
  5. b) TDC Equality Scheme
  6. c) Hexham Courant Visitor: Cllr JR Wood will make a contribution.
  7. d) Kickstart Grants

08-6 Communications continued:

  1. e) PCC of Warden & Newbrough: Thanked the Council for their generous grant aid.
  2. f) Friends of Newbrough School: Thanked the Council for their generous grant aid
  3. g) TDC Dog Proof Fencing Grants: Cllr H Brooks and P Johnston have had a site visit to the play area in Sidgate and assessed the need for it to be fenced. Clerk to contact Milecastle for permission then Henderson Fencing and Milburn Joinery for quotations.
  4. k) Northern Rock Foundation: Clerk instructed to write to MP and express support for the retention of the Northern Rock Foundation.


CPRE overview, Fire and Rescue Draft IRMP, Archaeology in Northumberland, TDC Overview & Scrutiny, War Memorial Trust Grant, RSPP Traps, Recycle Poster, TDC Minutes, Talking Tynedale, HOME truths, Tynedale LDF: Adopted Core Strategy.

08-7 Roads

Village Signs in partnership with NNPA and NCC.  Chairman and Clerk have seen suitable large stones at the adjacent to the lime kilns.  A site visit took place with Clerk, Chairman and Stefan Brown NCC Highways.  Drawings have been approved and Clerk to check with NNPA.

Work will soon begin on the Thornton Tower Road U8138.

08-8 Footpaths

Damaged Finger Sign Posts at Crow Wood and Thornton Towers.  Clerk to report to Tim Fish at NCC.


08-9 Planning

Sites Allocation:  Councillors wondered when they would receive replies to the comments they made to TDC about the proposed sites allocations.  Initially this process caused great anxiety within the parish and it was thought that TDC should address the public’s input before progressing further with the process.  Clerk to write to TDC Planning Department.

20070086 Construction of MUGA 20x43m & installing 3m high fencing, play equipment to foundation area & extension of playground to 20x25m Newbrough CofE Aided First School NE47 5AQ After reconsultation TDC granted permission 22ndJune

20071037 As 20070086 Registered 12 Oct 2007  Construction of playground to south. It was resolved that NPC would support the application.

20071054 Greyside Farm Newbrough Hexham Northumberland NE47 5AY

Registered 18 Sep 2007 Construction of three agricultural buildings, storage yard and associated works.  Awaiting decision.

08-10 Reports

Town Hall: WI House is now vacant and the management committee wish to lease all of the property as one entity.  Several projects in hand, heating system and planning to improve access for the disabled.  Several Committee members have expressed a wish to resign.

Newbrough CofE First School:Village Society:  Sportsfield Association: No report


MTCT: At present the Trust has several proposed initiatives.

  1. a) Village Hall Forum – useful for self-help and sharing of ideas and problems.
  2. b) Festival of Sporting Activities – Bowls, quoits, cricket etc.
  3. c) Food and Drink Festival – help promote and market local businesses
  4. d) FIREworks Fire and Rescue Academy based at Hexham. Haydon Bridge and Bellingham Fire Stations for young people 13- 18 yrs.

Unfortunately Peter Samsom has resigned so the Trust is looking for a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman.

Northumberland County Council: It is expected that the Council Tax will be increased by 1.8%.  Looking at the structure of the new Unitary Authority an Independent Commission has been appointed and the Scrutiny Team will also be active.  Cllr Kerr explained the function and roles of the 3 Area Committees and the 26 Community Forums and how the nine parishes at present in the Mid Tyne Group could operate as a forum.  It is expected that parish councils will play a bigger role in local government.  Warden PC have invited all of the Councillors in the Mid Tyne Group to a meeting on Tuesday 22nd January in Newbrough Town Hall at 7pm.  A second meeting arranged by TDC will be held on the 29th January in Tynedale Mart at 6.30pm.

Tynedale Council:  Tynedale are busy preparing for the changes brought about by the introduction of a Unitary Council.  Cllr Foster reported back from a TDC meeting earlier in the week on GP Practices and PMS.  There are great concerns over new contracts for GPs.  Clerk asked to forward the Council’s concerns to NCT.  Impending closure of Post Offices – could be up to two and a half thousand closures.

08-13 Finances

Finance   Bank Accounts  3rd January Treasurer’s Account £113.46, BMM £9206.13

Precept  It was resolved to keep the precept the same at £8500  

Income War memorial contribution from Warden PC  £475

Payments Approved

Clerk’s Part Salary £417, Clerk’s Expenses £34.32 (£32.53 plus vat £1.79), Meeting Room Rental £30 (Jan), S Davies Grass Cutting (Final Cut £90), Tynedale Council 2x Dog waste bins £587.95 (£500.38 plus £87.57 vat), War Memorial £2232.50 (£1900 plus vat £332.50), One&One Internet £35.18 (£29.94 + £5.24 vat) Age Concern £50, PCC £20 leaving present for Rev Cutler


08-14 Next Meeting: 7.00pm on 2008 March 5th 2008

Members of the Council 2007-08

Chair: Mr Michael W Gibson, Vice Chairman: Mr John Richard Wood

Mrs Heather Brooks, Mr Harold Forster, Mr R Simon Robson, Mr Ed L Dixon, Mr Pat J Johnston