Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd September 2003 in Newbrough Town Hall


Present:  Mr MW Gibson (Chair), Mrs J Johnston, Mr JR Wood, Mr B Hall,

Cllr H Forster.  Clerk Robert Macfarlane.

Also in attendance Ms K Forte, Mrs A Lambert, Mr C Earnshaw MTCT

Apologies for Absence:  Mr J Steven, Mrs S Burrows, Cllr A Kerr

Public Toilets

Ian Douglas (Corporate Policy Management Board) and Cllr A Dale (Special Advisor) addressed the meeting on the topic of the future of Newbrough’s public toilets.  At present they are maintained by Jackie Liddle at an approximate cost of £2 200 (running cost of £4 300).  A recent survey indicated that the toilet has eight male and one female user per day.  The estimated cost of Tynedale’s 20 toilets is £36 000 each.  To conform to the Disability Act the toilets will have to be upgraded (cost £16 000) or moved to somewhere else.  This subject to form part of the agenda at our next meeting.

Youth Development Worker

Kathryn Forte (Community Worker for Home Housing) and Anne Lambert (Youth Worker Haydon Bridge High School) reported to the Council that they had secured funding for a Youth Development Worker for Warden, Fourstones and Newbrough Youth Project.  The youth worker would be employed for three years and would work for 25 hours per week.  Initially it is hoped that the 13-18 age range would be the target group, and then later the 11-13 group.  They see the parish as having a key part to play in the partnership and welcomed a representative from Newbrough Parish Council

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd July 2003 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:  The annual audit has completed several stages and was now with HLB AV Audit.  The Clerk was very grateful for the services of the Internal Auditor Mr I Dodd – the Council instructed the Clerk to present Mr Dodd with £25 worth of Robbs’ vouchers as a token of the Council’s appreciation.


Internal Audit appraisal from  – Ian Dodd

Tynedale Council Housing -Identify Our needs Chris Brinton

NALC Training 11th September

NALC AGM 8th October Morpeth

BTCV  Conservation Wildlife Projects              Dog fouling  Pick-up bags

Northumbria in Bloom                                      Tynedale Council Boundary 2-tier areas

Council Boundary 2-tier areas                           Review of Boundary Committee

Archaeology in Northumberland                        CCN Newsletter

MTCT Summer Newsletter                              Tynedale Transport Report Hexham

Tynedale CAB                                                 Tynedale Council Peer Review Report

Rural Service Standards (web site)

Roads:          Sidgate Lane. Some concern over cars speeding down that lane.

The narrow bridge on the 87167 Stanegate road which runs over the Newbrough Burn may require more signage or traffic calming.  The police were called there to a recent accident.  Clerk instructed to write to highways.

Footpaths:   Nothing to report

Planning:     20030717 Front Conservatory, Northside Allerwash Hall, Haydon Bridge

Planning permission is refused.


Town Hall – It was reported that the Town Hall was experiencing problems with the drains and toilets.  Some clarification was being sought about future developments of the paved area behind the War Memorial

MTCT – Future meetings, Executive 25th September and Vital Village Roadshow with Countryside Agency 6th November

Tynedale Council – Much activity surrounding the proposed boundary changes.

Sportsfield Association – possible needs were identified  ie coaching and play areas.  A formal approach to Mr Beaumont from PC may be required for future developments.

Financial Matters:  The following payments were authorised: Ian Dodd £25, Clerk’s expenses £79.63 , Margaret Kingsley-Smith £28.65,

Oneandone Ltd £10.56, CCN £25, Clerk part salary £140, Grass cutting Steve Davies £56 & £71


Any Other Business: The Council approved payment for grass cutting and instructed the Clerk to ascertain the areas that were part of the contract.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 5th November 2003 at 7pm.


Dates of Meetings:          2003    Nov 5th

2004    Jan 7th; March 3rd; May 5th