Minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd April 2003 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mrs J Johnston (Chair), Mrs S Burrows, Mr J Steven, Mr M Gibson,

Cllr H Forster.  Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

Apologies for Absence:  Ms L Weeks and Mrs D Dodd

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th March 2003 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:  Seat donation from GB Shaw – Mrs S Burrows to make contact.


DEFRA Quality Councils – Details to follow in May

SRC Social Regeneration Consultants – Peter Duncan (Not needed)

Rural Projects Fund  – Final year – filed

RAFT- Richard Powell from Community Council (PC Rep ?)

Election Nominations ( 3 councillors short)

Community Inspectors Handbook April 2002- filed

NALC Training – Copy sent to Chair

Discover Northumberland Magazine- tabled

Hazard – Food warning Vodka Placed in Notice Board

Concessionary Travel Pass Tynedale Council (Notice Board)

Uncontested Election for Notice Board

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2001/2002 & Issues & fee £141

Countryside Agency publication -filed

Allianz Cornhill fee due £222.83 by 1st June 2002 (Cllr H Forster)

Shaws burial and other registers- filed

F Furlong re completion of War Memorial paving area

Mid Tyne Community Trust Development Fund meeting Thursday (Rep?)

Newbrough & Warden Sportsfield  Assc. Thanks for £1 000 donation

Roads:             We will be contacted – speed limit register Integrated Transport Priorities (30mph on Register)

Footpaths:            Nothing to report

Planning:            Conditional Approval Planning 12 The Terrace Settlingstones

Reports:            None

Financial Matters:  Payments to F. Furlong £2 7165: Clerk £44.73: M Oldham £42.74


Any Other Business:

NALC Clerk reported his attendance at NALC Meeting on Finance.

SLCC Proposed Cllr Forster, Seconded Cllr Gibson, agreed by all that the Council to contribute £18 towards the membership fee for secretary’s annual subscription to Society of Local Council Clerks.

DEFRA It was agreed to support training of Clerk re DEFRA Quality Council Initiative.

Bottle Bank Clerk to make enquiries with Tynedale Council about the bottle bank and write a sympathetic letter to Sophie Straker.

Memorial Square Council adjourned meeting to look at Memorial paving area.  Clerk instructed to write to Town Hall Committee with concerns over, weeds, rubbish, washing line and cracked paving stones.

National Park Representative Proposed Cllr Forster, Seconded Cllr Gibson to nominate P H Straker as National Park representative on the understanding that NPC would receive a report.

Date of Next Meeting: The Annual Parish Meeting and the AGM 14th May 2003 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:           

2003            July 2nd;Sept 3rd;Nov 5th

2004            Jan 2nd;March 6th;May 1st