Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th January 2006

Present: MW Gibson (Chairman), Mr JK Steven, Mr JR Wood, Mrs H Brooks, Mrs CM Dickinson. Mrs S Burrows, C Earnshaw MTCT Clerk: R Macfarlane

Apologies: Cllr H Forster, K Forte Home Housing, Cllr A Kerr

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular meeting of NPC held on 2nd November 2005 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising: The planting of daffodils on the north side of the C227 Stanegate Road leading to the church is to be held over until next year.  The clerk to photograph the spring flowers with a view to filling in the gaps.

The stone circular wall bases at the foot of the trees (Whitebeam, Chess-apple) opposite the Red Lion has been repaired and bedding plants and spring bulbs have been planted.  Clerk to write and thank the volunteers. Clerk has written to R Robson re the closure of the toilets down Sidgate Lane and received positive response.

Clerk to write to Stanegate enclosing the Parish Plan Focus Group youth proposals also inviting suggestions for improving and restoring the war memorial and its surroundings.



Hadrian’s Wall communication update
Youth Club Summary of Options

Haydon Bridge By-Pass (7/3/06)

Victim Support Auditors Report
TDC re WC and Sidgate lane signage

Tynedale Sports Council Awards
Hexham Courant “Tynedale Visitor”

Adaptability Newsletter
NCC Footpath Modification Order

Northern Rock Foundation
Futurebuilders- Grants and Loans

MTCT Interpretive Panels
TDC Joint Discussion Forum 8/2/06

Hilary Carter – Pantomime
Local Development Framework E-Mail

Register of Electors and Role Registration
CCN Newsletter

Warm Zone

TDC Homelessness Review and Strategy

TDC Minutes 6th September

NCC Area Committee 24th November 2005

Standard of Conduct The Future–local:vision

Thank you letters(for grant aid) were received from:

Ø    Julie Holmes NWF Youth Grant

Ø    Cancer Bridge Camillus House

Ø    Age Concern

Ø    Tynedale Sports Council

Roads:  The Clerk has contacted Milecastle Housing re: the lay-by outside of the cottages down Butt Bank which is worn and rutted.  This lay-by when transferred from TDC to Milecastle Housing was not adopted by the NCC.

Footpaths: The Clerk to contact NCC re: the poor siting and illumination of several lampposts.



05/NP/35 National Parks Carrow Humshaugh Change of use barn to tourist use

New access from B6318 to new car parking area.

This application has received conditional approval by National Parks Authority.



Town Hall: The last two functions have been well supported.

Village Society: Big event on January 20th – Haydon bridge community Band presents the “Sheds on Fire”.

MTCT: Application from Birtley to restore their war memorial was turned down as not capital expenditure.  £10 000 has been allocated to Wark Town Hall.

Newbrough C of E School: No report

Sportsfield Association: No report.

NCC: No report

Tynedale Council:  Information leaflet were given out – re: warmzone and the current insulation initiative for domestic properties.


Bank Accounts –  Treasurer’s Account £205.97, BMM £6762.55

Grant Aid:  The following were awarded: NTHMC £500, Pantomime £200, PCC £600

Precept:  The Council decided to keep the precept the same as last year at £6500

Payments: Clerk’s Part Salary £353, Clerk’s Expenses £66.62, Grass Cutting S Davies £80, OneandOne £35.18 (£29.94 plus £5.24 vat), Meeting Room Rental £25 (Jan)

Parish Plan: In its final stages.  Steering Group members are writing up respective sections to be included in the final document (by the end of January)

Next meeting: 7.00 pm 1st March.

Meetings in 2006 – 1st March, 3rd May, 5th July, 6th Sept, 1st November

The meeting was closed at 9.55 pm.