Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council held on 2nd May 2012

01-05-1  Present  Cllrs R S Robson (In the Chair), M D Newson, E L Dixon, I D Knights , P J Johnston and M W Gibson

Also Present: Clerk: R Macfarlane, County Councillor E Heslop and six members of the public.

01-05-2  Apologies      Cllr G L Myers and PC Douggie Kidd & CSO Nicola Heslop.

01-05-3  Election of Chairman  Cllr EL Dixon proposed Cllr RS Robson seconded by MD Newson and all agreed.  At this point in the Meeting RS Robson took the Chair.

01-05-4  Declaration of Office  Cllr RS Robson signed the declaration of acceptance of office (LGA 1972 s83).

01-05-5 Election of Vice-Chairman  Cllr MD Newson proposed Cllr EL Dixon, seconded by Cllr ID Knights and all agreed.

01-05-6  Declaration of Interest

Cllrs Heslop and Johnston all matters relating to Isos.  Cllr Heslop all planning matters.

Re planning application 12/00894/COU Cllr Gibson took no part in the discussion or decision relating to this application.

01-05-7  Minutes  The Minutes of the Meeting of Newbrough PC which was held on  7th March 2012 were approved by the Council then signed by the Chairman.

01-05-8  Matters Arising

Clerk’s  PSD and Training.  The Clerk reported developments on the PAYE and BOSS Training and attended a NCC workshop on 14th March re Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning. 

Grant Aid request from Newbrough First School.  The Council were favourably disposed to supporting the application and instructed the Clerk to ascertain whether the Council had the legal powers to do this.

01-05-9  Election of Representatives

Churchyard Maintenance Committee        MW Gibson

Newbrough C of E First School                      EL Dixon

Town Hall Management Committee            PJ Johnston

Sportsfield Association                                    EL Dixon

Newbrough and Warden Angling Club        EL Dixon

NALC and CAN                                                   ID Knights

01-05-10  Public First Focus

This item of the agenda was covered in the Annual Meeting of the Parish.

A brief résume:

Children’s Play Facilities

Liam Briddock, a young resident at Sidgate, addressed the Council.  He spoke on behalf of many young residents who would like the development of some play facilities in the near-by playing field.  He identified skateboarding in particular and produced a petition signed by twenty peers and a good number of adults.  Cllr Heslop offered to contact ISOS, who own the field and will then report back.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Steve Heminsley and Iain Bennett gave the Council an up-date of the planned events for the Stanegate Festival and thanked the Council for purchasing a marquee for the event. The websites and  and the Stanegate magazine and Hexham Courant will keep everyone informed about latest activities.

01-05-11  Communications

The following correspondence has been circulated to all councillors:

Housing Needs report, BDO Info, CAN News, Parking in Northumberland, Planning Inspectorate, NCC Recycling, NFU Crime Fighter, Newbrough CofE First School Parking, Environmental Clean-Up, Standards Committee, Delta Force Charity Paintball, SLCC Training, NCC Your Waste, Outdoor Advertisements.

Ø  Stone Wall adjacent to War Memorial   This wall has deteriorated gradually and is making the area look shabby.  It was also noted that the fencing around the War Memorial is in need of repair.

Ø  War Memorial It was agreed to spend up to £200 on wooden planters to stand in front of the memorial. (A good use for the MTCT grant).  Careful consideration will be given to the existing design and significance in relation to the memorial.

Ø  Stanegate  The Stanegate Magazine is to publish a series of books; the first about John Hodgson has been so successful there will be a second print.

01-05-12   Roads   

Newbrough CofE First School  It was RESOLVED to support the NCC intention to extend the School Keep Clear Zig Zag Markings in front of the school.

Warden Railway Crossing    Improvement work is likely to start in late September.

01-05-13   Footpaths    

Problems of dog fouling were identified at the Sidgate playing field and in Crow Wood and the provision of litter bins was discussed.  Cllr Heslop offered to liaise with ISOS and report back to Council.  The Clerk was asked to contact the Dog Warden.

01-05-14  Planning

Councillor Training Councillors have received invitations to attend various planning courses arranged by NALC.

Planning Inspectorate  NCC Notice of Planning Inspectorate, 29th August 2012 Definitive Map Modification Pored (No 15) Restricted Byways Nos 1 & 29 & 36 & 11 Parishes of Newbrough and Simonburn.

Planning Applications to NCC

12/00894/COU  Change of use to residential to create one dwelling with internal and external alterations Meggies House Newbrough NE47 5EA  NPC supports the application.

12/00220/FUL  Proposed conservatory to rear 10 The Terrace Settlingstones Hexham NE47 5BB   NCC granted permission 14th March 2012

01-05-15   Reports

Town Hall:  No report

Newbrough and Warden Sportsfield Association: The association is grateful for the grant of £200 from the Council it will help with coaching and training plans.  They hope to run a women’s team and a match is planned, Fourstones v Newbrough, as part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Newbrough and Warden Angling Club: The long lasting (20 years) legal dispute has been resolved in favour of the local club.  The stretch of fishing between Allerwash, Key wall to Limestones/Gooseholme will be registered with the Land Registry as owned by Newbrough and Warden Angling Association.

Newbrough CofE First School:  The school is to re-affirm its links to the Church of England.  There are 68 pupils in attendance.

Northumberland County Council  Cllr Heslop noted that the newly formed Unitary Council is in its fifth year and there will be elections next May.  He thanked the Chairman and councillors for their hard work and stated that he had enjoyed working with them.

There are several safety plans for the stretch of road at Hardhaugh, including restricting the traffic speed to 40 mph.

He highlighted the work done by CAN in advising on “oil buying consortiums”.

01-05-16  Accounts and Audit Arrangements

Internal Audit

This has taken place and the Annual Internal Audit Report completed.  The Clerk was asked to thank the Internal Auditor.

Annual Statement of Accounts

Cllr Dixon proposed and Cllr Knights seconded that the annual financial return be accepted and this was signed by the Chairman.  It was RESOLVED that the Council approve the Accounting Statement, Annual Governance Statement and the Annual Internal Audit Report.

Significant Differences and Bank Reconciliation

Cllr Johnston asked for a copy of all the paperwork sent to the External Auditors.  The Clerk provided the Council with copies of several documents that would be sent to the external auditor and explained the background to the figures.  He explained how the Council had decided on the spending and had copies of the sources of income in 2010-11 and how these differed from 20011-12.  The Clerk pointed out that all payment had been decided by the Council and agreed at council meetings and each and all payments without exception were recorded in the minutes.

Cllr Johnston requested information on significant differences and bank reconciliation.

External Audit

BDO requirements and in line with the Audit Commission and complying with the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (Regulations 12-16)


Display the Audit Notice in Parish Notice Board from 2nd April to 15th April

Make records available to general public 16th April to 14th May

Completed Audit to BDO LLP Audit by 18th  May.

01-05-17   Finances

Bank Accounts   At 1st May 2012 –  BMM £14680.03  Community £36.14

Income    Precept BACS523  £4250 (first of two payments),  6510vat £169.68

Payments Approved Clerk’s Part Salary £463.78, Clerk’s Expenses £49.90 Meeting Room Rental £30 (May), Zurich Municipal Insurance £225, Gala Marquee £289.10 (to Warden PC).

01-05-18   Date and Time of Next Meeting  – 7.00 pm, 4th July  2012